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  1. Due to the Mandalorian series and the announcement of a Boba Fett show from Disney, what are the chances of the FM kit being released again? Would love a '72 scale one.
  2. Yep, lovely little Scooter. So many great schemes for this aircraft too. Always nice to see.
  3. A lovely pair and and they look great together in that little dio.
  4. Agreed, great way to finish the year. The Harrier looks really smart.
  5. 1/72 HobbyBoss Dornier D0-335 Pfeil Advanced Heavy Fighter - Luft '46 As the more advanced and exotic jet aircraft prowled the skies at the farthest reaches of the New German Empire it was the previous generation of advanced aircraft design that enforced aerial dominance in the skies above the former European nations. Newer pilots also cut their teeth in these bigger, faster fighters. Started it late last year and is now my first completion of 2021. Cheers all, Phil
  6. Fantastic looking Hun, one of my favourite jets. I bet that is a good size as well - do you keep it on display?
  7. Yes mate, same kit. Got the hull together but not happy with the join of the top deck to the sides. Have also got the Type VIIC in the stash - much bigger boat. Would love a crack at the 1/72 version but wouldn't know where to put it afterwards!!
  8. Good to see two such great looking Phantoms together and a lovely tribute to a fine Pilot as well. The SEA scheme is so iconic for this legendary aircraft.
  9. Very nice to see, I do like the more unusual German subjects from that era. I am just putting the finishing touches to the Hobby Boss version (much simplified kit) although it will be a Luft '46 version.
  10. Very smart build and it looks great on the stand. Lovely subtle weathering. I have one on the go at the moment.
  11. That is a super build Fuad, absolutely perfect finish and looks so different to a normal Spad.
  12. That looks fantastic, the cockpit is especially smart. Those dials are superb.
  13. That Star Destroyer looks ace - how big is it? Are they 1cm square on your cutting mat?
  14. Hi All, I have found a great website for desktop wallpapers, there is something for everyone here. https://w-dog.pw/cat/2/page/1/best/ Have a Merry Christmas everyone! Phil
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