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  1. a major long term supplier of 1/72 models for gamers is ourselves! sandsmodels.com
  2. i would suggest getting the squadron signal & concord books on both wars, plenty of ideas in them usa afvs in korea, m19 aa, m37 sp, m39 apc, to name a few less common ones.
  3. excellent work considering the tarp was designed for no specific 251 it fits quite well. great paint job.
  4. nice should sell well
  5. sadly the instructions are awful for this kit
  6. hi i am a profesional modeler and make moulds and casting daily. making copies of the models/parts would be a copyright issue unless for own use so i prefere to make my own master models for my sales range. the other problem is cuting the models as the polythene is not very forgiving and easily damaged if the knife slips.
  7. the problem with both these and the other polythene vehicles is glueing the bits onto them. nothing sticks very well for long. i have used sand paper to roughen up the bases on polythene fish tank vegitation with superglue but it will if knocked just fall off the superglue. good luck with it, i have quite a few polythene models and have not tried too much detailing. i have however made better wheels, cab interior and a winch for the antar tank trans in 72 scale.
  8. photosniper do one on the chieftain
  9. most of the russian trucks on the news are kamaz ones.
  10. plastic soldier co make an m5 h/track not 100% accurate but one of the only ones in 1/72 scale
  11. i think it is a kamaz based truck
  12. nice to see a late war m4a2 great work as well
  13. i over took 3 of them going south on the M5 quite a few years ago, despite being covered with a tarp which was flapping about i knew they were bushmasters and they were sand coloured as well.
  14. armourfast or psc would be best for a 1st model, with 2 or 3 in a box they can improve with the second or 3rd model. easy to get and quite cheap.
  15. scammell pioneer when they could get them
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