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  1. They are still available apparently: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/304108271439?hash=item46ce43f74f:g:4ZwAAOSwr8BhGhsD If the link doesn't work (I'm signed in to my account) search for the seller fogmodels
  2. For those of you who are interested I have just found the Tamiya Spit going at a good price: https://www.ebay.co.uk/ipp/304108271439?transactionId=1905449343020&_trksid=p2047675.l48352 I was given the option of applying a 20% off voucher (Fall21) resulting in a grand total of £71.99 including postage (in the UK, other locations may vary) I thought I would share this in case it appeals...
  3. The initial G-6 released circa 2014(?) is overscale and look weird if sat next to a 1/48 Gustav. The re-tooled kits herald from 2016 onwards, and the only niggle is the oversized (height) exhaust stacks. Apart from that they are a joy to build - I'm currently on No 17! cheers, Chris
  4. Loving your work with this and I have plans to graft the 1/48 SH XII with the new Eduard Vc. I got my Eagles Call box last week and it looks pretty doable
  5. Nope, no filter visible in that pic
  6. Wow - thanks for sharing these. Mount Farm is in my neck of the woods and in one of the last pics I can see Wittenham Clumps, a place where I go walking most weekends cheers, Chris
  7. This is looking lovely! I recently acquired one of these too and I am hoping that we see a couple of aftermarket decal sheets soon - I like my Komets with mottle and am not terribly keen on the schemes in the box. cheers, Chris
  8. This made me laugh a lot! Good luck with your build, I'll be watching with interest. I've just ordered a set of Arthur Bentley's Typhoon plans in 1/48 as I would like to improve the 20 year old Hasegawa kit. you can almost guarantee that if that gets finished, Airfix will announce a new-tool one in 1/48th!
  9. Another fave from my youth, I really love seeing this getting some TLC
  10. Good to see this taking shape - my build has been on hold for the last few months as we've just moved house but I'm looking forward to finishing a few jobs in the cockpit this weekend. I hope you don't mind me mentioning this but the proportions of your belly D-Day stripes look a little off - they should all be the same width but your central white stripe looks to be a bit wider than the others. cheers, Chris
  11. I am also thrilled to see the Firefly on your bench again. That's an order
  12. Thanks a ton for your responses and links etc. I resprayed the original paintwork and now have RLM 66 up to station 7 and then RLM 02 for the rest of the interior. The detail supplied by Airfix is pretty decent for the scale and I see at least one more of these in my future. Well, I say that - it is currently OOP and some eejits are asking up to £50 for one on eBay... cheers, Chris
  13. I recall reading that the Dragon decals are inaccurate and it would be a shame if your lovely G-6 suffered as a result. Check out the AIMS stuff, he is an 88-nut
  14. Good afternoon chaps, We have recently moved house and so with all of the associated packing, storage, unboxing etc not a lot of modelling has been done in the last couple of months. I now have a much larger modelling room and spent the weekend setting everything up. Before jumping back in where I left off (the 1/32 Revell Mustang as 'Frenesi'), I have decided that a palette-cleanser might be a good idea and spent a while opening boxes in search of a new and uncomplicated victim. After a while my eyes fell on the new-tool Airfix Do-17 that I started back in 2015 but never got any further forward than painting the interior. It seems to be a nice kit despite the deep panel lines, and they can be sorted out with gloop. I also have decals for a Kenley Raider (I have a family connection) so that was that! I had initially sprayed the internals RLM 02, but seem to recall there being a discussion that Do-17 cockpits may well have been RLM 66 as per most of the BoB bombers. I had a look at the Eduard instructions for their re-boxed ICM Do 17, and they also go with RLM 02. So my question is whether RLM 02 is the right colour for a Do 17 cockpit in August 1940, or would they have come off the line painted RLM 66? cheers, Chris
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