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  1. It's not mentioned on the cover, but it is in the July 2022 issue.
  2. Noticed they were using eng on the info so: https://www.eduard.com/out/media/distributors/leaflet/leaflet2022-11eng.pdf
  3. A quick google found this https://www.key.aero/forum/historic-aviation/123494-interesting-hurricane-photos "Form 1180 says No.289 Squadron. Accident happened on 2nd at 11:10 hrs on the ground at West Freugh. Aircraft on ground test jumped chocks and hit telegraph pole. Type given as Hurricane I. Accident Cat AC"
  4. Since it said IWM I had a search for the original. THE LAST OF THE FEW "Amateur film shot by Dick Labrum while serving with the Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force (HKAAF) Film Unit, featuring the final flight of four Supermarine Spitfires of the HKAAF, including Spitfire F.24 VN485, now on display at the Imperial War Museum's Duxford site in Cambridgeshire."
  5. https://www.gov.uk/goods-sent-from-abroad/tax-and-duty No duty payable under £135 unless excise duty payable, which will not be the case for goods from Arma Hobby
  6. £135.00 is the point at which duty is charged, under this there is only the VAT to pay which can be done at checkout if the retailer chooses to process UK orders less that £135, Above £135 duty and VAT should be collected by the courier.
  7. Changing the criterion to a first production date range might result in a more cohesive family of subjects.
  8. I looked for a manual, the one I found was a bit sparse to say the least. Is this the same on your compressor? If so it looks like the pressure relief valve, a gentle pull should release the air. Also the may be a push button underneath the transparent cylinder by the pressure gauge which when pushed will empty the moisture trap. I don't know if this is general, but mine says release the pressure at the end of the session,
  9. Link was incorrect in my reply should have been which I have now corrected which has this slightly larger image. Also found this as a confirmation https://www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/artifact/photograph-of-conway-ex-hms-nile-admiralty
  10. This looks more like the Menai Strait to me and is labelled as such here. It could be Rock Ferry Pier in the background, 1920 according to the caption https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/incoming/gallery/whoosh-amazing-historical-photographs-wirral-7707439
  11. According to the US website Revive includes ammonium hydroxide. https://www.whatsinsidescjohnson.com/us/en/brands/pledge/Pledge--Revive-It-Multisurface-Floor-Finish
  12. This is the link https://www.amazon.co.uk/Pledge-Klear-Multi-Surface-Polish/dp/B00M374RYI/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=pledge+klear&qid=1639340086&sr=8-2 I have heard revive being mentioned https://www.amazon.co.uk/Pledge-11182-Revive-Transparent-Liquid/dp/B000ARPH4C/ref=sr_1_8?keywords=pledge+klear&qid=1639340086&sr=8-8 being similar, Lakeland Quick Shine https://www.lakeland.co.uk/20286/Quick+Shine+Floor+Finish+800ml in this thread As well as Astonish, I did have a look for this, couldn't get a handle on which was the correct product.
  13. I didn't mean that the current scheme is correct, but that box scheme can be used to model as currently displayed or are there other things wrong with the scheme. I looked at the photo of N2356 I thought it had the early exhaust. The original intention was to live with the spinner and wheels for this build but try and pick a subject that fitted what I had available on the decal sheets I have or and the 2 boxes.
  14. Meant to say N2358 had non-standard fuselage roundels and more difficult to replace from decal sheets. My reading of the reference, was that Type A were normally 25" and when the yellow was added to make them type A.1 it became 35". Both N2317 and N2358 are shown as "35" Type A roundels with N2368 having a narrow yellow ring added. Back to the starter set it would seem that the only RAF aircraft that can be confidently modelled from the contents of the starter set are L1592 on Horse Guards in DFS or as displayed science museum in TLS. There are 2 Finnish Hurricanes on the sheet, not sure yet, but I think I can do one of those fairly safely.
  15. Is this the single piece nose ring? L1763 according to the label
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