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  1. s&s models make quite a few, not in the same class as a plastic kit but lots to choose from,
  2. that is one thing against 1/35th scale, at least in 1/72 you can get quite a few cold war gb models, although mostly gaming models which can always be improved on with stowage ect.
  3. https://sandsmodels.com/product/bedfrod-tm-4x4-open/
  4. sandsmodels


    side of turret maybe
  5. s&s models do still make a gaming model of the abott and almosty all cold war gb vehicles. https://sandsmodels.com/product/abott-105mm-sp-gun/
  6. great pics, lots of nice trucks
  7. sandsmodels

    What is this?

    yes i second that, very simmialr to a leopard hull i believe
  8. as far as i can tell the morris tractor was not that common as a gun tractor for the 17pdr, the para's had 2 at arnhem and they were all converted 2pdr tractors. matchbox did make an odd choice for it. not many pics of them about towing 17pdrs, most were crusaders, half tracks, albin ft15n, morris quads or in italy, gmc 6x6's. please let me know if you know of any non para pics towing a 17pdr. tia.
  9. what scale did you want the guns in as there is a metal 1/72 model of the oto 105mm pack howitzer.
  10. yes indeed, someone may have the moulds but do not neccasarily have the production rights.
  11. i have the gran models sa2, not easy to assemble and in 1/72, the truck however is available from trumpeter, but a gs version. it would not take much to convert it into a 5th wheel tractor though. i recently saw a complete unmade model for £30! i doubt i would get one unless it was cheap enough
  12. the hobbyden makes models for gamers in the main, some are very good, they are easy to assemble being only a few parts, buy one or 2 and take the risk, you can always detail them and make them better. i know the guy who mastered the amx 13 range and having seen them myself at telford they look very nice. no one else does the rest of the amx 13 range, only heller made the amx 13 tank with awful tracks.
  13. i think the only new 1/76th vehicles will be diecast ones, i read that airfix were not doing anymore new military vehicles in 76th either. the scale difference is not that much to be worried about, i mix both all the time.
  14. sandsmodels

    1.76 Aec Matador

    well it is an old kit and not one of their best, i have built many over the years and just forgot about the mistakes and bad joins, but you can still buy models now with even worse joins and they are only 10 years old or younger! most of the airfix vehicle range has been left behind by other makes and probably not worth remoulding for the miniscule sales they get.
  15. hi mancunian email me sales@sandsmodels.com and i will sort you out a leyland gs body, not released it for general sale as yet thanks s&s models
  16. hi the psc and later battlefront models do scale out quite well for gaming models. they are almost spot on 1/100th but there are a few that are slightly over but if you do not mix them with the same vehicles from other makes then you should be ok. we do a few ww2 funnies conversions for them like arv's ect also zvezda do some nice 1/100th vehicles as well. as for railways the closest is UK TT gauge. s&s models dot com
  17. what scale do you want s/african vehicles in?
  18. s&s models do a gs body conversion for the leyland ret
  19. i have compared both lee models together and whilst the ST kit is basicaly the hasegawa one the sprues are in fact different and some details are also different, can't remember what now sadly, the stuart and m4 high speed tractor are the same though as far as i can tell.
  20. i passed about 3 or 4 of them on transporters on the south bound m5 in somerset about 6 years ago, painted in desert sand but most had a tarp covering them sadly and no camera!
  21. don't hold you breath for a new one in kit form, there is a diecast one from amercom/altaya done as an israeli one. the heller one is quite crude by todays standards, the tracks are the worst bit imho!
  22. if some of you chaps do not like the armourfast valentine then you are not going to like the oxford churchill either. the detail on the churchill is very soft and is very simpley a model for collectors diecast display and sticking on the new oxford rail warflats for train modelrs. i think the comments about the armourfast valentine are a bit harsh when you consider who it is aimed at, not the likes of yourselves that is for sure. yes it is simple and lacks details but it is aimed at younger modelers and wargamers who would not want to spend a lot of money on dragon kits, they take far too long to assemble and gamers want lots of them. remember the name armour-fast! not i make one tank a year! and yes they sell very well with the accesories and conversion sets now available. a bit like psc models.
  23. sandsmodelsshop.com they make loads of cold war models, although aimed at the wargamer
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