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  1. Very well done 👍 The checkers have come out nice and crisp. Looks great
  2. The model looks stunning with the decals on..... I got nervous looking at this marking and chose a different / simpler one.... You have done a good job on this one 🤩 👍
  3. A very interesting looking marking choice 👍 The cockpit have turned out pretty nice looking..... Looking forward for the progress pics 🤩
  4. Excellent work, clean build and good paint job. I like the subtle weathering.... 👍
  5. 😅 Here I am searching for miss placed parts, spilling paint and knocking over stuff with just one kit on the work bench..... Hats-off to you 😜 👍
  6. Looking Awesome 🤩 Decals have gone on perfect and The mottling have come out great 👍
  7. Thanks for the tip @Ray_W All my metallic paints are too bright and shiny . I have Tamiya's Lacquer Black Iron.... Never tried. Will try that as well.... I need to pick Mr. Metallic 214... This would enhance some of my armour weathering as well i think....
  8. Good Progress. I stopped counting the number of times I have bent the wing cannon barrels.... It finally broke after decaling was done. I wonder the engineers who choose to design such 🙄 .... How difficult it could be to design that is easy for modelers to keep it separate and install during final steps.....
  9. Thanks James @franky boy this group proves all the support and encouragement I am following you build 👍
  10. This is exactly I felt as well..... If it failed predictably, we can work around.... This is my first Eduard build, but I have picked a few for my stash. If I have known this earlier, I would have stayed away. But with all this said and done, the model does builds up looking good..... I wish Eduard finds a way to resolve this soonest.... I am still trying to get the finish you managed for the gun barrels, but so far without success.
  11. Hello Everyone, Another update of Eduard A8 Weekend edition build that has been completed mostly. The front canopy is not yet glued. Some more detail painting needs to be completed. Finally glued the fiddly bits, landing gear are all fixed. Need to touch-up the weathering some more. Other then these I can say this is completed 😃.... Probably my expectation from Eduard has been high and this build had brought me down to reality. The decals are very bad and the carrier film reacts differently to different mediums. With oils it stains. With enamels it tends to peel off here and there. I do not want to touch the film after clear coat. But in spite of clear coat, two larger decal's carrier film started blistering and I peeled the remaining off to salvage. I wish Eduard would improve the (Fitment) engineering and the Decals..... 30% of parts still not used, These could have been saved and savings $$ could have been passed on to customers.... Not sure why this is not mentioned much in reviews.... Going forward, I will be thinking twice before picking up Eduard If I have to use kit supplied decals I think.... Few pictures after completion.... The details look good though.... Thanks for watching and Have a Great weekend Mukund
  12. Looking good @VolkerR. Good progress..... I think my build is lagging behind.... Need to bring it to some shape this week end.....
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