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  1. Nice work so far, Chief. As for your concerns about the rigging, on my shelf of doom is the Classic Airframes kit. If I remember correctly, that does include a rigging diagram. Right next to it lies a copy of Naval Fighters #84 on the Duck which may also prove useful. I'll try to post photos tomorrow.
  2. Beautiful Mosquito. I have the same Hasegawa kit under construction, destined for the same livery. As for the Bordurian Bf-109 from Ottokar's Sceptre mentioned earlier, that is a true mongrel. It features the broad, early style chin intake seen last on the D-series, it lacks the struts on the horizontal stabilizers that all E-series aircraft had, it has the rounded wingtips of an F or G but an earlier aileron arrangement, etcetera.
  3. Always nice to see a Tintin theme, and your Hare looks great. I've built the MPM-boxing, which I suspect is the same as the Gran. As for reference, this site: http://richard.ferriere.free.fr/aerotintin.htm is quite useful as well.
  4. In the picture above is a Mosquito FB Mk.VI operated by the French airforces from their base at Rabat-Salé (Morocco) and in the picture below an aircraft in Indochina, I think: There seems to be a heat shield fitted behind the 'siamesed' exhaust for cylinders 5 & 6. Does anybody have any more info on this?
  5. Perhaps you've seen it already, but several good pictures of Dutch Starfighters can be found here: https://www.ipms.nl/artikelen/nedmil-luchtvaart/vliegtuigen-l/vliegtuigen-l-lockheed-f104 Good luck with the build, and with the same kit in the stash I'd like to watch closely...
  6. The Bordurian airforce operated a mongrel version of D-E types, so we have to look elsewhere I think.
  7. Sorry for the late response, James. This P-63 has indeed spent the last twelve months or so or the shelf of doom for reasons outside the realm of modeling. Having put those troubles behind me, it will get finished as a Normandie-Niemen aircraft.
  8. Whether all Mastercraft/Mistercraft kits are Heller-reboxings I don't know. As for that shock, you may want to brace yourself. I have their Su22 which requires a vast amount of work to make it anywhere near presentable. I agree with The Wooksta: ask to check them out before buying.
  9. Skypilot's assertions on the 1/48 Mosquito also apply to the 1/72 version: remove the pegs and glue the u/c doors shut. Easily done and the doors will fit perfectly in their closed position.
  10. Nice job on the cockpit and I'm very interested to see how those masks work out for you. I'm working on the Zvezda Yak-3 in 1/72, the snap-fit version, where the instructions would have you paint the interior in 'zinc chromate green'. It sounded believable enough, unlike the suggested camo-pattern in 'steel' and 'european green'. Otherwise, it's a rather nicely detailed and very well-engineered kit for its price and scale.
  11. That is correct: they're closed on March 23, 24 & 25.
  12. Elger's point is indeed well worth noting: the livery might be correct, the airframe is certainly not.
  13. The museum would be here: www.nmm.nl/ Not much good I'm afraid, as there seems to be no access to their collection. This is the Dornier on the decalsheet: [image: modelbouwforum.nl/ Bart83]
  14. That looks like a very nice kit of IMHO the most beautiful flying boat ever. If only I had enough shelf space... I do have a set of Dutch markings lying about you'd be welcome to, although they are for a Do-24K (X-24, on exhibition in the Dutch Museum of Military History).
  15. Indeed it is, Cees. I've seen the exhibit at the museum several times and it is very well done, just as the other displays at the fort are well worth a visit.
  16. Hello, In the near future I plan to build this aircraft as it was preparing for its last flight, using the Tamiya 1/48 kit. I'd like to be as accurate as possible and have so far found a number of decent references, but no photographs. "Trust no profile" I've been told, so I'd very much like to invoke the help of more knowledgable modellers on this forum to double-check what I've found on the aircraft and the crew. Here's what I have: On May 16, 1944 De Havilland delivered Mosquito FB MkVI # 555 / PZ174 to 23 Sqn at RAF Little Snoring where it went into service as YP*P. Just over two months
  17. I've built one of these, as well as the Tamiya. My only 'issue' with the Airfix is the rather spartan cockpit which you may like to dress up a bit, otherwise it was a problem-free build. On mine, I used a set of Montex masks but I remember making them fit required about just as much effort as making your own. Looking forward to seeing the result!
  18. Already I'm imagining an inline FW190 or a radial P-51. I like these 'freaky' concepts, Spiton. Yours is very well done!
  19. Having read almost all of the above, my vote goes to the Me-262. In it's wake we seem unable to resolve an enjoyable but probably endless mathematical, semantic and geopolitical confusion, which by itself should be enough to earn it the title .
  20. Very interesting project, and very similar to some of the ideas that keep me awake at night... Your parts list seems extensive enough as it is, but should you need any more I have an almost complete Airfix #7112 (for the B XVI or PR XVI) that you can plunder at will.
  21. Slow progress, at my usual snail's pace. Dryfitting the first door and not quite there yet: Pondering those lumps which need to be turned into troughs: I've read a build report on this amazing forum (frankly, I feel a bit out of my depth when I look at the work shown in some topics) where the strategy was "drill an enormous hole, fit a pipe which has an internal diameter equalling that of the trough and start sanding". Too difficult for me I'm afraid, so I've come up with an alternative plan which involves no more than drilling straight (yes, that would be essential) into those squares, s
  22. Looks great! Oh, and thank you for reminding me that the same kit must be loitering half-built somewhere on my shelves, too. Should finish that, sometime soon...
  23. Thank you, guys. I'll be sure to pass on your kind words to my Cobra under construction as frankly, I think she's just plain ugly... Just kidding of course, but as Adrian I'm very surprised at the quality of this kit. Slightly unorthodox in its engineering at points, but clearly someone gave it some serious thought.
  24. Thanks guys. The story of the Bell Cobra's is a peculiar one: neither aircraft found much appreciation at home, the Soviets loved both apparently. I gather the French were rather desparate for any kind of fighter aircraft in those days, I haven't found any contemporary pilot reviews yet but it was fased out pretty quickly after seeing heavy combat use in Indochina. I'll finish this aircraft in Normandie-Niemen colours, as part of a personal 'group build'. Anyway, back to work: Tidied up the three fuel tanks and blanked off the rear end on the ventral one. It doesn't sit flush with the under
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