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  1. That is spectacular, something very special indeed. Those first two photos could actually be a real aircraft - no better compliment available. Stunning work buddy, just stunning. Phil
  2. Good to see this progressing again.
  3. That is a lovely looking Bucc. Looks like it is sitting on a nice little diorama as well - any more photos? Phil
  4. Imagine the Thud coming into land on the deck of a carrier....!!!!
  5. My thoughts are that the USAF had enough fighters and as this is based at Da Nang with the USMC F-8 providing CAS missions, can also use USMC aircraft support services. Cheers buddy, I picked this up for £5 at the Bolton model show earlier this year!!! Biggest bargain ever! Don't sell yours - build it, especially if its one with the Cartograph decals. Phil
  6. Cheers guys. Thanks for posting the additional info Ron @f111guru, yes the belly is black ( I didn't know that is was green). Have fun with your future builds and that you are now on the road to recovery health wise. Thanks for the colours update @Pappy, good info for anyone else planning on doing this kit. Phil
  7. Thanks everyone, I am glad that it hasn't caused too much offence. I have a few other ideas that might though....!!!! Ordnance wise this was for Close Air Support missions for the poor souls in the jungles etc. Tamiya colours used are: XF52 XF61 XF67 I used these on my recent F-102 build as well. Cheers all, Phil
  8. That is a beautiful Hurricane. I love the effect that you have achieved with the paintwork - very smart indeed. All 3 together look very special.
  9. 1/72 Academy F-8 Crusader, 422d Fighter Weapons Squadron, USAF, Da Nang AB, South Vietnam, 1969 Well then, certainly not one for the purists.... I absolutely love the Academy Crusader - must be one of the best '72 kits ever made. I have built 4 of them now, 3 of them in their traditional grey and white. I do like throwing my own ideas into the mix now and again and have wanted to do a USAF Crusader for ages. So, here it is...! Depicted as an aircraft undergoing test and evaluation but on the front line of CAS missions in South Vietnam - why let the Marines have all the fun...!! Carrying a full load of Zuni's and Snakes. I have used etch for the seat handles and added a strike camera between the ventral fins. Decals from the spares box. I am really pleased with how this has turned out - I certainly haven't seen another one in this scheme before. Airbrushed freehand again with Tamiya acrylics. I hope that I don't upset too many of you....! Cheers all, Phil
  10. All three had been lost through a malfunction in the horizontal stabiliser, not by enemy action. September 1972 saw the F-111 back in Southeast Asia, stationed at Takhli Air Base, Thailand.
  11. I want to take your Tu-22 out for a few drinks, a nice meal somewhere, a few more drinks at a swanky bar and then see how then night goes...... What a stunner. Can you take some more photos but on a darker background? Phil
  12. Fantastic Tomcat. I tried to snare a Hasegawa VF-1 kit from fleabay the other week, but lost out.....
  13. UH-1D Huey 116th Assault Helicopter Company, Vietnam '71 There is no doubt that the Huey will always be associated with the Vietnam War. No 'Nam collection should be without at least one of these beautiful workhorses. Employed in many roles and many different variants I have built a pretty standard 'Slick' troop transport. I actually have another 2 of these on the go - both different again, doors removed, no seating inside etc. I also have pretty much all variants in the stash to be built at some stage. I am really looking forward to the Dust Off version. Not too much weathering or wear and tear on this bird. One thing I did do was to hollow out the front step on the skid as this is moulded as a solid piece. Very quick and simple mod but looks so much better. I have left the side doors off as this was a common practice to reduce weight. Here is an Academy M35 Truck - looking a little too clean for 'in-country'.....!! Cheers all, Phil
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