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  1. Thank you. Please sign me up for this Group build and add me to the list....... I will be using the 1/48 Airfix Red Arrows kit and converting it to IAF Hawk 132. This will be my first GB in BM. Excited to be part of it Have a Great Day....
  2. Hi Col, I would like to be part of this GB. But before signing up would like to check with you..... does the Bae Hawk 132 be eligible to be part of this GB?
  3. Looking Great. Clean Build. I especially like the subtle weathering. Thanks for sharing. I built the Skybow version long time back.
  4. Well tried @TonyOD Will regroup in a year and draw our battle plans..... In the mean time will disperse and enjoy with the other GBs....Better luck next time
  5. Thought it is easy to see the status if the results are sorted...... Please remove the thread if this is not appropriate..... STATUS as of 5 AM 15Nov2021
  6. Hi Folks, I have voted for this GB.... Count me in... Most of my stash is OLD... But not a huge stash. I will pick one.... Hope you all have voted....Have a great Day
  7. Voted. It is not just voting to one GB. To make one GB to win, we should not vote to competing GBs. But that is pure evil Let us see... I think we have a fighting chance....
  8. Hi @Stef N. Thanks for the comment. I use Mr. color mostly. Wash using oils. For detail hand painting used Tamiya enamels. The main culprit for the shine is Mr. Color Gloss. I used the rattle can. Toning down that shine is always a challenge for me. But the clear coat is very versatile and stand some rough handling so I still stick with it... Took few more pictures. I am going to leave it alone for few weeks and pick it up later to continue with tracks etc.... Thanks for watching and Have a Great Day.
  9. One quick update..... Completed first round of wash. Hope the newness is getting addressed.
  10. Thanks for the vote of confidence @Model Mate Even though my choice of LED lighting has exaggerated the brightness in these photos, I seriously hope to tone it down in the weathering steps.... Thanks again
  11. Ordered a few bottles of Mr. Color paint and thinner from Lucky Models, HK. For 35$ order value, the shipping charge is 17$. It has to be surface mail because of flammable items. Expected time of delivery 2 - 6 months..... I have no alternates available..... I have absolutely no choice except to wait and HOPE the item will some how reach my place ..... Building miniature models in India will drive you nuts I am jealous of you folks..... I should keep away from this thread.....
  12. Small update to my build..... Tools and such painted.... Getting ready for washes and weathering.... After the Mr color clear the colors looks really bright in the pictures... Will tone down in the next steps hopefully. Thanks for watching and Have a Great Day Mukund
  13. Looking Nice is all i know. I don't know anything about aircrafts but enjoy looking at them .... Bought a few over the years but yet to muster courage to really build one...... Crisp and Clean build. I like it.
  14. Hi Folks, I am a new member at Britmodeller. Thought of sharing my build photos. This Dragon JagdTiger was started as a Group Build with another forum. Currently completed most of the build and base painting done. Still lot of work needs to be done to complete this. The build progressed quickly enough but now it is sitting there for a week without any work. Was looking at the build threads here to get some inspiration. And decided to share my progress pics here as well..... I have signed up for a GB in Britmodeller which will be starting soon...So this post would as well test the photo uploading work flow I have been out of modelling scene for the past several years. Slowly getting back to build again.... Lots of new things to learn.....Feel free to comment and point out mistakes. A question - Is it OK to share the progress pics from GB elsewhere? Thanks for watching and Have a Great Day. Mukund
  15. Thank you Dennis for the encouragement. I am trying search the earlier B-24 build reports and reading up...... Even though it is exiting to start something that I have never attempted before.... I might be in for a big challenge. Looking for all the help I could get ..... Have a Great Day.
  16. One of my favorite tanks. You have done a good job with this one.... I like how you implemented damage to various handles, fender etc. Looking forward to see this with paint. Will be following this closely. Keep up the good work Mukund
  17. Hi @TonyOD, Hope it is not too late to sign-up for this GB. I am new to this forum. This will be my first GB with Britmodeller. I build armor mostly. I will either choose T-34 or B-24 under German command..... Will read up and choose one when the build starts. If I choose B-24 then it will be my first Aircraft build.....I am not even sure of references for Captured B-24 except for the few hits in search...Would be asking too many Noob questions I think ... Please add me to the list....
  18. Awesome rebuild. I love the fit and finish. But cant help feeling jealous that THIS is your job ,,,, Have a Great Day....
  19. Hi Fellow Modelers, This is Mukund. I am from India. I have been browsing Britmodeller forums for years. I got registered and became a member recently. Hope to have a great time interacting with you all. Have a Great Day
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