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  1. I'm calling it done. Suddenly things went very fast The decals were very good After decals I sealed it with another layer of clear coat, then a wash. After the wash i postshaded it with a mix of brown and black, and I think I went a bit to far, but somehow I think it look cool enough. I learned a lot in this build, and there are somethings I'll do different next time
  2. Thanks for the photos, they are good I'll make mine with fuel tanks and 4 lives missiles I do hope i flew like that at some point in history Here are some photos of the proces: I does look like the nose is another light gray than the other light gray, but that's lightning doing that, they are the same The belly. The intakes are painted white/grey and the wheel bays are painted humbrol 64
  3. Since I can't really find anything which I find as good reference, I'm going with fuel tanks and 2x2 R60 Aphid Hopefully its is possible it had flown like that once My alternative was to make entirely without anything under the wings, but I could'nt go that way
  4. Thank you, Don't no much about their armament So just 1 black striped on each side? What about the pylons then, where they removed? And which pylon did the training rounds sit on Sorry for all the questions
  5. Does anyone have knowlegde or pictures of the armament of the Polish Mig 29UB. From the set it is supposed to be build with a fuel tank on each side, and 2 R-60 (or R-73) on the outer pylons on each side. Is there another way I can build this? I've been trying to find information on Google, but can't rally find anything usefull. I did find a pictures of a mig 29 with All the different weapon the customers of export mig could buy, but I dont think it nessercary meant they did?! Hope somebody can help me out here
  6. I've been doing some panellines with scalpel and a homemade thing made of a needle and an old brush Proberly not the best you'll come across, but I think it's decent enough There is still some small gap to be filled with Mr. surfacer later: Have cutted the tailrudders from sprue and cleaned them, but have'nt decided yet whether to glued them on, or wait. I'm tempted to wait since it will easy the decal work quite bit
  7. Thank you - haha yes, for my other mig 29 I'm planning to build I've bought quickboost seats, hopefully they wil fit better, or maybe its just a problem with the UB and not the A's.
  8. Pictures of the cockpit and seats before closing it up. The cockpit, should I give a light wash? The seats. I made a small parachute handle for each seats from some copper wire.
  9. Thank you, yes I can see that when dry fitting. And there will be some panellines to be recreated as well
  10. A bit more hack and slash have been committed The part I've marked before have now been cut off, filed in shape, and put back up in the gap, to widen the gap about 1,5 mm, which seems to be just enough in the dry-fit. When the filler is dry, I hope i will look superb The underside of the 'pit. Looks like I've used a small hatchet, but i have filed it more smooth after the picture. About 1 mm have come off The poor verlinden seats. They look very nice, so it was a bit sad to remove more then it was intented, but there was no chance I could get them to fit the 'pit without removing "too much" The inside of the bottom-part, filed quite alot, and the sides have been cut and filed as well. With all these things done, dry fit look OK, but I can see there will be some gaps to attend later
  11. I'm very happy using vallejo metal colors, they work splendid, just pour it in the airbrush as they come
  12. Great - Already a problem.. The aftermarket seats are not same size as the kits, can tell which one is correct though? But so far I have cut out the square box in the bottom of the cockpit, so the resin seats have more space, but that does'nt solve the problem. The seats is to big lenght-wise as well.. Have to cut of some of the backrest from the fuselage and seal the gap later with some thin pieces of plastic, and thats only the rear seat, have'nt gotten to the front yet - It will be good Picture of the issues: Picture of the solution.. maybe
  13. All decals are now on! Later today I'll give it another clearcoat, then weathering
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