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  1. That is a fantastic build, don't see many of these. Nicely done.
  2. That is a cracking build, nicely finished. The Academy Crusader is a superb kit, have built 2 and have a few more in the stash.
  3. Superb build, the RLM colours look spot on. Very nice touch with the over spray.
  4. Splendid looking beast. Quite tempted to add one to the stash after seeing that.
  5. Fab build. The 47 looks like the kind of thing that you would build in your shed, love it!
  6. Great info, thanks Giorgio.
  7. Hi Chaps, Did the F-111 ever carry LGB during Vietnam? Cheers all, Phil
  8. Thanks for that link Steve, very interesting to read and will be trying it out. I hope you have better luck with your set of decals! Phil
  9. I am at the decal stage of a 1/72 F-4J build and was planning on doing the very eye-catching VF-74 scheme from USS America, Linebacker '72. Was using SuperScale sheet 72-823 and had an absolute nightmare with them. Every decal for the red lightning bolt ripped, developed random holes in and was so thin where it had to cover part of the existing upper walkway that the decal colour underneath was visible. To make things even worse, when I used decal softener the SuperScale decals crinkled up, bubbled and started to almost lift off the model. Absolutely gutted. I have had to remove the lot as I couldn't save them. Has anyone else has better results with SuperScale? Back to the drawing board for a scheme now..... Phil
  10. Superb, a very smart nod to this stalwart of British aviation.
  11. Fantastic work. The rigging is a work of art - something that I have never tried (too scared....!!).
  12. Absolutely incredible work, completely flawless. I too had to check the scale and make sure it wasn't 1/1.....!!
  13. Cheers chaps, I could of swore that I had seen one in 72nd scale. Great idea regarding splicing the decals, have applied one over the IFR probe and will see how it looks in the morning.
  14. I'm not sure if I'm going mad or not but am I right in thinking that there has been a star and bar decal that was slightly elongated to account for going over the IFR probe on the A-4B Skyhawk.....? Thinking 1/72 scale here but can't be 100% sure. Cheers, Phil
  15. I've had this built, painted, gloss coated and waiting for decals on a shelf for many, many months. It's about time that I finished the bu88er off.....!! As far as I can remember it went together well enough, swapped the vertical tails for the correct ones from a spare Su-27. Modified the kit LGB to KAB-500S GPS version by re-shaping the nose. Pinched a couple of R-27 and R-73 for under the wings too. Airbrushed using Vallejo and weathered with Flory. Authentic Decals for some of the markings. A massive aircraft and looks as mean as hell. Nothing particularly special, just glad that its now finished. Cheers all, Phil
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