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  1. The fix for me was to use a very small drill bit to make the nozzle a little bit bigger - worked fine after that.
  2. Wow, what a beauty! It looks like it has just been plucked off a carrier deck for a photo shoot....!! Stunning work. Well done buddy. Phil
  3. Very handsome, I do like a nice and colourful NMF finish.
  4. A beautifully presented and very menacing looking Nightfighter. The exhaust staining on the port stab is very smart.
  5. Absolutely superb. The cockpit is especially nice and your added extras really add to the overall look. You've really pulled off the look of the Hun with the burnt away paintwork at the rear. C'est Magnifique
  6. Superb model, I love the look of some of the more exotic German flying boats. You have presented it so well, lovely little diorama.
  7. Great build and great scheme. Try picking up some strong reading glasses (if you don't already wear them) from Poundland for the finer detail stuff. When I realised that I needed readers the difference was like night and day with what I could then see....!!!
  8. Fabulous looking Foxbat and great to see another ICM kit of this put together. I have the PD version on the go at the minute and agree with your comments regarding the build process.
  9. Fantastic. I have fond memories of building this kit as a young lad. I have one sitting in the stash too!
  10. Superb. Great use of colour and the chipping effect across the green really adds to the overall look.
  11. I already have an SA-2 by Gran on display with a F-100F and F-105G as part of my Vietnam collection. The HB version is much better though.
  12. Will make an interesting pairing with the recent HB SA-2 Guideline.
  13. Superb, every bit of it. Love the weathering and dirtiness of it.
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