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  1. DONE!!! It is such a rush to finish a model. I am really impressed with this kit. It is so close to perfect that the few little flaws that exist are just that much more annoying. A little more attention to these areas would have made this the best 1/72 kit that I have ever seen. I've outlined the plusses: separate slats and flaps, rivets, very nice cockpit and engine, oil canning on the skins on the wing, impeccable scribing and the best kit decals on the market; and the minuses: too wide canopy, too long main landing gear and a flimsy tail wheel strut that must be attached too early in the bu
  2. Thank you, Lewis. Yes, I have built 109s in Swiss, Hungarian, U.S., British, Japanese, French, Croatian, Spanish, Czeckoslovakian and even Iraqi what-if markings. Haven't done a Swiss E though. That is on the list, either one with a shark mouth or Swiss-built version, with different prop & spinner, plus bomb racks. Most of the others have been posted on these pages over the years. One thing about 109s, you never run out of schemes.
  3. Thank you, Jan. Once you push through some of the kit's challenges it becomes a tiny wonder. I mean, rivets! Oil canning on the upper wing surface! Beautifully detailed cockpit and wheels! I have two more on the bench right now. One is just a collection of the "also ran" pieces as I built two of them side by side. The other I will take seriously and add a bit of detailing. Honestly, this kit does't need much.
  4. Just a tease tonight. More progress on the Special Hobby 1/72 Bf 109 E-4. She's on her gear now and the parts count is ticking down toward 1 (finished model). I had thought that the ridiculous main landing gear axles would create no end of problems. It is just a nub, not an axle and looked like there was no way this would support the wheel. I also tried something different. Usually I lightly attach the wheel to the axle using white glue or if I'm feeling feisty, 5 minute epoxy. These will allow quite a bit of adjusting time. For this one, I used Tamiya Extra Thin cement, applying it twice to t
  5. Thank you, gentlemen! More progress on the 1/72 Special Hobby Bf 109 E-4. I have a new favorite flat coat: Gunze Sangyo GX-113 Super Clear III UV Cut Flat. A mouthful, to be sure. There is also a GX-114 which does not concern itself with the effect of UV rays, but this one was in stock when I placed my order. As good as GX-100 gloss is, this one is its equal on the flat side. It is a lacquer so I assume it will be durable, but I just applied it last night and haven't handled it very much. Thinning it about 3/1 with Mr. Color Leveling Thinner seems about right. It appears rather glo
  6. I've added the first round of oil washes and shading. This is the most transformative stage of the build in my opinion. This exposure burns in the white areas of the model. They do have a faint wash but it is not obvious here. This kit is really growing on me. 60036776-2461-45C7-882C-525030B92539_1_201_a by Barry Numerick, on Flickr A7C4402A-B87B-4DE2-9529-6D3EA1CF687F_1_201_a by Barry Numerick, on Flickr 6DEC237C-C026-47EB-ADF5-6A1E5985B6E0_1_201_a by Barry Numerick, on Flickr C70D8857-6C82-4AB1-B210-87C80D0C3DCB_1_201_a by Barry Numerick, on Flickr
  7. Decalling is done on the Special Hobby 1/72 Bf 109 E-4. I have to say that these are not only the best kit decals I have even seen, they rival the best aftermarket decals on the market. They are exceptionally thin and react very well to Micro Set and Sol. The white on the national markings is extremely opaque. This may be the result of several layers of white ink being applied. The black sections settled down with just Micro Sol. On the white I dampened a Q-tip with Micro Sol and heavily rolled it over the decal. It then settled into panel lines beautifully. The decal sheet is very complete, w
  8. The major camo painting is complete. I may paint the area under the slats; haven't decided yet. Some photos seem to indicate the darker color, in this case RLM 71. The further I progress with this kit the more I like it. It's kind of a challenge, wrestling through the difficult areas. But it gives you a sense of accomplishment when you do. 7B1215B3-BCEB-489C-85E7-2A874DA6743C_1_201_a by Barry Numerick, on Flickr 20DB1CFF-AF03-4154-9EDD-C6B383611316_1_201_a by Barry Numerick, on Flickr 1C1A5228-CA01-4C3A-B76A-1FEA5B8B91D0_1_201_a by Barry Nume
  9. Exceptional work, Corey. Absolutely stunning!
  10. The next big fit issue is the canopy. It is too wide; all three pieces. This could have been a deal breaker. I was alerted by a Facebook friend about this so was a bit prepared, but it was worse than I expected. After looking closely at photos on E-4's I noticed there was a strip of sheet metal at the lower joint of the windscreen that overlapped the fuselage slightly. So maybe it could be sanded inward and the strip represented by a sliver of painted decal new the end. I used an aluminum sanding bar from UMM Models. This is basically a section of aluminum, bevelled to a wedge at the ends. San
  11. I could write a book on the build to this point. Hopefully I can bring it in at 10,000 words or less. When Special Hobby announced their upcoming 109 E series a few months ago there was great rejoicing. At least in some quarters. The Tamiya kit has been king of the hill for years (in some people's minds), with worthy contenders from ICM and Airfix. The excitement grew with photos posted on Hyperscale and Facebook of the sprues. This stuff looked like 1/32 scale or at least 1/48. There were rib tapes on the flying surfaces. And stitches on the rib tapes! It has an interior that made Tamiya blus
  12. Excellent work, Roman! I admire you success with these AZ kits. They are certainly a challenge in the fit department, but you make them sing. Another beautiful result.
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