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  1. I like it. I love to see models in their element, i.e. air, i.e. flying. Looks great. Z
  2. Hey Keefr, Build is looking pretty good fella, a mate of mine asked me to build him a car, I think I will leave it to 'you as know how its done' Im interested to see how it turns out. Cheers Z
  3. Keefr , as ever thanks for the post fella, once it is finished I might give evertything a coat of clear which will gloss it up a little and protect the metal work. (I hope) Cheers again. Z
  4. Facinating and interesting build. I too have a long term project to finish of an 18th scale model of my own boat a Sailfish 18. John Thanks john. How are you making yours? this is the most difficult thing i have modelled having used kits in the past, but by far the most rewarding. I am very pleased with what i have got so far. And thankfully the old man is impressed too, and as it will be adorning his living room i am pleased. Z
  5. Update, I have finished the major works now and she is painted up. It went pretty well and have got the finish I was hoping for. Idecided not to go full gloss but went for a more satin look. I dont really think that the gloss look is good on scale models but each to their own. I have now got a number of fiddley little bits to do which will no doubt take as long again at this rate. Oh and I need some 'decals' making, just for the name of the boat. does anyone know where I can get custom made ones? I have the image of the writing all ready made. I am pretty pleased so far, I hope you
  6. welcome! nice line up you have there. Z
  7. I'm glad you made this post, I have been thinking of going there for a while, its about 15 minutes from me. I think i am convinced will now have to drag 'her indoors' around... Cheers Z
  8. Bit of an update: I have finally finished painting the white, so many coats. the underside will be dark blue, will do that later. I have also done the decking on the rear, there is more rubbing dwn to do on that as well and i find plenty of coats of clear works wonders too. Hope you like; Z
  9. ZooL

    Painted Roundel advise

    they look pretty good to my eye fella. I will be looking on with interest though i have a scratch build project in mind where this info will be usefull. Z
  10. thanks jag, I will have a looksee. I have been experimenting platting together the cotton, eg 2 white threads with a coloured one and it looks ok but i will definately have a look. I think you should have a crack at making a modern yacht, its fun if a little time consuming. and there is usually plenty of reference material especially if you have thoe boat its self. Cheers Z
  11. ZooL


    I certainly dont think it won the war, that particular accalade would have to go to the spits, and hurricanes of the battle of britain i think. The P-51 was awesome though, and out performed everything else mainly due to great aerodynamics and above all the Rolls Royce Merlin. I might go as far as saying the engine won the war, but perhaps not the aircraft its self. Just my 2p Z
  12. I cant believe that no-one has commented on these. Superb! z
  13. what a monster! Love it! SCRATCH BUILDERS RULE OK!
  14. I like it! she will be a beaut!
  15. Thanks Keef, your encoragement is much appreciated especially on this beast of a build. Does anyone know what the best material is for ropes? I have cotton but it looks a little blagh.... just not right. Thanks Z
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