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  1. Rather be in a Boxer than a 432 any day of the week. Long over due getting Platforms like this for the British Army. Seeing how it’s a off the shelf buy shouldn’t take too long getting it into service with the Field Army. Unlike some other projects.
  2. Managed to get the base and the figures done. So calling this one finished. Here is some pics of the finished vignette. Thanks for looking.
  3. Managed to get the base and the figures done. So calling this one finished. Here is some pics of the finished vignette. Thanks for looking.
  4. Hi everyone, This is my Tamiya 1/35 Brummbar. Nice easy build with some nice detail. Used aftermarket metal tracks. Painted with Mission Models paint. Weathered with a range of different Oils from 502 and products from Mig and AK. Gonna do a small base for it with a couple of figures from Evolution and Stalingrad miniatures. Just thought I post the vehicle seeing how it’s finished for the moment. Thanks for looking.
  5. https://www.lexpev.nl/grenades/europe/germany/nebelkerze3939b.html Found this. Don’t know if that’s any help to you?
  6. Yeah kits just arrived this afternoon. 99 on the rubber band set. So will use that as a gauge an see how it looks.
  7. Don’t suppose anyone knows how many track links a late war Brummbar would have on each side? Building the Tamiya kit next and using after market tracks. I got some late war Panzer iv metal ones in my stash. Was thinking of using those ones?
  8. Thanks Badder for the kind comments. Yeah I will look at sorting the antenna out. If the film Fury is anything to go by they was larger than a 2m whip on the real things. As for the figure I need to peg his other foot in. Thanks again.
  9. This is my attempt at Tamiya’s 1/35 scale Easy Eight Sherman. It was primed and painted with Vallejo paints. Oils, Enamels and pigments from Mig, Ak, and 501 was used for the washes and weathering effects. Also tried life colour liquid pigments for rain and dust. The decals are a set from Star decals and the figure is from Alpine. No drama with the build. A great Tamiya kit only the rubber tracks was my only negative. It’s a fairly live track anyway but still needed some glue and sponge to get it to lay on the upper return rollers. Thanks for looking.
  10. Hey Bstar3, I’m building this kit at the moment. I’m almost finished the build and had no drama with the kit. Everyone has there different ways of building. I tend to build in sections. So for this kit I have built upper and lower hull but not attached them yet. Will make it easier during weathering. I’ve built all the components up in sub sections for the running gear but will attach later on in the painting and weathering stage. Just find it easier to paint and weather that way. Also I leave all the tools off and spend a bit of time on them painting them up. Once attached just remember to incorporate them into the weathering. There is lots of good ref on you tube. Just find a procedure and style that your happy with. Hope this waffle helps!
  11. Yeah I noticed that too. Found some stuff on YouTube that will hopefully help with that in the next build.
  12. Also the regiment that operated the CVR(T) variants in the Falklands was my lot The Blues and Royals. Few years ago we had a presentation from one of the guys that went out there and from what he said no one in the task force really understood the capability of CVR(T). They thought the vehicles would be to heavy and not able to operate over that terrain but supposedly they worked quite well apart from the odd mine strike.
  13. Outstanding work especially on the front earth blade.
  14. Hi thanks for all the positive feed back. I built the newer kit with the individual track links. The fit was great and I was surprised myself. Only a little clean up required and they all clipped together fine with no glue at all. Really enjoyed this kit. Some detail was a bit poor round the handles on the rear decks. I’m very much a out the box guy. Didn’t fancy chopping bits off and replacing them. Same reason why I didn’t bother with the canvas cover for the mantlet.
  15. So finished my Bronco A34 Comet. Minus 1x canvas mantlet cover. No dramas at all with the kit. Straight out the box build apart from a metal gun barrel. Painted with Vallejo. Used mig and 501 oils and pigments. Figure is from Alpine. Any comments or constructive criticism is welcome. Thanks for looking.
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