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  1. Looking to build Trumpeters 1/35th T-62 Mod 1960 with minimum aftermarket. (Legend productions Fender fuel tank set and maybe sort the comedy headlight guard out). But if I done this kit in Op Danube markings would this be historically correct or not? My knowledge on Cold War soviet Armour is very limited and not found much on the inter web. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I believe because the gun was that big they had drama getting it to fit in the turret so they needed to shift the radios. Think that’s why it’s got that storage arrangement at the rear of the turret.
  3. Fair one. I can’t really comment as I’m from a Donkey Walloper background.
  4. Cheers mate. Just out of interest who is the best Guards Regiment? In your opinion? Lol
  5. Cheers mate. Both the base and engraving came from sellers on eBay. For the base all I did was put some das clay on to make the road surface a bit uneven and then cut some Tamiya cobble stone sheet to size and stuck it down. Brush painted the cobbles some different colours and gave it a wash to break it up.
  6. Sorry mate I didn’t do a build log for it. I might do one in the future for another project.
  7. So after building Wittmann’s Last Tiger I thought a Sherman Firefly would be fitting. I built this from the box but left the spare tracks and brackets off as I really liked the texture and detail RFM had put into the hull. The model built up fine but maybe a little bit over engineered in places. Some of the photo-etch I found a bit tricky but I was pleased with the end result. I primed it with Vallejo Black primmer. For the colours I wasn’t sure what Olive Drab to go for. In the end I went for a number of different shades of green from Vallejo to modulate it. The colour and shade might be way off what the real vehicles would of been but I don’t mind that. It then got a number of filters using a selection of 502 oils on the different panels to achieve a less monotone look and break it up a bit. I then gave it a pin wash and some streaking effects, mud and dust on the upper surfaces was achieved with 502 oils. The decals went on fine but I wasn’t confident on using a decal for the recognition star. I used a mask from AB military and I think it turned out well. The lower hull got a treatment of AK dark mud and a selection of pigments was then applied. I then used 502 oils and wilder murky water to achieve damp and wet tones. I plan on painting a Alpine miniatures figure for it soon. A British Tank crew figure wearing a pixie suit. So will upload another picture when I get the figure done. Thanks for looking.
  8. Thank you. Yeah it’s the dragon kit and comes with all the Zim pre moulded on the parts.
  9. This is Dragons 1/35 scale Tiger 1 Late. Built it out of the box. Made a few mistakes during the build but nothing major. Painted with Mission Models paint and a selection of oils and pigments for weathering. The camouflage scheme is a bit different to the one suggested. I decided on simplifying it a bit and going for 3 tone stripe pattern. I used metal tracks from master club and the figure is from alpine. Will put some better pictures up once I’ve done the base. Bit of a delay on that due to waiting for some bits to arrive. In the mean time I’ve started work on RFM Sherman Firefly. Thought it was only fair I build the vehicle that may of took him out. Thanks for looking.
  10. Quality build. Especially the hard line cammo. All the weathering effects look excellent. Super build kris.
  11. Cheers Ray Thanks for the heads up. Didn’t have much drama with the build. Was a nice enjoyable kit to build. See what you mean with the instructions. A few little things I might of got wrong on the build but nothing major. I’m gonna go with some aftermarket tracks for this one. Maybe from master club. Nice build by the way. Think I’d defo get another Tiger from dragon in the future. Many thanks.
  12. Well decided on a Tiger at last. Not the one I was planning on doing. Gone for a late version offering from Dragon. Will build Wittmann’s command variant. Planning on building out the box and only adding metal tracks. First Dragon kit I’ve built sine 2014. Should keep me busy a while. If anyone has got experience building Dragon Tiger 1 kits and what to watch for or any pointers I’d appreciated the heads up. cheers
  13. Tamiya’s Panzer 38(t) in 1/35 scale. Great little enjoyable kit to build. Went together in a couple of night stress free. Normally like to buy some resin figures but liked the pose of the kit supplied one and looked good for a plastic figure. Used Mr Hobby modulation set and weathered with oils and pigments. Thanks for looking.
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