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  1. Another fave from my youth, I really love seeing this getting some TLC
  2. Good to see this taking shape - my build has been on hold for the last few months as we've just moved house but I'm looking forward to finishing a few jobs in the cockpit this weekend. I hope you don't mind me mentioning this but the proportions of your belly D-Day stripes look a little off - they should all be the same width but your central white stripe looks to be a bit wider than the others. cheers, Chris
  3. I am also thrilled to see the Firefly on your bench again. That's an order
  4. Thanks a ton for your responses and links etc. I resprayed the original paintwork and now have RLM 66 up to station 7 and then RLM 02 for the rest of the interior. The detail supplied by Airfix is pretty decent for the scale and I see at least one more of these in my future. Well, I say that - it is currently OOP and some eejits are asking up to £50 for one on eBay... cheers, Chris
  5. I recall reading that the Dragon decals are inaccurate and it would be a shame if your lovely G-6 suffered as a result. Check out the AIMS stuff, he is an 88-nut
  6. Good afternoon chaps, We have recently moved house and so with all of the associated packing, storage, unboxing etc not a lot of modelling has been done in the last couple of months. I now have a much larger modelling room and spent the weekend setting everything up. Before jumping back in where I left off (the 1/32 Revell Mustang as 'Frenesi'), I have decided that a palette-cleanser might be a good idea and spent a while opening boxes in search of a new and uncomplicated victim. After a while my eyes fell on the new-tool Airfix Do-17 that I started back in 2015 but never got any further forward than painting the interior. It seems to be a nice kit despite the deep panel lines, and they can be sorted out with gloop. I also have decals for a Kenley Raider (I have a family connection) so that was that! I had initially sprayed the internals RLM 02, but seem to recall there being a discussion that Do-17 cockpits may well have been RLM 66 as per most of the BoB bombers. I had a look at the Eduard instructions for their re-boxed ICM Do 17, and they also go with RLM 02. So my question is whether RLM 02 is the right colour for a Do 17 cockpit in August 1940, or would they have come off the line painted RLM 66? cheers, Chris
  7. Great to see this getting some fuss again. In case no-one has already asked, can you go sailing in it?
  8. Will you attempt to recreate the pilots jumper as well???
  9. This looks stunning! What material are you going to use for the seat belts and buckles
  10. Doing one of these as we speak, I really like it and will be building 'Frenesi' using the EagleCals decals. Which scheme do you have in mind?
  11. Thanks for sharing this, I really enjoyed listening to it. It was so noticeable how the pitch of his voice rose as they approached and penetrated the flak, really powerful and evocative. cheers, Chris
  12. Thanks both - I think I have a plan and now just need to stock up on some fresh paint cheers, Chris
  13. I know, I know etc etc etzzzzzzzzzz... I've been googling this for the past couple of hours and it throws up more questions than it answers. I'm planning to build Frenesi using the Revell 1/32 kit, and am considering painting the spar YZC and leaving the rest of the wheel-well in natural metal. Does that sound ok or does anyone have a better suggestion for an early D operational in mid-44? cheers, Chris
  14. What are you planning to use as a wing spar? an RSJ???
  15. I saw a 1/48 Tamiya A6M3 WIP here a couple of weeks ago of and the ignition wires were red, which had me scratching my head. The undercarriage bays were the underside colour as opposed to Aotake. Apologies for hijacking your thread, but I'd like to build an A6M3 this year and wondered if there was a generic guide of what should be what colour? I'm leaning towards a grey airframe with green overspray. cheers, Chris
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