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  1. I should have read all the posts before commenting. Exactly, I saw that MT-507 had the taller one, so I made a guess that this one did too. (And because I really like the look of the tall tail, tall tail wheel, and erla canopy 109g-6/14s) This plane was being flown after the war, so I also assumed they would have added any upgrades that helped the plane, like ground handling/visibility. Good stuff. That’s why I like 109 building. There are so many things to learn.
  2. I used the tall tail wheel seen on later 109s. It’s nice that eduard pit that in the box if needed. I didn’t have a clear picture of the tail wheel, so I picked the tall strut for fun. but now that I have some better pics, it’s clear that it’s the more common G6 “short” tail wheel. Oh well, looks cool, just not super accurate.
  3. Thanks for posting this! I love hearing more about it. I got a few more pictures from this blog. http://resinguys.com/index.php/2018/12/16/finnish-bf-109g-6/ Looks like the mast should have been attached to the canopy, not the fuselage like I did.
  4. Thank you everyone for the kind words. This was a really fun build. I WILL be building more for sure. Yes you do! You'll enjoy it. Just get some lead in the nose or it'll look like it's taking off! ha! And thank you very much. That's a hard call, both look very tasty on the -21. What schemes are you thinking about?
  5. Done! My 3rd 109G and definitely not my last one! I really enjoy these kits. And I really enjoy SBS decals, they work great. This is Eduard's 1/48 109G-6 Late boxing built OOB with SBS decals. Paint are Vallejo Model air for the camo and a variety of Tamiya and Vallejo paints for all the rest. MT505 of PLeLv 41 Based out of Luonetjärvi around summer 1950 Photo cred goes to Jason Brewer of Brewer Models! Thanks! Thanks for looking
  6. I'll be posting the finished product up soon, but I wanted to post about the SBS decals that I used on this bird. I cannot say enough nice things about them. They were a joy to use. How many decals can we really say are a joy to work with. The SBS decals are thin, worked with micro set and sol, and settled in to the panel lines and rivets. I recommend these decals. Please go check them out if you get the chance! Thanks for looking!
  7. Just wanted folks to know that I finished this kit! Thank everyone for the encouragement!
  8. Eduard's great MIG-21 kit all build OOB. Thanks Jason Brewer for the pictures! Thank you for checking out my build. Thanks!
  9. Got the paint down. hm.. interesting. thanks for looking!
  10. I'm planning on using Vallejo air Medium green. Should look the part.
  11. I'm am going to attempt to build this: Untitled Cockpit: Untitled by Aaron Long, on Flickr Thanks for looking. I'll have some more up soon. Getting into paint today. (I hope..)
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