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  1. Bet any money the mod don’t buy into a active protection sys for CR 2 LEP. It will be bought as a operational requirement if and when they go somewhere. It will have a more standard ISS like Ajax.
  2. I can’t believe they have spent 100s of millions on warrior csp for the last ten years only to cancel it. Which is fair enough but what a waste of public money. It’s shocking. Will they learn any lessons from this? Will digitalising challenger and sticking a smoothbore on it with all the other changes they implement going to be any less challenging than what they tried with Warrior? Are we gonna be sat here in ten years with another failed project that’s over budget and delayed?
  3. Lovely job mate. I bought a mini art kit a few months back. The T-55A without interior. Opened the box then close it again. Way out my depths with that. Lol Great build mate.
  4. So I don't normally build modern Armour but I couldn't resist having a crack at a T-90. Plenty on the market but I opted for the Zvezda offering as its under 30 quid and from what I heard was a decent kit. I only had one drama with the build and that was the plumbing for the external fuel tanks. A more experienced modeler could probably easily fix that. I just opted to leave them off in the end out of being lazy and couldn't be bothered trying to rectify it. The model was primed in Vallejo black primmer and I used varying Vallejo colours for the camouflage scheme. I used a J workshop camouflage mask, panzer putty and masking tape to assist in achieving the hard edge. The black was painted by hand using Vallejo black with some airbrush flow improver to make it easier to brush paint. I got the figure from Evolution miniatures and scratch built the base taking some inspiration from some pics I've seen of these things live firing in Russia. Anyway thanks for looking.
  5. I’m afraid not. Think there is some after market sets out there you can use. An thank you.
  6. This is my Trumpeter 1/35 Scale T-62. Not a bad kit but not a great kit either. It fell together easy enough out the box but lacks some detail. The crew are from Valkyrie Miniatures and couldn't fault them. Lovely resin figures and was a joy to paint. Thanks for looking.
  7. The curator from the Tank museum gave a talk on tank crew head gear a few months back. Worth a watch.
  8. Best way to kill a tank is with a tank. Will be a bit upset and annoyed if we have spent all this time, effort and money trying to get Ajax up and running to do the the ISTAR piece if we have no steel fist behind it. wouldn’t surprise me if they end up cutting another Armoured Regiment. When you look at how the RAF and Navy go about things why is it they can get new airframes and ships in service before the Army can get a new AFV into service? It’s way over my head but I think lessons need to be learned on how the Army, mod and DE&S go through these procurement processes. It doesn’t look to good when your wanting more money and upgrades for your tank fleet. Government might just chin you off as it’s always delayed and over budget.
  9. Looking to build Trumpeters 1/35th T-62 Mod 1960 with minimum aftermarket. (Legend productions Fender fuel tank set and maybe sort the comedy headlight guard out). But if I done this kit in Op Danube markings would this be historically correct or not? My knowledge on Cold War soviet Armour is very limited and not found much on the inter web. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. I believe because the gun was that big they had drama getting it to fit in the turret so they needed to shift the radios. Think that’s why it’s got that storage arrangement at the rear of the turret.
  11. Fair one. I can’t really comment as I’m from a Donkey Walloper background.
  12. Cheers mate. Just out of interest who is the best Guards Regiment? In your opinion? Lol
  13. Cheers mate. Both the base and engraving came from sellers on eBay. For the base all I did was put some das clay on to make the road surface a bit uneven and then cut some Tamiya cobble stone sheet to size and stuck it down. Brush painted the cobbles some different colours and gave it a wash to break it up.
  14. Sorry mate I didn’t do a build log for it. I might do one in the future for another project.
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