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  1. Outstanding work especially on the front earth blade.
  2. Hi thanks for all the positive feed back. I built the newer kit with the individual track links. The fit was great and I was surprised myself. Only a little clean up required and they all clipped together fine with no glue at all. Really enjoyed this kit. Some detail was a bit poor round the handles on the rear decks. I’m very much a out the box guy. Didn’t fancy chopping bits off and replacing them. Same reason why I didn’t bother with the canvas cover for the mantlet.
  3. So finished my Bronco A34 Comet. Minus 1x canvas mantlet cover. No dramas at all with the kit. Straight out the box build apart from a metal gun barrel. Painted with Vallejo. Used mig and 501 oils and pigments. Figure is from Alpine. Any comments or constructive criticism is welcome. Thanks for looking.
  4. Thanks for the positive comments and constructive criticism. Yeah I will try to improve my ground work in my next build.Here is the link to the finished build. Glad you like it. It’s a smart wee kit to build.
  5. Thanks everyone for all the positive comments. Really enjoying the hobby at the moment. All the hints and tips, experience and critiquing on this website has helped me improve a lot even in the short time I’ve been on here. So thanks again.
  6. Yeah the figures I paint with Vallejo mainly. I try and paint at lest one figure every time I do a build. So I’m always improving hopefully. Some good videos on you tube that help with figure painting and the books from Mr Black publications too. That’s the ref I’ve been using to help me.
  7. Yeah I didn’t spend to long doing the ground work. Didn’t see the point cause the base is so small. Grass is a bit to rich a green too and could do with some other vegetation and debris.
  8. Some Pics of my latest finished project. IBG 1/35 TKS. Had a few dramas with the build. Upper superstructure wasn’t a great fit and was a bit of effort. Painted with HATAKA polish Army paint set. Weathered with the Mig and 501 oils and a mix of Vallejo and Mig pigments. The figure is from Alpine. Lovely quality figure. I haven’t made and fitted a rifle sling. Might do in the future but I’m not gonna lose any sleep over that. Lol. Removed the Hotchkiss machine Gun and left the rear decks up and added the German infantry NCO to try give the impression the vehicle has been abandoned and the crew has extracted. Any feed back always welcome. Thanks for looking.
  9. So managed to finish building the TKS had some fitting dramas with the upper superstructure. Painted using the set from HATAKA. Paints works alright but still prefer Vallejo. Got some more weathering to do and some work on the tracks. Also waiting for my German Infantryman from Alpine to arrive. Once he is painted and fitted that will be it done. I left the rear decks up and left the machine gun out to try give the impression it’s been abandoned by it crew. If you see anything I could adjust or change then please feel free to comment. I’m not to sure about the ground work. Think the grass is still to much a rich green. Might need to spray some other green/yellow in?
  10. Roger. I had a few dramas with it. Mine was a bit warped and not a good fit when attaching M2. It’s workable with a bit of effort. Bit disappointing. Thanks for checking.
  11. Don’t suppose you have identified any issues with your kit? I’ve got a drama with the upper superstructure. Part M1 seems to be a bit distorted? Just wonder how I’m gonna get it to fit.
  12. Ain’t getting a close up of my face but here I am enjoying myself in BATUS a year or so ago. Decks up coolant leak and a turret full of diesel. Lol.
  13. So quick up date on this comedy wee vehicle. Been working on building and painting the interiour. After looking at the after market sets available I decided against buying them. The amount of photo etch is above my skill set at the moment. An a wagon this small I didn’t fancy attempting it. The colours of the interiour probably ain’t that accurate either. I just went off some other builds online as I guide to colours. Been playing about with the HATAKA paints and I found them workable. Not the best but think I’m just not used to them yet. Got some more weathering to the interiour to do before I move on with the build.
  14. That’s great. Thanks for the info. Will have a look. Maybe more for the future if I build another one. I don’t have much experience with detail sets other than Metal Barrels, Tracks and grills. Lol.
  15. Thanks guys for all the positive comments.
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