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  1. Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland...any others? There are three LMS on three corners of one set of cross streets where I shop. Maddening. I am going there presently.
  2. Right! If I start down those paths I will never build anything. I have seen threads like that, spiralling into the minutiae. It is not place I want to go. Thank you for the information Peter!
  3. Don't apologize! I'm not about to go back and refit these things. The clipped is a Danish LF IX--that's all it says--and the Norwegian is an 'e'. To quote Terry Gilliam, "It's only a model..."
  4. Ohhh....but I currently have a moratorium on new kits. I have boxes in storage of kits that I am afraid will never be built. The perils of being somewhat single with no children. Next fall I'll have another giveaway. It is maddening to receive emails from Hannants...New Arrivals!!!!!! Makes me want to scream. This means, of course, that if I see something interesting at the store I might have to pick it up. My recent 'helicopter fetish' is a dangerous game... Speaking of which...nothing from Iceland in this GB so far, or am I missing something? Not much to choose from really, unless we include NATO forces based there. Their Coast Guard has some helicopters...commercial jets...hmmm... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Icelandic_Coast_Guard
  5. If I were to buy an old Deux Cheveaux and restore it from the ground up, could I enter as a full-scale kit? just kidding obviously!
  6. Did this last night...air scoops... And the rudders... That's it until the weekend when I return--Saturday night, Sunday day...something along those lines. Meanwhile I will stop by the LMS in Athens and try not to buy anything. Actually, I need a new hose for the airbrush. Maybe. Gaffer tape seemed to do the trick. --John
  7. These smaller scale builds always make me envious. Such good work. Yours too!
  8. That pitot tube was bugging me. I felt it was too thick so I snipped it off and replaced it with a bit of stretched sprue... Now, the wings. The port wing fitted well in test fit, no real gap to worry about. The starboard, however, was a different matter. A largish gap running along the entire beam, like the moulding had bowed somehow. I decided, instead of sanding, or glueing and filling, to add some plastic strip to the inside and fill the gap that way. These are all techniques I learned here, btw... Two strips... Cleaned up a bit... Yes fit looks alright... Final fit... A bit of gap filling in the tail section after attachment... And the 'Balalaika' is coming into focus...or tuning up...errr...something like that. You get the drift. I'll leave it there until Saturday night or Sunday morning. --John
  9. Awfully good stuff from them. I should use my sets more often...
  10. Yes...and thanks...we shall see. I am off-island until Sunday beginning tomorrow, so I can take a breather from the bench!
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