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  1. I'm in! Built the very same model as my first back in September last year - its a great reminder of how far I've come! (relatively) It was a nice simple build but never could get the bonnet to fit properly, so just prop it up!
  2. My girlfriend has high compliments for your Silvia (she's standing over my shoulder looking) and I agree it looks very good. Stumbled across it while googling for info on the Fujimi Silvia K's (S13) which I've just bought from Kent models. Hopefully the mould is a little better than this was in your build thread!
  3. Hope I get a good one like you, some mixed reviews on youtube! Looks cracking well done.
  4. Looks great to me, I love the colours and effects! Even the green decals are different and interesting.
  5. As with many things, if you haden't mentioned it I wouldn't have noticed! Really impressive work thank you for sharing
  6. Great model, really realistic result, especially engine 2+3 which look superb to me!
  7. Bit late to the party but cracking looking build! Really enjoyed reading over the last couple of days. Your results speak for themselves. On the subject of beer, one of my faovurite recent discoveries was 'bloody ell' a blood orange IPA! Was very strong at 8.5% so they'd only serve you half from the tap This was in Folkestone UK though,. no idea if it's sold worldwide!
  8. I was going to order this very model but went for the hobbyboss 1/48 in the end. You've done an excellent job here, something to aspire to
  9. I love that, I can't believe the amount of detail for a 1/72 kit! I can't imagine being this good any time soon.
  10. Big thank you to you all for the warm welcome, I really enjoyed reading your messages! I'm a fairly committed WW2 aviation buff but even so I've been impressed and awed by the knowledge and attention to detail seen here so far! I guess as you say that may be something I become attuned to with time, but at the moment I'm just enjoying researching all the different models and makers, and of course actually putting my own models together. I've started reading Griffon Spitfire Aces tonight for further inspiration. I can see why there's such an interest in the XII.
  11. Hi all, i'm new to the forum and to modelling acually with just two completed kits under my belt, and this is my first post, but just wanted to say what a brilliant informative thread. I've recently taken a deeper interest in the griffon engine Spits and so picked up the Airfix Mk XII on ebay for a decent price, but am a little bit disheartened by negative comments about the kit in this thread. Not taking it all too seriously though and fortunately we have the Mk XIV coming around soon which will be interesting! I've really enjoyed my first build which was the Airfix 1/72 Typhoon starter set,
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