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  1. Thanks for sharing this, I really enjoyed listening to it. It was so noticeable how the pitch of his voice rose as they approached and penetrated the flak, really powerful and evocative. cheers, Chris
  2. Thanks both - I think I have a plan and now just need to stock up on some fresh paint cheers, Chris
  3. I know, I know etc etc etzzzzzzzzzz... I've been googling this for the past couple of hours and it throws up more questions than it answers. I'm planning to build Frenesi using the Revell 1/32 kit, and am considering painting the spar YZC and leaving the rest of the wheel-well in natural metal. Does that sound ok or does anyone have a better suggestion for an early D operational in mid-44? cheers, Chris
  4. What are you planning to use as a wing spar? an RSJ???
  5. I saw a 1/48 Tamiya A6M3 WIP here a couple of weeks ago of and the ignition wires were red, which had me scratching my head. The undercarriage bays were the underside colour as opposed to Aotake. Apologies for hijacking your thread, but I'd like to build an A6M3 this year and wondered if there was a generic guide of what should be what colour? I'm leaning towards a grey airframe with green overspray. cheers, Chris
  6. In 1987 I was at the IPMS Nationals at Stoneleigh. I was only 15 and it was my first at ‘The Nationals’, and was blown away by some of the work on show. Skybirds 86 were there with their DH Hornets and I spent a good half an hour or so chatting with Mike , the owner. He explained how he made all of the castings etc and was very generous with his time given how busy his stand was. On the Sunday I went back to say thank you and he gave me a Hornet F.3 and Sea Hornet for nothing – simply amazing. I still have the Sea Hornet and one day I will give it the attention is deserves. Mike sa
  7. This is coming on really nicely! I have one of these little Mossies lined up for a Mk. XVIII conversion at some point, and your build will provide a lot of useful tips cheers, Chris
  8. Good morning all and wishing you a Happy New Year! Here’s hoping that 2021 offers us all some normality soon. I am currently converting a 1/48th Tamiya Mossie FB.VI to an NF.30, and have spent the past three months modifying the cockpit to late NF standard. Over the Christmas break I spent the odd day prepping the nacelles for Brengun’s lovely two-stage engines. Everything looks like it will fit nicely and I have started thinking about how to tackle the exhaust shrouds (cue groans!) I’m planning to build a 157 Sqn machine, RS-F NT242, which has the artwork ‘Fairynuff’ o
  9. I've always liked the Matchbox Gladiators, it really is a gem considering it is from 1973! Yours looks really nice
  10. Stunning work, really enjoyed following this and I have to say the best rendition I have seen
  11. TempestV

    Gee Dimensions?

    Thanks both and sorry for the delay in responding, my five year old son has keep me on my toes this past week! I have since scratched a Gee set and plan to build the mounting frame next week when my next batch of evergreen strip arrives. I hope to scratch the radar set (it has two differently proportioned rectangular screens) this week and have a few decent pics to refer to. Any help with dimensions, should you have such info, would be greatly received! cheers, Chris
  12. TempestV

    Gee Dimensions?

    Hi all , Hope you are having a nice weekend. The title says it all - I'm currently working on a 1/48 late-war Mossie nightfighter and need to scratch some of the wiggly-amps. I have most things in hand but would be really grateful if someone could provide the dimensions of the Gee box? As with the real thing space is pretty tight behind the pilots seat and I'd like to have a sense of the Gee box footprint. cheers, Chris
  13. I love the Airfix Mustang and have built three. Your cockpit looks fantastic by the way! So will it be green, OD, RAF blue, PRU blue or RLM 70? (arf arf) I'm planning on doing my own interpretation of Lou IV when time permits, and will use the Eduard D-5 and Barracuda decals. cheers, Chris
  14. You can have my spares if you like? I have the 'no-step' markings from the Tamiya 48th FB VI that ae going spare if you want them? if so ping me a PM. cheers, Chris
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