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  1. I bought this kit as I am drawn to modelling figures. This is a 1/35 tamiya German infantry mortar team. Can I ask if anyone on the forum has built up this kit.
  2. Reini78 this looks to be an interesting model kit, and a lower metal hull is a bonus..
  3. Francis you have produced a super model and the colour, weathering and attention to detail is first class. Thanks for sharing..
  4. Tiger


    Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome to the forum.
  5. A great looking vehicle and a nice project to complete.
  6. This will be my first ever build and I am looking forward to making a start. Would be interesting to know if other member have built this same kit by Revell.
  7. Nice to see your build is progressing nicely Bish, look forward to seeing your next update.
  8. John you have produced a great looking Sherman.
  9. Tiger


    Dennis thank you for the welcome to the forum.
  10. Ian your Sherman looks brilliant, attention to detail, stowage and weathering is impressive.
  11. Ben I have caught up reading about your progress on this build. The base diorama is looking really good and the Leopard 1 is progressing nicely..
  12. Hi Wince and welcome from one new member to another..
  13. Tiger


    Thank you John, projektwerewolf and Kushan_Farsight for the warm welcome to the forum..
  14. David that’s a nice model and I do like the twin 37mm turret, the diorama is simple but very affective.
  15. Thanks Graham for the reply to my question, this helps a great deal and I know I’m on the right path.
  16. Andrew I’m new to the forum and I’m just catching up on some of the completed builds. You have produced a lovely model and diorama.
  17. Hi with me being new to plastic kit modelling I was not sure which glue to go out and purchase. There are many on the market, so I bought some Humbrol liquid poly. Will this be good enough to use on my AFV models or should I have picked another brand like Tamiya. Any advice will be greatly welcomed..
  18. Tiger


    Hello to all on the forum, my name is Kevin. My background is OO gauge railway modelling but I have turned over a new leaf and my newly found passion is tank modelling kits. I hope to gain knowledge and participate in some of the forum topics. There will be many questions..
  19. Mark thanks for replying to my question, most useful.
  20. Darryl you have made a great start, it looks to be coming together nicely. I will be watching as your build progresses.
  21. Andy that is a superb looking model.
  22. Roger I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your family pet Maisie, they are part of ones family and any loss is heartily felt. Its great that you have a puppy which will help fill the void. BTW the two models are coming along nicely.
  23. Hi with me being new to plastic kit modelling, I need some advice before I start my first build. Do I need to wash all the parts before I start fixing them together, also will this help when it comes to painting.
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