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  1. mikeew

    Macchi MB-326 G

    This link may help... http://motty.hobbyvista.com/Macchis/Details/index.html
  2. Nicely done, I look forward to building mine after seeing this. great work Darius
  3. Thanks. I used tamiya XF-25 Light sea Grey , which is a dead match to the anti corrosion paint DH used. Its not a million miles off the reccommended Humbrol 87 Steel Grey in the Sea Vixen instructions. @ Davec_24 Thanks, it took a little over three weeks start to finish. I picked it up at Telford. It will appear with full build review in next months Scale Aircraft Modelling.
  4. Nope, you can't... And I DIDN'T use US interior green either.
  5. Nicely done! Photographed on the right background and with the right lighting that could easily pass for the real thing, the weathering is spot on.
  6. mikeew

    ICM Kits

    Can't vouch for the Su's but the Mig-29 is a superb kit, might need some detailing up in the 'pit but otherwise its great. Just don't try and use the ICM decals, by and large they're rubbish!
  7. Hi All, I'm after some photos showing what's inside the recess where the IFR probe pops on the starboard side just in front of the canopy on the F/A-18E SuperBug. Please help! Mike
  8. Nice one Tony. I'm sure he'll love it, What a great surprise prezzie! as others have said, its nice to see a model nicely presented on a stand.
  9. I wondered who'd be the first to mention the Snow Scale
  10. He's on the slippery slope now! My Boy Ethan has just made his first model, at 4 yrs old. My parents bought Ethan his first model this Christmas, a wooden build-it-yourself model with acrylic paint pots and PVA glue. I helped him build it as it was a bit tricky in places, but he did the glueing. Once the glue was dry, I let him loose with the paints and the stickers ... and here he is with the finished result, looking very proud of himself. He hasn't left it alone since finishing it. We had a great time and he kept asking my advice and opinion throughout the painting and stickering bits. I asked him what he wanted to call it and he said its the "Mighty Mighty" and is part of the "Beautiful Air Force". Great fun!!
  11. A rare foray into Sci-Fi for me Finemolds 1/48 Rebel Alliance Snowspeeder, Incom modified T-47 Airspeeder. Weekend build, was an absolute breeze, almost snap-tite fit all round. The details are superb and a weathering dream. Overall paint Gunze H338 FS36495 Light Grey over a pre-shading of Tamiya XF-63 Weathering was... Panel wash using Paynes Grey oil paint with Humbrol thinners. Tamiya XF-25 Light Sea Grey Gunze H77 Tire Black Photos taken in the back garden as the diorama potential was too good to miss!
  12. Many thanks guys, glad you all like it @Joachim - the trailing edge dissipators are moulded in on the kit, but rather thick, so i did replace them with fine wire this also enabled me to add the drooped shape to them
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