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  1. John D.C. Masters

    Spitfire S.31, 3 Div. Flottilj 11,Flygvapnet, Nyköping, Sweden, 1949

    Putting the DVII aside for a bit, I decided to get back into the Spitfire. First, I tidied up that gap in the stabilizer. Well then, how about a little colour? The Faded PRU Blue seemed a good choice. The colour on the plans in the image have been distorted by the camera. It is not lavender/grey! The Vallejo Air PRU Blue looks good. I have painted the front half. With no way to hold the model, I'll wait until this dries before painting the tail. I have also taken care of the undercarriage. I'll leave it for an hour or so, give the airbrush a good cleaning, and get back to it. I am hoping to finish this today/tonight so I can jump back to the 60s NATO/WarPac GB for a build then come back for my final Spitfire in this GB. Do I have the time? October 7th looms closer and closer... --John
  2. An excellent build of a unique aircraft with some not-so-often-seen markings. Bravo!
  3. Sorry to take so long to get back...for the Maritime Patrol I am going to start with a Grumman Duck from Pavla. There are many options to choose from. I am thinking the 10th Air Rescue Sqd. from 1947 or a Fleet Air Photographic Unit off of the NAS Norfolk, N. Atlantic 1941. On the to-do list are: Hasagawa Seagull 1 or 2 S. American Hawks on floats. Would river patrol in the Amazon count? A Supermarine Sea Otter I think that's enough! Plus...I don't think the Winter War GB is going to make the cut so I may have to devote some time to my very own Finnish GB... I am looking forward to a very busy modelling winter!
  4. Started in on the cockpit. Pretty simple, yet nicely detailed as these Roden kits can be. Belts and harness are masking tape. A very pretty little BMW motor. I neglected to show the enormous amount of flash on these parts...all 6 of them. Two pieces snapped as I was cleaning them and the engine block halves required some slight grinding to get them to fit squarely and in line. This will be all but obscured once the fuselage is closed up. The fuselage halves have been given some kit lozenge since the whole of the plane will be the same. The kit decal performed alright in small pieces, but it is brittle and easily torn. I will use Eagle Strike 5-colour lozenge for the outer fuselage. I will also try to dull down the brightness of this section with a little grey paint wash. I have covered them in satin varnish so I can hand paint the expose inner spars a darkish Fokker Green. Sorry about the dust. I performed some slight surgery so the Loon resin lower wing will fit better. That's it for tonight! --John
  5. John D.C. Masters

    [yet another] 1:48 Tamiya F4U-1a

    Lovely...splendid work with the oils. Really captures the life of the thing.
  6. John D.C. Masters

    Spitfire S.31, 3 Div. Flottilj 11,Flygvapnet, Nyköping, Sweden, 1949

    Decided to stay. Big storms coming on Wednesday and the boats will be stuck in port. Which means I would be stuck in Athens. I'd rather be on an island in thunderstorms and 9 Beaufort winds! Wonderful drama and excellent modelling weather. My final choice too. Thanks!
  7. John D.C. Masters

    1/48 Arii Spitfire Mk.VIII

    Excellent attention to detail. I have to work in my pre-shading. I think my dilemma is the final colour coat is always too thick.
  8. John D.C. Masters

    Twin-boom Tricolour(s): Irish and Italian Vampires

    You've been given a reprieve! Some good information for me with future builds. I didn't know the cockpit colour was mostly black. Nice looking work all around.
  9. The maritime weather services are calling for consistent 8/9 Beaufort all day Wednesday (when I would have returned from Athens) so I have cancelled my trip. I cannot take the risk if being stuck with no boats on the water! This means more modelling!
  10. John D.C. Masters

    The Killer Destroyer (1/72 Xtrakit Spitfire XII)

    A wonderful example of the 'Adventures of Fine Scale Modelling.'
  11. So here are some kit corrections and some busy work from last night...with subtitles! Just so you know, I have built many of these Roden Fokkers (there is a another name I could use--but this is a family site) so I am aware of the many pitfalls and annoyances. No surprises here. I can confirm this as being correct. Having grown up watching the DVII at Olde Rhinebeck Aerodrome fly around. I was always amazed at the modern solidity and shape of the wings. And the struts...lovely and thin, moulded well and made of a substance that should never be used. I used a very fine saw to get them off of the sprue. I was lucky...no breaks! That where I stand at the moment. I'll leave it there until I return on Wednesday. I'll build the motor, get the cockpit done and dusted, assemble the fuselage. Decals are pretty easy with the Aviatik set. One bit of surgery I will have to tackle will be the fit of the stabilizer to the fuselage. Wonky. --John
  12. John D.C. Masters

    Eduard Soviet Air Force Mig 21 Bis 1:48

    I think your NMF looks splendid. You have really captured the look of a hard-working Fishbed. Those things got pretty grimy. Don't give up now!