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  1. Thanks Spiny, I'm sure it will and thanks for taking time to explain your setup. I'm being to learn that photography is one of those things that at first glance seems so simple, however everytime I stray from the automatic settings I get more and more frustrated with my results - Andy
  2. Sorry John I'm failing to see the charm , but I do like the Riley.
  3. Great choice for the christening of the cave, I'll be watching with interest - Andy
  4. There's an exception to rule https://www.wheelswithinwales.uk/aston-martin-mark-st-davids-day-and-new-welsh-plant/
  5. Great modelling and engineering, he looks far more animated than the standard pose. Looking forward to the Ready for Inspection photos - Andy
  6. Thanks Keith, The first half was simple, trying to make both sides look symmetrical, we that was another story - Andy
  7. Another cracking build and I must admit I'm very envious of your photography skills, your glamour shoot looks fantastic
  8. The ride height looks spot on to me too, as does your Cayman. I can honestly say I have never seen a Porsche in that colour, but if .I'm being honest I'm not surprised - Andy
  9. Now the nosecone is done the next area requiring modification is the front suspension. The top of the front suspension on a lotus 7 consists of a single arm and antiroll bar, were as my Caterham has a top wishbone arrangement plus an antiroll bar, plus there is an extra strengthening bar across the bottom wishbone. The addition of the bottom brace now means that the lower suspension can now no longer be removed as Tamiya intended as you have to push one end through the car in order to insert the otherside. Therefore this is now in three bits with metal pins inserted to achieve correct alignment. Thanks again for looking - Andy
  10. Another surgically clean build, I doubt the real car had a paint job a flawless as yours!
  11. I have got to agree with everyone else, the car looks great and it gives no indications of the issues you had making it. Looking forward to the next one - Andy
  12. Great result, Great build thread and great photos. Thanks for sharing. As I said in your build thread I always felt the official photos from Tamiya made this kit look a bit toy like, but you have certainly dispelled those thoughts. I really can't think of any excuses now not to buy the kit - Andy
  13. She wasn't the prettiest car ever to grace to planet, but your model is simply beautiful. I really enjoyed reading your work in progress thread. Thanks for sharing - Andy
  14. In a word Genius. I only really make automotive models myself, however I often peruse this section as I really enjoy watching how the Sci-fi crowd make something from nothing and this is really up there with the best examples I've seen. Not entirely sure how I have missed this thread until today, but I'll be watching from now on - Andy
  15. As soon as Motobitz released their transkit to convert the Tamiya Super 7 to a Caterham there was only one car I was going to make....Mine!! Haven't done that much, I'm only really posting because it makes my 3rd build on Britmodeller feel like it's officially started. I intend to make this as accurate as possible without becoming obsessive (this might come back to haunt me later ). Original nosecone Beginning of modifications Like my previous 2 builds here, thanks for looking, just don't expect it finished too soon - Andy
  16. Spotted this outside Classic Team Lotus last week. and was sitting in a layby having my breakfast and this went past, only just caught the photo. I assume its an early one as the bonnet had louvers
  17. Got to agree with everyone else, the finish on your paintwork is absolute perfection
  18. Great result, happy 100th. Have you received your telegram from the Queen yet?
  19. Great job all round - I especially like the racing harness, they can be a real pain to make them look like there hanging naturally, but yours are spot on - Andy
  20. Yep, I like this alot and your photos are very smart to - Andy
  21. I've got to agree with everyone else a very impressive build - Andy
  22. The person who signed off the position of the 2 N's in Nissan on the bonnet still wants shooting . But this doesn't take away from the fact that this is a great build - Andy
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