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  1. Hi folks. Here's my work on the Stug III ausf. F/8 by Dragon from the 90s. Not a great kit (a lot of recycled parts and thus detail that needs to be erased on the fenders which means the tread detail is lost). Their other Stugs were better in that regard. Thanks for looking
  2. Thanks Vaastav! I tried to keep the weathering restrained as practice (I tend to over do it in a lot of builds!) Thanks mate! I followed the paint mix at idf-modelling and used Tamiya Dark Yellow and Buff at a 50:50 ratio
  3. Hey folks. I'm currently working on Academy's M51 sherman. I toned down the horrible casting effect on the hull with some tamiya cement and vallejo white putty. Painted the tank with a mix of Tamiya Buff and Dark Yellow. Mostly done with the paint. A biiit of chipping was done with vallejo khaki (just to replicate scratches and abrasions on the paint job). I'm considering applying some sort of dust coat on the running gear. I'm trying to avoid overweathering this one. Would highly appreciate any constructive feedback.
  4. Thank you all for the kind feedback! @workinprogress I was trying to show off some of the preshading by only applying a light layer of the paint over the highlights. Does it look too unconvincing? I still haven't figured out how to make the glossy sea blue scheme pop or look weathered. Do you have any techniques you can share? @Jackson Thanks mate. What exactly is wrong with the landing gear though? I have minimal knowledge when it comes to aircraft haha
  5. Thanks for the exhaustive feedback! I really appreciate this. For tank sag, I posted a photo above. Would it still be reasonable just to have the tracks touching the three middle road wheels? For the chipping: I was thinking of applying a lighter green to simulate the scratches, and then a black-brown color to simulate the deeper damage (thanks for pointing this out btw! I was not sure what color the metal used for armor plate was. I assumed that they were a silvery color that quickly rusted into a brown tone). I'll try applying the chipping later with a sponge and a fine tipped brush Ditching log: yeah, thanks for pointing that out. I had someone else point the obvious flaw I neglected to notice. The only fix I can think of now is to paint two rings around the log to simulate the straps (but the woodgrain is textured on the log so I might have to sand a bit of that off). Or maybe I can add some tape. I'll see. As for the MG: Is it right to assume that there was an initial batch of Russian T-55As that did not receive the mounting? I can see from the instructions that Tamiya does include the T-55A cupolas with mounting but tells you not to use them for the Russian Marking options. All of these feedback really makes me want to purchase a Miniart T-55 though. I keep hearing it has all the bells and whistles out of the box. Thanks again!
  6. Thanks mate! Hmm, do you think there isn't enough sag on the tank? I was basing the track tension on photos like this showing the tracks coming into contact with only the three middle roadwheels:
  7. Hi Folks. I would like to share my build of Hobby Boss' F8F in 1/48th scale. I've only built and painted a few aircraft and this is my first one in Glossy Sea Blue. Would appreciate any constructive feedback I can use for future builds. Thanks!
  8. Hey folks! My post time posting here. I'd like to share my current WIP - a Tamiya T-55A. I'm nearly done but I'm planning to add a bit of chipping in areas that would see a lot of foot traffic. Would greatly appreciate any constructive feedback. Thanks!
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