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  1. It's a kit with few parts. Only two sprue, and most of one sprue is armaments. So I will leave it here... Follow my bike tour on Instagram if you wish... jdcm1965
  2. Arrggghh...I imagine my unhappy surprise when I went to upload my new images of assembling the fuselage and engine nacelles, the wings, the stabilizers, rudder...and they were not there! In my enthusiasm I just have reformatted them into the ether...My deepest apologies. I had a whole post about gap filling and so forth. In any case this is where I leave the build for a while. Those above-mentioned parts fit very well with very little gaps. You can see a little filler in the starboard stabilizer wing root. In the case of the nacelles and wings there is no gap at all and the visible line is more of a panel line. I might mask the glass this afternoon and if I do, I will document that. If I didn't know this aircraft was such a mean SOB, I would say, at this point, that this is a very smart and sporty looking bird! --John
  3. I think that is for a different type of forum Craig... My dark side wants an A-10 flown by someone other than the US. Many good What Ifs imho...
  4. Thank you Martin and I commiserate with you regarding your stash. I have been wanting to reduce too but Hannants keeps sending me these blasted emails about New Arrivals...Argh! In any case, here is what I have planned, my little scheme, the old I-will-build -this-up-as-much-as-I-can-before-the-paint-and-then-leave-it-until-September ploy... The trailing edges have been repaired. The third image are the air brakes in deployment. For display purposes, I will leave them open. The engine nacelles received a bit of black primer inside and then the fore and aft fans. I am bit disappointed in these nacelles. Yes, they will look the part, but there is nothing inside. I think I would like to build one of these birds with a lot more detail. Regarding the nacelles and parts...these things, that sit atop the nacelles on the rear...I do not know what is wrong. The instructions are not clear and regardless of which way I sit them they did not sit evenly, or logically. I am very worried. As they are, I will have to fill them a lot. If anyone has any suggestions or a really good detailed photo of what they are supposed to look like, please show me. I can always take them off and re-seat them if I am wrong. Unfortunately, I think I am right and they are just poorly moulded. And as we discussed, I have replaced the poorly moulded radio doo-hickeys with brass rod. I have also seen the Su-25 with two fin-shaped pieces on the nose and tail, but I kept with the model in the box and used the rod. I'll take a file to them and clean them up once the CA has set properly. --John
  5. Your Flanker is excellent! You should not have to thin the Vallejo Air at all, actually. I use mine right from the bottle. I use pressure around 12-14 psi, and my airbrush isn't anything fancy. If you do want to thin them, always thin them with Vallejo Airbrush Cleaner (not Thinner) or use a single drop of Flow Improver. I have to do that with the green tones--they seem to dry very quickly. The rest of the colors are fine. I have not had any 'rubbery' experiences...maybe you are air-brushing too thick? Nice work again!
  6. That was my thinking too. I'll cut them off when the fuselage is together and drill the holes immediately so as not to lose the placement. The seat/cockpit/tub is assembled, painted and augmented. All I did was recreate the pull handle for the ejection seat out of brass wire and the harness from masking tape. I had seen somewhere that the harness was green, so I painted it green. Sorry about the out of focus instrument panel. That is a decal, btw. The interior of the fuselage... I have assembled some of the whizzbangs and the rear tires. They all needed some cleaning up and will need a bit of filler and sanding. This is problematic with this kit, I think. The seat needed some sanding and trimming to get it to sit properly in the tub. The wing halves went together well except for the trailing edges. These will require some filling and careful sanding so as not to remove the panel line detail which is quite good. Note to other modellers: What I think is a radio antennae is moulded in two halves along with the fuselage. These pieces are easily bent and/or broken. I think once the fuselage is together it will be more strong, but I have had to bend them back carefully twice already, so take care! So far it is a good kit and I recommend it. There are some aspects that could use better attention than I am paying, but I will fix my errors... --John
  7. In we go... The cockpit is not particularly detailed. There is some, and it will look decent when highlights, shaded, etc...but I think I will give it some added scratchy bits, especially the K-36 ejection seat which looks pretty bare bones so far. The fuselage interior is similarly 'detail lite'...I am not sure what I can do there to improve it. The instrument panel receives a decal... The tub is alright. At this point I have primed them dark grey and will hand-paint the turquoise blue-grey interior parts. I feel that once I have been at it a bit it'll look just fine. --John
  8. Yes, well...that goes without saying. They are also inaccurate. The remaining fuselage is a late OAW fuselage with the dimpled cooling vents. You'll have to check with the Datafile regarding he correct wheels and prop for that fuselage but I think they are all in there.
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