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  1. Best of luck cleaning the glass, mine was so bad I had to blacken the glazing, even though I had done lots of internal work.
  2. When I am doing my figures, or anything that requires small amounts of acrylic paint, and don't want to use a wet palette, I lay out a couple of strips of masking tape and put my drops of paint on them. Not the Tamiya tape but good quality decorators tape (3M) and put the drops of paint on them, you can then thin the paint and mix and have a few different colours on them. Then when finished just peel the tape away and bin it.
  3. Good choice. I built this on my return to the hobby last year with no issues and it turned out nice. Will be watching how it goes.
  4. Outstanding work. I only realised that work equipment could be got in 1/35 at Christmas when we got the roller for my son as a joke. This is an area I will have to look at in more depth. Excellent weathering.
  5. So did I. That was long before VHS, DVD, streaming. Would still watch it today. Remember Saturday matinee in the local cinema, gangs of young fellas up on the balcony riding along and shooting. Then throwing things down on others below, then sitting quitely when the usher came along with the torch. And the series shorts before the main film (not to be missed). Those were the days when a 9/10 year old would be allowed to go to the cinema on their own.
  6. It was Lee Van Cleefe in "For a few dollars more" summary here (https://www.empireonline.com/movies/reviews/dollars-per-qualche-dollari-piu-review/). Took me a few minutes to find but knowing it was Van Cleefe made it easier. It is an iconic scene that I remember and the fact all the guns were in a horse roll helped as he did loads of spagetti westerns. I always thought he was as cool as Eastwood.
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