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  1. Hi Colin ,nice Hood 41.Re the deck-railing, have a look at WEMs website ,you can get basic deckrailing PE from them,without having to lash out on the full Hood PE set. Thanks for the comments. Cheers Phil
  2. I orginally built this model of HMS Hood 38 for the Best Of British Group build in Aug 2008.See here for the thread: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=17285 As I am running out of space ,instead of building a new model of the `Ood ,I decided to dismantle it and rebuild it .It took about a day to strip the model down ,I can do this as I use PVA glue where-ever possible ,and any part attached with cement is done so lightly .I also want to do it as a waterline to fit in with my latest builds. I bought an Artwox wooden for it ,this was a perfect fit for the foredeck ,and q
  3. I was told about this site a couple of weeks ago ,and I`ve found it fascinating.It tracks merchant vessels world-wide ,although ,I have spotted a couple of warships on it .I have my Home city zeroed in ,but you can choose any port in the world.You can click on the ships symbol and it gives you it course ,speed and sometimes a photo of the vessel. http://www.marinetraffic.com/ais/ Cheers Phil
  4. Great job Adam.Those Academy kits are good value. Cheers Phil
  5. This is the one I`m waiting for ,the Trumpy 350th Tribal class destroyer.From what I can see it looks to be good.In the background is the 700 th USS Colorado 1941.Many thanks to Roger Torgesen for the pic. Cheers Phil
  6. Very effective seascape ,and the model itself is Fab ! Cheers Phil
  7. I`m sorely ,sorely tempted by this one.I`ve got their Seydlitz in the stash,which one day I`ll get round to building ,so a Tiger will even things up. Head:"No you don`t want one" Heart:"Yes you do!!" Phil
  8. Trumpy released the modernized HMS Queen Elizabeth earlier this year,and I agree that a 350th WW1 Warspite would be very tasty ,save me having to convert the Academy one !! Much prefered that Trumpy had started to produce some RN WW2 Cruisers (Counties,Dido,Town Etc).Although,we have the Tribal Class Destroyer coming from them, to get our teeth into,so I shouldn`t complain too much !! Cheers Phil
  9. Just received the Leopard today,and from what I ve seen I`m impressed.It should be an interesting build ,hopefully I`ll be starting it in the near future. Cheers Phil
  10. Thanks for putting me right,Julien.I thought they were at St Helena or Ascension Island,and opted for the wrong one!! Please see the comments regarding the Bell on the Hood Association site: http://www.hmshood.com/association/archive...ts/bell2012.htm Iwould also like to point out that the bell from HMS Royal Oak was recovered from her wreck in the 70`s and now has pride of place in a memorial at St Magnus Church in Kirkwall.So this has been done before and I think it would be apt if Hoods bell was given the same treatment. For what its worth thats my opinion. Phil
  11. Its a nice idea.Also,there are two of her 5.5" gun mounts at St Helena in the South Atlantic ,could one of them be returned to the UK as well to go alongside the bell? regards Phil
  12. According to Trumpys site ,you do get a Merlin and a Lynx in the kit. Phil
  13. Hopefully I`ll have my kit of the Leopard shortly.I`m looking forward to seeing it . Cheers Phil
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