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  1. Rangerboy83

    Tamiya 1/35 Panther G.

    Thank you. This is my first time trying hard line camouflage. Think i'm gonna do some more work reducing the Dark Yellow areas. I've got plenty Ref material so not doing the pattern blind. Just some bits i want to change. Most of my builds i try to leave as much of the tools and other parts off as i can. I find it easier to then work the different effects on the model. I then paint tools and other parts separately, fix them to the model and blend them in. If that makes sense but everyone has different methods. I've heard guys say on You tube channels / Books to try and treat them as small projects and spend a bit more time and effort on them. The small details make the difference.
  2. Rangerboy83

    Tamiya 1/35 Panther G.

    Building a Tamiya Panther G. Wanting to do a late war hard line cammo. Done some work on the turret but lots still to do. An the Hull I gotta make a start on. Figure is from Alpine.
  3. Rangerboy83

    1/35 Tamiya M4 Sherman.

    Thank you. Yeah still struggling with regards to painting faces and skin tones. Not something I’m comfortable with yet. Building up lots of reference material. Every time I do a build I will always try and do at lest one figure with it so I’m always continuing to try and improve with the figures.
  4. Rangerboy83

    1/35 Tamiya M4 Sherman.

    Yeah I see what you mean. Needs to sink in to the ground work abit more. Thank you.
  5. Rangerboy83

    1/35 Tamiya M4 Sherman.

    Hmmm. I’m very much just doing out the box builds these days. Mainly Tamiya as long as the kits ain’t to old. I’m not sure how accurate this Tamiya Kit is but is quick and easy to build and a nice palette to practice painting techniques on. Don’t have much experience with PE yet but in the coming year might try upgrading some kits. Building a panther G at the moment again from Tamiya but with after market decals and going for a hard edge cam. An the wife got me a E-75 from trumpeter. So trying to think out the box a bit with cam schemes for that. Those builds should take me up to Easter. Lol
  6. Rangerboy83

    Panther D. Tamiya 1/35

    Thanks. The meadow is a product form Ammo by Mig. Wild meadow grass Matt. Quick and easy to use.
  7. Rangerboy83

    Panther D. Tamiya 1/35

    Thank you.
  8. 1/35 Panther Ausf D from Tamiya. Figures are from MJ Minitures.
  9. This is my 1/35 M4 Sherman. Straight out the box build. Figures are from Alpine. Any constructive criticism or questions is more than welcome. Also I’m a new member on here. Only got back into the hobby about 2 years back.