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  1. This is looking to be another wonder from you, Moa. Also, an excellent vac-form tutorial. As someone who is fearful of these kinds of kits, you spell it out very clearly so as to avoid panic!
  2. Lookee what I just found in the stacks... Scalemates lists the DH4 as the same kit from 1967 in a new box with 'new decals' and the 1960-something MPC Roland is actually the Airfix kit released in 1965. So...what do you all think? Are either (or both) of these eligible? I could skip the DH4 but the Walfisch would be nice addition to the cabinet.
  3. John D.C. Masters

    Sopwith Camel 2F.1

    Rigging looks good so far! Keep at it!
  4. John D.C. Masters

    Israeli Spitfire Mk.IX ; Eduard 1/72

  5. John D.C. Masters

    Type 97 Chi-Ha medium tank

    I remember using the heated end of a screwdriver to melt the rubber 'pins'... I think these Airfix kits, regardless of scale or type, are wonderful. They can be built OOB or embellished as much as one wants. This is good designing.
  6. John D.C. Masters

    Chill out with a 504...

    Thank you...I will! And I'm looking to get back into the fray Sunday evening...
  7. John D.C. Masters

    Chill out with a 504...

    Thank you Cliff. The backdrop I picked up fro the Big Yellow Store and I use it for quite a few little scenes. It seems pretty generic. It works.
  8. John D.C. Masters

    De Havilland D.H.89a TAASA, Argentina

    Really superb, but that is no surprise! What surprised me is the picture of my grandmother (and the pooch) as a younger woman boarding her flight to Buenos Aires!
  9. John D.C. Masters

    Chill out with a 504...

    Thanks Mark. I am off-island after Thursday for the weekend so I can take a short break from the GB.
  10. John D.C. Masters

    Revell Albatross D.III 1/72

    Keep at it. Looks good. I suggest using .005 monofilament next time, especially if you are drilling. I reel of line will last almost a lifetime.
  11. John D.C. Masters

    Macchi M.5. Fly. 1/48

    Wow! Amazing model, seascape...wow!
  12. John D.C. Masters

    Percival Proctor IV

    What a neat little plane, and so well built! I might try to find one myself...
  13. John D.C. Masters

    Airfix: The Golden Years Gallery

    I present my third (yes...they mould 'em, I build 'em) build for this fine and fun GB...the Airfix Avro 504K. This kit was released in 1967 and shares many of the same design and moulding characteristics of their Sopwith Pup, released 6 years later. The famous Airfix struts--connected at one end for easy mounting--come to mind as does the quality and colour of the plastic--light yellow/tan. It is an easy build, designed for excited small hands. I kept it pretty basic and concentrated on the exterior (decals, colour, rigging) rather than adding a lot of doo-dads inside, although there is plenty of room and many aftermarket opportunities for those who wish to go down that route. The decals are from an old sheet I had from Bluerider/Insignia for the Servicio de AviaciĆ³n Militar de Chile, 1922...and I quote, "This machine was purchased with the aid of a Public School Collection. No. 75 crashed on June 4, 1922 killing its pilot, Lt. Alfredo Bravo Romero." Tough luck, Alfredo. Painted with Mr. Kit British CDL, PC-12, some Vallejo for the aluminum, black, etc...Rigged with monofilament, some sprue and the smallest amount of EZ Line. I replaced a few of the moulded control horns with Evergreen. I added the windscreens and only just now realized I did not attach the pitot tube on the outer port strut! I'll do so later. I need a break from this kit! Anyway...for your perusal... By the way...the Mig-15 was in Athens yesterday! It might actually make it here today! Very little rigging on the Mig... --John
  14. John D.C. Masters

    Chill out with a 504...

    And it is done! The rest are in the gallery as well as a short kit review. --John