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  1. I won't be renewing my membership. I feel I have received very little from my membership. And as a thank you for my loyalty, they then offer me an opportunity to spend £90 on a (admittedly superb) kit, that I wouldn't buy anyway- not my scale/too big a model- if they'd offered 25% off across the range, even as a "one-off, single purchase" deal, I might have been interested, but at that price, I think most of the "takers" will be those who would have bought one at full price anyway- and Airfix know this. About a month ago, out of the blue, Hornby sent me a copy of their Hornby club's The Collector magazine- does this indicate some confusion (or complacency) about memberships at Hornby?
  2. When I first saw this was on, I thought it was the creepy 2008 movie Outpost, about a team of mercenaries who disturb something evil in a former Nazi base "somewhere in Eastern Europe" in the recent past . . . This is much better . . .
  3. Britmodeller massive. Meanwhile back
  4. calling Orson, "Shazbot", licking
  5. "That's no moon" said
  6. not looking for those
  7. I saw a car being driven by a sheep in a swimsuit. It was a Lamb Bikini . . .
  8. SWMBO has used a mobility scooter for several years now. She currently has 2 scooters, one a lightweight 3-wheeled "transportable" that dismantles to fit in the car boot for use away from home, and a big 4-wheeler for local use. If your mother-in-law needs a scooter to fit in the car boot, there are folding scooters, or dismantling scooters. Folding ones can be seriously small when collapsed (think airline overhead locker bag!), but lifting such a scooter into a car boot may require some muscle! SWMBO's "boot scooter" dismantles into chassis (with folding steering column), seat, basket and battery box. I find that all components are reasonably light for lifting, but the dismantled scooter takes up rather more space than a "folder". However it be recharged by removing the battery box and bringing that into the house! The "big" scooter is much more comfortable (and capable!), with a "Captain's chair" seat, adjustable steering column, bigger shopping basket, etc., but is. of course much heavier. Ramps are required for bringing it indoors, or even for storage in a shed or outbuilding- it's too heavy to lift over kerbs. It has a range of (allegedly) 16 miles, but in hilly Oldham SWMBO does suffer from range anxiety! The battery on this one is NOT (easily) removable, so it must be charged in situ, which may be an issue- we have to charge it outside our front door in a communal hallway (block of lowrise flats), although we do have a shed to store it, but without power! Some "top end" scooters are fitted with suspension, others not, some have pneumatic tyres, others solid. Solid tyres are often described as "puncture-proof" in scooter descriptions. Folding armrests and a seat that swivels sideways for easier mounting and dismounting are things to think about. If the prices asked for secondhand scooters seem high, don't scare yourself by looking at new ones! The "mobility shops" that sell new scooters often have used ones for sale as well, Keep looking at secondhand ads, it may seem morbid but "bereavement sales" can yield a bargain scooter! To survey the market, the Motability website has details of many scooters, also google "mobility scooter" to find scooter sales websites, these can give you an idea of what to look for- I thought a nice automatic-folder would suit SWMBO very nicely until I saw on a sales website that I'd have to lift around 25Kg (in one lump!) into the boot- not a vast weight, but enough to put me off . . . I hope this has been helpful, I've rambled on a bit(!), maybe it has given you some points to think about, Good luck finding the right scooter for your Mum-in-law.
  9. That's how these sorts of image links have always worked for me, but I tried Bentwaters81tfw's "right click, open in new tab" method, and that worked! Every day's a school day . . .
  10. The data-mining "telemetry" in Win10 can be controlled. There is free software from O&O software called ShutUp10. Find out more here. Obviously, one can't really tell how well it works unless you can do a before & after comparison . . .
  11. Interestingly, after seeing this I tried it out, (DuckDuckGo search, Firefox 89/Win10). and although the scam pharmacy appears in the search results, the links lead to the ObscureCo website (or a facsimile thereof!) Reading his "the company" page, it seems Chris Buchholz definitely has a sense of humour. Is this actually him 'avin' a laugh?
  12. Yet another: What's the difference between roast beef and pea soup? Anyone can roast beef . . .
  13. Fifer54

    RAF B-17s

    What a great question!
  14. Fifer54


    It's true! The crowd singing the second verse of "Flower of Scotland" is Scotland's Haka!
  15. Thanks, Ian, it certainly has helped! I have only one comment on your Donnet-Lévêque build- Wow!
  16. Fifer54


    https://www.historytoday.com/archive/god-save-queen-history-national-anthem seems to suggest we're both right!
  17. Fifer54


    Flower of Scotland is a great patriotic song, but I hate it as a national anthem- simply because it defines us Scots solely in terms of opposition to England, and we're so much more than that. Scotland the Brave ticks all the right boxes, but only being written in 1952 it's a bit young for such an old country. Having said that, Highland Cathedral or Caledonia (both requirng new lyrics) are other young candidates for Scotland's national anthem. England's use of Great Britain's national anthem constantly grates on me, it's not the English national anthem, it's the (very poor) British national anthem. Land of Hope and Glory would be far, far better, but these days it's associated with a particular political party. The Italian and (Soviet) Russian anthems are, as several on here have said, the best ones around . . .
  18. when you rob banks
  19. Airfix 1/32 1905 Rolls-Royce. Build thread is here.
  20. Thanks, Ray. I also enjoyed building Airfix's classic cars, and their modern (1960s-70s!) ones too. The imminent arrival of the "Vintage Classics" Beach Buggy has rekindled my interest. I'll have to have one! Anyroadup, back to this car. It's now FINISHED! More pix in the gallery shortly!
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