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  1. Great photos! the Hurricane didn't show, but please if you have more...post more!
  2. Nice to be home...my own coffee, my own bed...my modelling bench! I worked on the Mule before I left for the weekend. The interior, office, cockpit, and assembled the underwing cannons. Then I closed it all up the next day, assembled the wings and test fitted the wings-to-fuselage. It was a nice clean fit underneath but the wing roots will need some filling in for sure. One side is tight, the other not so much. Oh well. Nothing I have not encountered before on these kits. Par for the course, as they say. I am looking forward to getting back into this today and perhaps even starting something else, something pre-WW2 perhaps! --John
  3. I am just north eats of Athens for a conference this weekend and the Red Arrows have begun their 5-week training manoeuvres here in Greece. I was able to watche them all fly around at low altitudes and do some fun stunts over the bay the other day. Sorry for the quality of the images...I only had my phone handy! Plus, I didn't get any pics with the whole 8 aircraft, just 5... --John
  4. Very funny. Yes....what a dog! Or 'Mule' as they were called. I think they had their aircraft without the motors and the factories were still tooled and ready for production.
  5. Thank you Andre. I have built the KoPro IAF Avia and it build quite well. This is, for the most part, the same kit but with a few extra parts. Have fun!
  6. My next build, while I am waiting for the FROG GB to begin, will be this little Czech number from around 1950. In retrospect, I should have built this for the most recent WarPac/NATO GB, but whatever...I am building it now. The profile and sprue shot is below. The mouldings look pretty good and include some PE and some metal gun barrels for the underwing cannons, which I will be using! I was thinking of building the Czech police version with the red nose, but they didn't have the cannon fitted. So it's RLM02 for me! I'll start in later today... --John
  7. The WiP is here... I enjoyed building this little little kit and it wet together without any big bumps or issues. In the photos I see I should have made the wheels and tyres a bit dusty...oh well. Still, I think it captures a good example of a non-Luftwaffe 109. --Many thanks for looking! John
  8. Very nice Spitfire! I enjoy the KoPro/AZ kits as well.
  9. Oh good. All these 1990 Mig-21, etc... Oh yes...much fun ahead!
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