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  1. I stand corrected, although the ubiquitous history of the Mig-15 says something about both its popularity and high production numbers.
  2. The more research I do the more I understand that from the beginning of the Cold War to 1958 (intro of the Mig-17) the Mig-15 and its variants were the only real jet fighter choices for the Warsaw Pact. All the other producers were either making bombers (Ilyushin), stuck in a prototype/failure cycle or still making successful piston aircraft. Not that I am complaining. I could make the Mig-15 until the cows come home.
  3. I wouldn't be sad if Col said 'no'. Only two prototypes were built and they never really used them that much... It would be good for the upcoming Prototype GB...
  4. How about the Mig I-320? I know it was a prototype and only flew about 50 or 60 times, but they did make it ready for frontline duty--even though it was soon scrapped. Would the I-320 be allowed?
  5. John D.C. Masters

    Spin Bristol M.1c 1/48

  6. John D.C. Masters

    Supermarine Spitfire Vc Sword 1/72

    Very nice!
  7. This is also a good source... http://www.aeroflight.co.uk/waf/albania/af/albaf-nat-markings.htm
  8. Sure Col. Belay what I have said. Red 14 is a Mig from1958/60. The rest are all from the 1970s...
  9. Alas...my markings are from the Blue Rider sheet and are all 1960 and after based on the roundel design. I'll just have to build one anyway for fun!
  10. Yes...I have the markings but little in the way of confirming which decade...
  11. John D.C. Masters

    The Return of Spitfire A-Go-Go...

    Thanks Anil. Your pain is your own. I'll stick with stretched sprue.
  12. That gives me hope for my Albanian Mig-15...
  13. John D.C. Masters

    AGA Polikarpov I-3, late 20s Soviet biplane, 1/72nd scale

    Thanks David. Such is my rhythm.
  14. I should have read this before...duh. It does open up the stash a bit...