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  1. Got it primed, and saw many many flaws. There where quite large cracks and gaps needing filler. So I gave it som more mr surfacer, and wiped it of with thinner, and most of the primer came of as well So after quite a lot of sanding to make sure everything was smooth, I primed it again, and postshaded it with some black. Next up, the sand colour
  2. For sure. It's quite simple, fill the gap with Mr. Surfacer 500, normally I use a old brush or a toothpick, leave it to dry for about a hour (if longer, it will become more difficult to remove). Then I apply some Mr Color Thinner to a cottonswap, and starts to wipe over it, and after some time, it becomes softer and sticks to the cottonswap, except for what's left in the gap. Hope that it can help you
  3. I just discovered that it would be a "tail-sitter". Luckily I havent put on any paint yet I managed to take the nose of it with out damaging anything, fill it with lead, then glue it on again. Onve the glued is set, it go over it again with som mr. surfacer Disaster avoided
  4. I've used thinner, specially on this one, with it's raised panellines, I'm trying to avoid sanding as much as possible
  5. So far this kit have not been to difficult, and now it is ready for a grey primer Hopefully not to many mistake will turn up I decided not to glue many part to the fuselage since it feels like a fragile set, so they will be painted seperately, then mounted The main body - some mr. surfacer was need. Specially around til back og the canopy Some of the part - to be primed soon
  6. I build the cockpit, OOB. The seat are really bad, looks more like a wingback chair for a livingroom, than a seat in a helicopter, I've made some simple seatbelts of tamiyatape. Should I ever build another one, I would buy some aftermarket ones. The plastic in this kit is very "hard". When cutting it, it snaps sometimes. The front controllever snapped 2 places Took some care to fix it, specially since the "middelpieces" were completly lost to the carpet monster, so made at new part of stretched sprue. The fit is however excellent, no gaps or need to use force to glue the fuselage parts together The chairs. Since this picture was taken, I've given it a wash, and a bit detail painting. Pictures of that next time. Cockpit again. Slight sight of the instrument panel. The decals did not fit that well, so had to cut it in several pieces to fit, but turned out okay The fuselage joined together - superb fit
  7. Yeah I really like them, think they look cool in those colours About the 214ST, I would love to make one, but I believe it would demand some serious scratchbuilding skills to make one, since, as far as I know, there is no kit in 1/72 scale for it.
  8. It's been a while since my last build in here, so I'm a bit excited to get started. This helicopter will be a part of my Iranian fleet in 72nd scale. I've ordered some new decals for it, and they should be on their way in the mail, but I could'nt wait for them to arrived, so now its time to begin The kit itself should be fine, it is a older kit, with raised panellines, but they look very sharp, so hopefully I can make it work There is however alot of flash in someplaces, and the canopy does not look that good, but I believe it should be possible to make it look decent Regarding the decals, they look terrible. Very very yellow. Hopefully I dont have to use them, or I'll have to check my spare box for others The box: The content of the box; Close-up of the decals.... Time to get started
  9. I'm calling it done. Suddenly things went very fast The decals were very good After decals I sealed it with another layer of clear coat, then a wash. After the wash i postshaded it with a mix of brown and black, and I think I went a bit to far, but somehow I think it look cool enough. I learned a lot in this build, and there are somethings I'll do different next time
  10. Thanks for the photos, they are good I'll make mine with fuel tanks and 4 lives missiles I do hope i flew like that at some point in history Here are some photos of the proces: I does look like the nose is another light gray than the other light gray, but that's lightning doing that, they are the same The belly. The intakes are painted white/grey and the wheel bays are painted humbrol 64
  11. Since I can't really find anything which I find as good reference, I'm going with fuel tanks and 2x2 R60 Aphid Hopefully its is possible it had flown like that once My alternative was to make entirely without anything under the wings, but I could'nt go that way
  12. Thank you, Don't no much about their armament So just 1 black striped on each side? What about the pylons then, where they removed? And which pylon did the training rounds sit on Sorry for all the questions
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