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  1. The thing about Matchbox was they often tended to get some sniffy reviews as if they were kits somehow not worthy of "serious" modellers - but but a six year old in 1973, Matchbox were about the most exciting kits out there at the time with their exciting and informative artwork, coloured plastic, interesting decals and alternative parts, and they were cheap! Which is why they are my default choice for some stress-off/fun-on modelling.
  2. To which I say thanks god for that! You've just listed all the stuff that was constipating the whole Trek franchise because one slight deviation from "canon" (which in itself is inconsistent and often not logical - ha!) and the writers are living in fear of fan forums treating all this like its real. Its funny how so many things that happened in ST:E were never mentioned or referenced in TOS, TOS movies, TNG, DS9 and STV. The problem with canon is that its pretty much a fan conceit and means damn all outside of the immediate circle of Trekkies, which I think explains why the franchise went dow
  3. Or how about the flying galleon from the samurai-in-space epic "Message From Space"?
  4. If he was playing as Shatner complete... with... dramatic... pauses... thenspeedingupattheend, I could see your point. Nimoy didn't think Quinto was caricaturing Spock. Total rejection of Trek canon? How does "Enterprise" fit into this, or indeed all the other little modifications and oopsies that the Trek writers on TOS, TNG, DS9 and STV managed over the years? Or indeed then trying to write themselves out of a hole by explaining why the Klingon's in TOS didn't have knobbly heads and said "Ker-Plunk"? TOS I seem to remember still had the death penalty, ST:E didn't but it was supposed to be a
  5. Yup! Mostly all from Revell reissues, just great kits to sit down and have some fun with.
  6. No votes for the Alpha 7 from "Barberella"?
  7. Let see. Kirk, check. Spock, check. Enterprise, check. Starfleet, check... What elements made up the best of the TOS and the TOS movies: Kirk/Spock bromance, check. Humour, check. Action, check. I'd like to know what makes Trek "Trek". What has thus far been absent from JJ Trek is the kind deus ex machina technobabble so beloved of Brannon Braga ("if we reverse the polarity of the EPS conduits it may emit a tachyon beam to split the nano particles that will leave the Klingon's quadra spazzed on a life glug..."), Dennis McCarthy's tedious music, Nazis, Nelix, Wesley Crusher, meeting God... Wh
  8. SIgn me up for JJ Trek as well. The franchise pretty much self-imolated towards the end, "Enterprise" was scraping along before Paramount mercifully gave it both barrels. Trek had become samey, dull and safe within its own whacky-doodle universe (to quote one ex writer) - ironically that's why I liked "Nemesis" because Baird tried to moved the thing into more darker territory but the Trekkie's (and Frakes) hated it! And speaking of Star Trek, I give you: Now that is just fugly! The neck section looks like rubber hose to a vacumm cleaner, the hull pregnant (though clearly influencing the US
  9. Not quite: http://webhome.idirect.com/~cgorman/b7/liberator.htm
  10. I quite liked the 2004 TB2, it seemed to be a reasonable update without changing the shape too much - the movie though... and Frakes' has the gall to say that Stuart Baird killed off Trek over "Nemesis" which I thought was a decent movie!
  11. I think I'd qualify worst as ones - pre CGI of course - where there's not been much though put into modifying or disguising kit parts without them being too obvious kit parts. Now there's Panther hulls on the Millennium Falcon which are there if you know what to look for, but then I give you, from "Saturn 3" (1980): Holy Harrier!
  12. I built the birdcage kit in the mid 90s when it came out, like much of Hobbycraft's output it was perfectly serviceable, few vices, had dropped flaps (a nice touch) and built into a good looking replica straight from the box. The problem was the Tamiya kit came out a few months later which... well its Tamiya. That would be like "Monsters" coming out a few weeks before "Pacific Rim". The HC kits main sin was that it wasn't the Tamiya kit, which is rather stating the bleedin' obvious, but just because its not does not render it "terrible" in my book. But if they have key markets where they ha
  13. According to Ted Hooton K9794 was probably not coded WZ-T, this was also agreed by Neil Robinson. As for pics, the IWM doesn't publish all the photos it has, and there private collections out there also with unpublished photographs (albeit sometimes not of great quality). There's an interesting photo in "Fighting Colours" of a 19 Sqn Spit (apparently WZ-I) where the she still wears the original Dark Green/Dark Earth/Silver scheme with the underwing serials, but has had the fuselage and underwing roundels modified to type "B", prior to the application of the black/white undersides. Across all
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