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  1. Thanks, guys! I have redone the float struts, it's pretty level now. Starting the decal process today...
  2. Got some painting done... I used Vallejo Air "IDF Green", which is the same FS number as the Humbrol paint called for in the instructions. Test mounted the floats, not looking too bad... ...but from the front, it looks rather crooked. Some changes need to be made. And I see my engine has come loose. That should be an easy fix. One thing is certain, this is one big plane. Ken
  3. With work on the F-16A done, I'm charging ahead with the Wideroe Otter: The really is no structure to support the long fuselage roof, and the plastic is very soft. So no matter what I do to hide the seam, it will bend and crack again with just one careless touch. Trying some super glue fixing. Should have built up an internal support. Main wings are on Engine, cowling and horizontal stabilizers... starting to look like something. Ken
  4. Helidriver

    1/48 New York ANG F-16A, Desert Storm

    Thanks guys! I love that simple loadout. It was the last hurrah of the simple planes with iron bombs. I always loved that picture, the high tech (for the time) Op Desert Storm, and here's an A model lugging dumb bombs around...
  5. The inspiration: Finished! Getting some sun! On display! Ken
  6. Helidriver

    1/48 New York ANG F-16A, Gulf War 1.

    Decaling finished! Gear doors installed. Dull coated, time to see how the canopy fared... Not too shabby! Time to hang some munitions! Some remove before flight tags... And I'm calling it done! Thanks for watching, and for the help and encouragement.
  7. Helidriver

    1/48 New York ANG F-16A, Gulf War 1.

    The decaling continues... Still using 3 different decals sheets. The SuperScale decals work, but you have to treat them like eggs. Starting to look like something now... And the latest little helper...meet Molly the Boston Terrier...
  8. Helidriver

    1/48 New York ANG F-16A, Gulf War 1.

    Decaling has started! The SuperScale decals are really fragile, and they don't have the actual colors needed to make the aircraft they depict. So, I have had to resort to scrounging decals from the stash... Before After The stenciling seems to be white in the reference pics, but I could only find yellow ones. The rest were either in a solid framed background, or so dark that they disappeared in the paint coloring. Oh well. Ken
  9. Got the engine painted up, not going for a lot of detail on this build... The fuselage is together and window masks applied. These came with the Lima-November decals, very helpful! Ken
  10. Helidriver

    1/48 New York ANG F-16A, Gulf War 1.

    Tail surfaces and wheels added: And the final coat of future has been applied. Going to wait a couple of days and then start the decaling... Thanks for looking! Ken
  11. More progress: Windows and doors are in. Fuselage halves in the process of being joined. And since the wings are shaped more like drooping rotor blades I decided to soak them in hot water, and then leave them under pressure to see of that will straighten them out a little. That's all for now. Ken
  12. Thanks guys. Been busy with other things, but finally back working on this. Yea the top fuselage fit seems a bit shall we say...angled. Looks like a tent, so I need to clamp it down to make it flat. Painted the interior in a rust red color to match the reference photo. Kept it simple and high contrast as the transparencies in the kit are anything but transparent... Ken
  13. Helidriver

    1/48 New York ANG F-16A, Gulf War 1.

    Hi! Been a while, but as they say...life intervened. Still working on it, and the weapons are now finished. I only need to clear coat the aircraft it self a couple of times, then its on to decaling. Just one pic this time: Ken
  14. Helidriver

    Bf 109 G-2 - finnish colors

    Great job on the painting. I'll have to remember that technique
  15. With my F-16A nearing the Future application stage, I decided to start the next kit while waiting for Future, washes and decals to dry. So what to do next? My mom mentioned that her first ever airplane ride was on a green and silver seaplane, from Wideroe Flyveselskap, in Norther Norway. A quick search in the stash and decal pile later and my mom goes "That's it!" Next project found. (And apparently my wife thinks this means I have too many kits and decals lying about...) Inspiration free picture hosting The kit free picture hosting The decals free picture hosting The starting off point... free picture hosting Should be fun! Ken