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  1. Did some not so accurate scratch building for the cockpit and floor and am moving on to painting now
  2. Hello, after lurking in these forums for a while, I decided to post and hope that you will be continuing this kit. I had built a good few kits as a kid and a teenager but decided, like a lot of people, to get back into model building during the various lockdowns. I had moved from brushes and tubes of glue to airbrushing and washes but I have never done any free hand panel scribing, riveting or scratch building. I felt I got a bit tricked when I picked up the Mister Craft Hobby Kit version of this plane. I had no idea it was going to such an old and poorly reproduced kit (I wrongly associated it with the Mr. Hobby brand ). Anyway, to make lemonade out of lemons, I am scribing panel lines, riveting and as you have said putting in a cockpit floor, flight controls and a backwall. I hope it is going well. Barry
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