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  1. On the subject of very much appreciated, I got home from work today to find a small parcel from Motobitz. I didn't remember ordering anything recently, so I assumed it must have been something on a back order. I opened the box to find this. So I just want so say a huge thanks to @mbdesignart for the thought and gift as its going to make a huge difference to the dash. To save you trawling back through the thread, the steering wheel that comes as standard with the transkit is wrong for my car. So I rather modified it, but it was a bit clunky. This new one is unbelievably delicate and absolutely spot on, plus I now believe in Santa again! (the only problem with this is that I've got to start being good) - Andy
  2. Interesting build, you use of jigs and how you constructed the rear have given me some idea's - thanks for sharing Andy
  3. Another top draw paint job complemented by perfect decals - Andy
  4. Can only echo everybody else's comments, fantastic job and not an obvious colour, but it suits her well. Looking forward to your next build - Andy
  5. Not from were I'm sitting - great update, she's really looking the part - Andy
  6. Good call on the ignition leads, I never understood how on such a beautifully engineered and aesthetically pleasing vehicle they wired it up like that. Its almost as if they forgot to install them and entrusted the job to a first year apprentice - Andy
  7. Do you have any photos (fairly sure I've not missed them)? - Andy
  8. I can't imagine that there's many full size examples that are anything other than immaculate. Just catching up on your progress, great work so far. I'd have never thought about painting the frame in two halves. Definitely picking up tips for when mine comes to the top of the stash. - Andy
  9. Very kind of you to say so, it's just taking a little bit (by which I mean a lot) longer than I thought - Andy
  10. Cool project and very well done, you've managed to lose all traces of "Burragoness". I have to confess that without the front wings and the head lights, I would have made several guess before I said a Jaguar SS100 - Andy
  11. Another fantastic start, I'll be watching with interest. It's just a shame that one of the greatest British Roadsters made is not made in Britain!
  12. You must be drinking alot, because the raised detail on the strips is done with military precision - Andy
  13. Thank you Gents, now I can begin to see its my car, hopefully it will give me the motivation to finish the thing
  14. Got to agree your weathering is spot, not an easy thing to achieve - Thanks for sharing Andy
  15. In order to make this really feel like my car it was necessary to print my own decals, which was nowhere near as daunting as I thought it was going to be. basically I've imported images (either from the net or my photos) into photoshop removed the background and then sized them correctly. Plenty of videos on YouTube. Next up the steering wheel needed to be modified. I've keep the rim, but had to make a new centre to match my car. Then used one of the momo decals I printed. The first decals I printed onto clear sheet, this meant that the yellow just disappeared as soon as I placed it on the black wheel. Therefore I reprinted it on white paper (but filled in the blank spaces in black) and it worked a treat! Also as the transkit is based on an earlier car than mine, there is switch missing off the dash (for the heated screen, only really used when the hood is on). So made an impression of the dash usimg some Blue Stuff and then used some Vallego plastic putty to make a new switch. Originally I used some super glue and talcum powder instead of the putty, but that just stuck to the mold. And the final result The steering wheel is a bit clunky, but in reality its not noticeable. The sat nav again is a home made decal and a piece of styrene sheet cut to size. Thanks for looking Andy
  16. Great work. It appears that you use soapy water as a lubricant whilst cutting, never thought of doing that. But I'm definitely going to give it a try the next time my razor saw comes out - Andy
  17. Great work all round, but I particularly like the air filter - Andy
  18. Have a look at this thread by @silver911, it's all you'll ever need and so much more. Page 6 and 7 will be of most interest to you - Andy
  19. Great work, especially on the decals, she will be crossing the finishing line very soon. Its just a shame that you will not be able to see much of the interior - Andy
  20. It must be hugely satisfying to make something on that scale and that complex and then to get it to work as desired. - Andy
  21. Hi Nick, You've made a mistake, you need to change you tag to "Scratch and kitbashing at its finest". I'll be watching with interest - Andy
  22. Got to agree, the box is a very original and genius idea. - Andy
  23. A stunning model of the coolest car I nearly got to ride in - Andy
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