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  1. Welcome, a retiree just started after a long break, OOB for me too until I find my feet.
  2. I've got a couple waiting so hopefully a post-it note on the kit methinks for the undercarriage build,
  3. Hi, I'm the same boat, unsteady hands, and long sighted don't help.
  4. I'm going to watch this as I have an Arma and Airfix to start soon.
  5. I've made a note about the clips, what drill size works?
  6. Mine was a recent purchase with the revised canopy which Arma says was packed form the first of September 2020.
  7. There was a gap on mine, the arched side of 21 followed the contour of the lower wing, if the flat side was down there .5mmish of a gap at the wing join. I filed down the sprue attachment points, but didn't remove the flash from the locator pins.
  8. Thought I'd have a look at mine, decided to chop the locator pins off and glued the rear of the box (20) in. After cleaing up and dry fitting the front (21) the wing closed up as long as 21 was the right way round.
  9. The yellow is looking good, what did you undercoat with after finishing the trial?
  10. Very good looking, my plan is to do a Vampire and JP in CFS dayglo - double the fun!
  11. Excellent builds and the Portuguese one makes a change. The photoetched frames are new to me.
  12. Welcome, I've restarted recently after a long gap I don't think I ever got a track to sit properly. Sticking to aircraft solves the problem!
  13. I don'ta feel burdened by stuff that will be used, it's the other things that accumlate. If I was in you position the shelf of doom would prey on my mind sitting there making me feel guilty.
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