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  1. Another very smart build Reggie and looking good in-flight. I'll have a Jack and Coke and maybe a glass of whatever is in that fine looking USMC bottle..!! Semper Fi, Brother.
  2. Wow, that is a stunning build. Nice and clean too. Those flaps look crazy!!
  3. That photo by Finn also shows an A-4 without the dropped slat. (and carrying a very impressive load of rockets!!).
  4. Yep, great little kit and a great build too. The blue on the tail looks spot on - what did you use for this? I have the Dogfight Double set in the stash waiting for me to pull my finger out...!!
  5. That is a great looking Intruder, well done pal. I bet it is a good size in 1/48 as well.
  6. Now that is a right little gem. Nicely done buddy. The pre-cut masks are a joy to use and save so much time faffing about with tiny bits of masking tape. You are right though, very expensive for what they are! I really like the way you have shown the model coming together, very smart. Phil
  7. Bl**dy lovely Phantom, very easily mistaken for the real aircraft!! Superb weathering, nice and subtle. The tail looks especially good.
  8. Wow, absolutely stunning model Libor, that paintwork is some of the best I've ever seen...!!
  9. I totally agree with you about the F-8 - it is a wonderful kit, love it. Did you do the wing fold yourself or is it the conversion set? That is one fine looking little dio, they look great together. I have got fond memories of the old Airfix Seasprite.
  10. Very smart mate. I used to have loads of diecast (and have done Code 3 conversions of lots of them). The GA model is nice but is nowhere near as good as your model. There is no comparison when you put them side by side. I have sold of almost all of my diecast now. Cracking build and looks so much better, nice one bud.
  11. That is superb Rich, very well done buddy. Some of these early Soviet jets are so brutish looking, they don't fly but actually force their way through the sky, in an angry fashion.....! Nice collection too. Phil
  12. This might be your first model on here Eric but you can tell that you have thrown a bit of glue and paint around before.....!!! Beautiful model, thanks for sharing it with us all. Phil
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