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  1. Thanks Jaime. I am too far long to invest in a resin cockpit, beautiful as it probably is. I am content enough to seemingly have resolved my airbrush issue. Maybe.
  2. Aha! I visited the LHS while I was off-island a few days ago and they gave me a whole new set of washers, rubber rings, O-rings, etc...today I will take the whole AB pen apart and out in new seals. Let's hope it works!
  3. Definitely. How dod you get these images? I live in Greece and would love to attend the next round-up!
  4. Peristika! I hope she recovers easily and without and lasting effects. My sympathies Dennis.
  5. Well done everyone! I think all my favourites won and I didn't get a chance to vote...I just forgot. Terribly sorry! Wonderful GB--many thanks. Really opened some modelling avenues for me.
  6. All this talk about Meteors and the Heller GB...it reminds me that I have Meteor on the shelf and a short stack of D-500/510, all circling the bench.
  7. Les Dorr Jr. has a good build review of this kit here... https://modelingmadness.com/review/allies/us/dorrsoc.htm I think I will follow his lead with the cockpit. This is where it stands now. This is not a complicated kit by any means. The cockpit could use a little simple juking-up... I assembled the floats...busy work really. Ejector pin marks. Yuck. Break out the sanding stick. Plus, the EZ-strut set-up that I might alter, a la Lee Dorr, Jr... --John
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