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  1. A 500 is an Internal Server Error - the web server can't process the request you're making as something has gone wrong in the code that serves up the data you requested. A 503 is Service Unavailable - the server can't process the request at all for some reason, often that it's temporarily down or it's overloaded. Neither of these would be caused by the user having a slower connection. It's seems most likely to be a problem with the hosting service not providing the right resources, e.g. the server is running short of memory or processor capacity, or they're not balancing req
  2. What a superb build. It's not a subject I'd have even thought of but it's a great rendition - I love the attention to detail and research on the primitive but specialised equipment. I'm doing some research at the moment on railway gunpowder traffic and it's notable how much care had to be exercised with even that, such as door hinges and handles for buildings being specified in brass or gunmetal. It's difficult to imagine at this distance in time how brave these unassuming men were. During my schooldays I was told that our kindly neighbour pruning his willow trees (at so
  3. I have to warn in advance that this probably isn’t going to be anything special. It’s the first military plastic I’ve built in a very long time and I’m very much feeling my way. As a modeller in other areas who’s quite well equipped with metalworking gear and the like, going over to plastic modelling has a subtlety to it that I’m not really used to - so I’m very much All The Gear And No Idea. I’ve had the Masterbox MkII on the shelf for a couple of years. I bought it for a bit of a change and relaxation during what I’d previously thought was a stressful time in my life - but that was before a
  4. Thanks, yes that is the sort of thing I was after. I did try Hannants but was probably not searching for the right thing. The JLC is what I'd seen - it looks like there is a decent UK source here as well. Thanks for your help guys, much appreciated.
  5. I'm looking for one of those short double-sided razor saws - I think the design is Japanese originally. I've seen plenty of them in build photos and I'm sure I've seen them on sale over the years, but my current searches have drawn a blank. Can anyone suggest as UK supplier? Apologies in advance if it's blindingly obvious.
  6. Many thanks. It's this bit (with one of the exhaust baffles laid alongside). There are few images of the area on "Excellent" and "Liberty" but it looks like on the later builds the exhausts were combined into a silencer (or something similar) and the tent-shaped guards disappeared.
  7. Now that I've got your attention... ...can anyone tell me if there are any known photos showing close-up detail of the area around the three tent-shaped exhaust baffles? I've seen a photo of model (lost the link for now) which has had short stubs of exhaust added in brass tube to protrude above the square baseplate, but there's no representation in the kit. I'd rather like to know if they're worth doing (or actually there at all) before I add the baffles. I have David Fletcher's Osprey book (and little else) and while it does have the enlarged cutaway view it doesn't s
  8. Hi, The Ffestiniog Railway is 60cm gauge and is in North Wales, on the Irish Sea coast - there's a map here. It's actually two joined railways together - The Ffestiniog of 13 miles and the Welsh Highland of 27 miles. The Eiger is awe-inspiring, but the nearest I ever got to tackling that was reading The White Spider! (which is also awesome, for anyone who has not read it) Regards, Chris
  9. He always told me that he only ever saw two Luftwaffe planes in daylight operations - a Me262 and a 163. Hardly a typical selection!
  10. Same here - numerous failures, usually with 503 errors on two different computers and a phone, so presumably it's not related to the mobile/responsive version of the site. A page refresh usually returns the page but typically takes 3-5 seconds. It would be interesting to know which vision of IPS the forum is using (I don't think the version is accessible to non-admins) as I make daily use of another Invision forum and I've never seen this issue.
  11. Many thanks for that - I thought that someone out there must do barrels but failed to find any!
  12. OK, I'll do the introduction thing but be warned, it's not exactly riveting. I've probably not attempted a plastic kit since I was at school, which is a number of decades ago now. At the time I recall being very much into WW2 Luftwaffe prototypes and novel projects (Komet, early jets etc.). Given that my late dad did 32 operations in Pathfinder Lancasters he probably had a pretty dim view of this, but he never mentioned it. I was also into railway modelling and that's where I've spent most - if not all - of my modelling time since, eventually setting myself up with a very, very sm
  13. Firstly, I'm new to the forum so please accept my apologies if this isn't the right area to post this sort of query. Secondly, I'm having a go at my first plastic kit for many, many years so I'd appreciate a bit of advice about the contemporary market. I'm having a go at a Masterbox Mark II Male Tank as a bit of lockdown light relief from other slightly more metal-based hobbies. I'd appreciate any tips on what aftermarket bits are available and what's worth using. I've come across the replacement tracks from JK Resin (although frustratingly I can't seem to find their w
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