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  1. I was just about to say it is a bit over-weathered and then you post three pictures that show me just how wrong I am. Fantastic job. Looks like the next stop is the Davis-Monthan Air Force Boneyard!! Amazing.
  2. I can't say I know a thing about Scouts, but I can see fine workmanship here.
  3. Tamiya Liquid Surfacer Primer White + Mr. Color Leveling Thinner. 100% of the time. Always consistently perfect.
  4. Fantastic job. What paint did you use for the red or did you use the decal?
  5. I'm baffled at the problems with the KC-46. Boeing has built over a thousand 767s for the last 219 years. They built 800 Stratotankers starting the Monday after the Wright Brothers flew at Kitty Hawk. It's not like they are lacking experience in building big bottom jets that refuel other aircraft. I know ZERO about converting airlines into tankers, but if anyone on the planet would have such expertise, you'd think it was Boeing.
  6. What a strange scheme? Looks fantastic though. Great job.
  7. Great job. Weird to see a Dagger painted silver!
  8. Great job building and painting. But Revell got the proportions of the US national insignia wrong.
  9. An exotic collection. Not a BF 109 to be found. Well done, great craftsmanship. The Buc was your introduction to Airfix? Brave lad.
  10. Man, that is gorgeous. But I need to go see the doctor. The orange burned my eyes!
  11. Excellent work. By far one of the coolest Shooting Star schemes ever.
  12. Quit pulling my leg! You used a $400 Iwata airbrush on those three! Fantastic job. I couldn't brush paint that well if my immortal soul depended on it!
  13. My heart stopped!!!!! Fantastic job. Please, please, please share your weathering voodoo! Especially the acrylic inks? Never used them. What brand and how are the applied? Many thanks.
  14. Super job. Well done. Tell me about the decals in the kit? Good to work with?
  15. Breathing taking. Best Whirlwind on the internet. Superb craftsmanship and weathering. Outdoor shots in natural sun are the BEST!
  16. Amazing job!!!!!!!!!!!!! Proof positive photos are the best reference!
  17. I am very concerned you failed to paint this Wildcat blue. Just pulling your leg. Looks amazing, friend.!
  18. While I appreciate the fact you get two Mustangs in a box, doesn't the fuselage of the P-51D look elongated? And what's up with that giant hot dog shaped bomb?
  19. Fantastic!!!! The best paint scheme ever on a C-130.
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