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  1. I like it. I love to see models in their element, i.e. air, i.e. flying. Looks great. Z
  2. Hey Keefr, Build is looking pretty good fella, a mate of mine asked me to build him a car, I think I will leave it to 'you as know how its done' Im interested to see how it turns out. Cheers Z
  3. Keefr , as ever thanks for the post fella, once it is finished I might give evertything a coat of clear which will gloss it up a little and protect the metal work. (I hope) Cheers again. Z
  4. Facinating and interesting build. I too have a long term project to finish of an 18th scale model of my own boat a Sailfish 18. John Thanks john. How are you making yours? this is the most difficult thing i have modelled having used kits in the past, but by far the most rewarding. I am very pleased with what i have got so far. And thankfully the old man is impressed too, and as it will be adorning his living room i am pleased. Z
  5. Update, I have finished the major works now and she is painted up. It went pretty well and have got the finish I was hoping for. Idecided not to go full gloss but went for a more satin look. I dont really think that the gloss look is good on scale models but each to their own. I have now got a number of fiddley little bits to do which will no doubt take as long again at this rate. Oh and I need some 'decals' making, just for the name of the boat. does anyone know where I can get custom made ones? I have the image of the writing all ready made. I am pretty pleased so far, I hope you
  6. welcome! nice line up you have there. Z
  7. I'm glad you made this post, I have been thinking of going there for a while, its about 15 minutes from me. I think i am convinced will now have to drag 'her indoors' around... Cheers Z
  8. Bit of an update: I have finally finished painting the white, so many coats. the underside will be dark blue, will do that later. I have also done the decking on the rear, there is more rubbing dwn to do on that as well and i find plenty of coats of clear works wonders too. Hope you like; Z
  9. ZooL

    Painted Roundel advise

    they look pretty good to my eye fella. I will be looking on with interest though i have a scratch build project in mind where this info will be usefull. Z
  10. thanks jag, I will have a looksee. I have been experimenting platting together the cotton, eg 2 white threads with a coloured one and it looks ok but i will definately have a look. I think you should have a crack at making a modern yacht, its fun if a little time consuming. and there is usually plenty of reference material especially if you have thoe boat its self. Cheers Z
  11. ZooL


    I certainly dont think it won the war, that particular accalade would have to go to the spits, and hurricanes of the battle of britain i think. The P-51 was awesome though, and out performed everything else mainly due to great aerodynamics and above all the Rolls Royce Merlin. I might go as far as saying the engine won the war, but perhaps not the aircraft its self. Just my 2p Z
  12. I cant believe that no-one has commented on these. Superb! z
  13. what a monster! Love it! SCRATCH BUILDERS RULE OK!
  14. I like it! she will be a beaut!
  15. Thanks Keef, your encoragement is much appreciated especially on this beast of a build. Does anyone know what the best material is for ropes? I have cotton but it looks a little blagh.... just not right. Thanks Z
  16. Hi folks, I sorry I havent updated for a while I have been a little bit lazy, luckily I have been doing quite a bit on the boat. It seems like i have just been sanding the thing for ages now, car body filler, sand more filler sand....you get the picture. I finally managed to get some paint on it (im using humbrol enamels) but now I have run out of the stuff so need to get more. Here is what I have so far, I have made a start on the railings too, maybe shoud have waited untill the painting was done but i needed something other than sanding and painting to stop me from going mental. Inc
  17. I like! never been a massive fan of the hurricane but thats nice!
  18. I say scratch build away! the e-bay fairies will just spend the money on drugs and plastic! plus i would love to see a WIP of a scratch built tank! z
  19. Hey folks, Bit of an update... I cant believe how much sanding I have had to do and i know there is a lot more to do. I have done some of the interior and am in the process of building up the interior and the rear deck. oh and have got the keels on. Cheers for looking chaps. z
  20. tha dunt see many of them around, nice build mush!
  21. gutted, these things happen though. Keep on Keeping on, from what I see I'm sure it will turn out really well! z
  22. Thanks for the tip tony, can get a little uncomfortable using this stuff. I havent tried the weaved stuff, I got mine from a fiberglass supplier and dont reaaly find it too difficult with the matting. May try it if I do another project in the future though. And thanks to everyones positive comments, it really helps to keep the enthusiasm going. Cheers Z
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