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  1. Regarding the topside tomorrow...I'll use very little chipping, perhaps only around the areas that would be handled. I'll skip the gunmetal too and just allow the 'desert' colour to come through a bit. I'll use a lighter touch with the paint as well, probably thinned a bit. The weathering will be mostly a worn FloryWash look, fading out the blue of the US Grey-Blue and, I hope, also toning down the brighter colour of the roundels and tail flash. This I hope.
  2. John D.C. Masters

    Airfix 1/72 Harrier GR9a

    Very cool. Did all the armaments come with the kit? I have the regular GR9A kit and only hope mine looks half as good as yours.
  3. Thanks Dennis. That's a good thread. I'm building X*3, so if you have any images of that... In any case, here is the underside, all worn out. I know, it looks like a lot, but I can always add some more blue and once it has some smoke and staining, it'll be more subtle. In fact, a little fresh blue put on with a small flat brush might be a nice touch. --John
  4. Looks great! Never mind the guys with the rulers an tape measures...
  5. Thanks Adrian. Yes, I think if all things were equal it would've been, however, the paints they used in Gibraltar (or on the USS Wasp) for the new look were inconsistent, thinned randomly and, in the case of the Wasp, USN colours. Thanks though. Nice looking Spitfire.
  6. And the Azure is on. It is dry to the touch already but I'll let it set up a bit more before I carefully start rubbing the chipping fluid areas. I'll use a wooden toothpick, blunted. --John
  7. John D.C. Masters

    Avis 1:72 American Gyro AG-4 Crusader

    Buckminster Fuller's private plane... Nice job on a very unique aircraft!
  8. Although the kit is quite easy to build, the next few steps will prove to be the most complex and time consuming. The painting. From the images I have seen both on-line and in my Osprey book, these aircraft were pretty worn looking. This makes sense. Coming as they did from the deserts of N. Africa to Malta they were subjected to the extremes of Mediterranean weather: heat, sand, salt, winds. Much like what I experience here on Paros, and more. Then, add on the enormous amount of flying time, the heat of intense aerial combat, etc...they flew, but they didn't pay much attention to cosmetics. Who had the time or the supplies? 2 years of naval and air embargoes made misers of the ground crews and I imagine they would have rather used the time and resources refitting a carburetor than worry about someone's paint job. So this will, I hope, reflect that look. I have taped off the underside and readied the plane for the UK Azure. The points of wear have been given some Gun Metal (aluminum is too bright) and left to dry, then selectively brushed with a worn hairy brush and Vallejo Chipping Fluid. I have used this before (Finnish Buffalo-Orange 1) with good success and will try it again. It gives me more control than salt and I am fresh out of hairspray! As you can see, I have also used the same process with the prop blades, the spinner and the wheel-bay doors. --John
  9. John D.C. Masters

    Scratching a 1/144 1913 Rumpler-Etrich Taube.

    Sub-Sam...you're insane...but in a good way. Very impressive work, especially the wheels.
  10. ...and then a light spritzing of some desert tones. They don't need to be a specific camo pattern, just enough to help show (I hope!) through the US Grey Blue. I am thinking of using chipping fluid for the wear on this, but I am not sure. I will probably thin the paint a bit too. How about the roundels? Wpild they have been repainted or masked by the paint crew? So many questions...! --John
  11. The profiles in the Osrey book have a port side of T-L with just a little wear and tear, all blue. The T-D is starboard and has the mismatched panels and is a very light blue-grey with a lot of desert tones coming through the new paint.
  12. I am indeed! It is on my bench as we speak. Nice profiles and good info on many aircraft. Me too, so azure it is!
  13. Some interesting things, I think. I can build some more Eduard Mig-15 kits...a Heller French Thunderjet...etc...the new Airfix Swift...