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  1. Some recent progress... I wasn't happy with the coat of umbrol coal black (too matt) So I added a little gloss. Then the chassis to try and match real possibly to pale a grey Then with a heavily thinned and whipped black to look more realistic, I'm not convinced, but I may mess it up if I try doing much more to it.
  2. I was, there seem to be a few versions available on ebay but I couldn't see which was most standard.
  3. I'm not quite sure why, but I used a pearlescent black! Not true to original, but looks cool in the sun! Most of the peel has gone, but at some light angles it can be seen I'll try a fine polish/sand and then think about gloss lacquer
  4. Nice build, how much was painted? How did you go about dismantling? Ive got a few old 1:12 models that I built as a teenager that I know I could do much better now (and would cost a bomb to replace).
  5. Nice, I really want a Mk4 (to make up as per the one I owned) but there doesn't seem to be any kits of it! Nice idea for the heatproof foiling.
  6. LED's? I'll was planning on silver with a clear red over. Now the Hoff would be a good idea!
  7. Not content with having 2 kits on the go (KITT and a lamborghini Murcielago) I've started this A birthday present from my sister. I wanted (but she couldn't find) a Mk 3 to build as a memory to my dad who died last month as he had one in the mid 90's. Ive started painting with with thinned paints and what a difference (after all those years of paint straight out of the pot!!) I'm very happy with this so far.
  8. It black! Although gone a but orange peel, so need to work it a bit Cheers, gone for flickr and is very easy with the mobile app.
  9. Doing this properly... Just bought at tamiya paint stand! Photos will have to wait - I forgot how annoying photobucket was!! I'll find a new option.
  10. Cheers guys. Been reading the paint posts as my technique was dip brush in humbrol enamel paint pot (or use of lid first) and slap on the plastic.... Room for improvement..... I've bought thinners and mixing tray new aray of paint brushes and weathering dust! Time to start doing thing properly!!
  11. So, 1st share.... I started this in about 2003 at a guess and its been in a box since then! Was rather dusty and needed a gentle clean (only partially done so far). All brush painted (I primed the shell with spray and trying to decide how to best finish it....) From memory although detailed it didn't all fit together and needed lots of little tweaks (it was no tamiya kit!)...
  12. Hi, I've returned to building models recently after a devistating 9 months and a need to find a calm distraction to fill some time. I used to build models (mostly cars) in my teenage years and haven't built anything for about 20 years. I'll post my partly completed kitt (knight rider) shortly that I had never finished and has sat in the attic for so long! Looking forward to reading the guidance threads as well to get some tips on relearning/improving my old skills (I thought they were good, but not a patch on what I've seen here so far). Cheers Dave
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