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  1. The Hasegawa Hurricane with both noses was a Free French in North Africa boxing, had both a Mk I as well as a Mk IIb option. It's the only one that I know of that had both noses in the box. http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10039193
  2. Actually Dragon is not the best bet, they do every subvariant of a Pz IV or every Tiger ever built in real life, but for British armor they are not, well interested. The vehicles they did release was a Valentine/Bishop many moons ago and they were reboxes of a Russian kit. They do have a ton (or tonne) of Shermans - including Firefly's, and El Alamein versons. The companies that have recognized that WW II Commonweath subjects had been virtually ignored are some of newer companies. Bronco has done a Comet as well as a good selection of armored cars, Staghounds and Humbers Recently they have released a 17lb AT gun as well as a soon to come Archer AFV Club has done a line of Churchills and Centurions Miniart has a new Valentine series There also are new injection molded figures showing up, some Eighth Army figures from a company Masterbox look especially good http://www.armorama.com/modules.php?op=mod...9299&page=1 Tamiya has retooled a Matilda in the last year and have Crusaders in 48th, which I would not be surprised to see scaled up relatively soon. You may want to take a look over on Armorama.com as they have a very good selection of news and thier forums have an option that allows you to filter discussions so that you'll only see ones on a subject you want. http://www.armorama.com/ Modern vehicles you have Academy with a Warrior IFV, Trumpeter has a Challenger II - including Iraqi mods as does Tamiya. Tamiya has a Desert Storm Challenger I. Revell Germany has reboxed the AFV Club Scorpion a while back and AFV has a Scimitar, but I have not seen either for quite a while. There have been many announcements made recently for 2011 and I recall there is another A/C coming - I think it is a Damlier (Matchbox had one in 76th IIRC) (hey give me credit I'm coming off a three day stomach virus - my memory is not back up to snuff yet!) So as an easy answer to whom has The best line of British subjects...well it is complicated now.
  3. The wheels are easy to source, especially if you have access to Ultracast products, I'd look at the Quickboost range for other doodads to upgrade the kit. The cowl and prop are not things I have heard of much concerning the kits - probably as the Hobbyboss kit has stunned the rivet counters into muteness at the horror of it all! The cowl was something that endless electrons have been spilt over with the Hasegawa release, and not sure about the prop. maybe if you know someone with an AccMin Avenger or Italeri one they may have the prop. Considering I hate resin props (too many broken or effed up in glueing) that I'll try a kit as a source. http://www.ultracast.ca/Aircraft%20Accesso...F%20Hellcat.htm http://www.greatmodels.com/~smartcart/cgi/...em_num=QUB48144 http://www.greatmodels.com/~smartcart/cgi/...ers=&scale= http://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/decals/s...pa_lcat01.shtml http://www.cybermodeler.com/aircraft/f6f/f6f_all.shtml The biggest thing would be decals, I don't recall any recent aftermarket sheets with Indochina markings. The '3 pack' release from Eduard did have the markings for a French bird, so that is probably the easiest to source. With either a swap with someone with the kit or possibly with Eduard (wouldn't hurt to ask) Easy scheme - gloss sea blue - or what once passed for it. Look around and if I recall right the birds were pretty weathered
  4. I like the test squadron bird (XE) with what looks like a Mk 7 'shape' underwing.
  5. Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya Oh Lord, kumbaya Someone's singing Lord, kumbaya Someone's singing Lord, kumbaya Someone's singing Lord, kumbaya Oh Lord, kumbayah Someone's laughing, Lord, kumbaya Someone's laughing, Lord, kumbaya Someone's laughing, Lord, kumbaya Oh Lord, kumbaya repeat.....ad nauseam
  6. Santa bought himself a new Airfix 109E that finally came in to Hobbyland. Looks nice, finally have the African 109E markings to use...that stupid squadron badge has eluded me for nearly two decades! Now to spend The weekend building Legos with Sean and Jack, maybe I'll finally finish the tracks on my Trumpy KV-2 if I have any spare time
  7. The current (Stateside) issue has a couple of interesting articles. I'd like to complement them on the Chinese/Soviet Chinese Eastern Railway skirmish article. For those who like biplanes it has a good inspiraton to build a variant of The DH-9 as The Soviet R-1 bomber. What differances would having a Liberty engine have on The visible airframe? maybe it is in The current SAMI - my local store didn't have it in yet, yesterday. The other article was on the Belgian R.E.8 and B.E.2. Not sure how much modeling would be there but articles like this will hopefully inspire more of us to try the new generation of WW I biplane kits in both 48th as well as 32nd from Roden and Wingnutz. I have had an hankering to build a B.E.2 in 48th for a while now but have had little success with biplanes over the years. It may make a good change from another 'boring gray jet'. Nice volume guys Matt
  8. The kit goes together as a kit fine. The biggest thing to watch for is how the parts attach to the sprues. The need careful cleaning up to make sure the mating surfaces are cleaned up and not damaging the surface of the parts. I had a problem with the attachment of the wing needing a bit of filling, and watch the trailing edge to the wing join - one side was good - one not so good, but not too bad. Add the flaps before attaching the wing. I didn't as they are white on a USN bird for it saved a bit of masking with the Gull Gray, it'll be easier to do prior to adding the wings and may help with the trailing edge join The canopies may need a bit of clean up on a center line seam, future and sanding sticks. One thing I'd look for is the aftermarket seats - follow the Z5 thread for the ones to look for. The decals go on fine. I have never had technical problems with HB decals If you want drop tanks, see if you have any from a Skyhawk in the spares box and add the third fin from the HB kit. USAF birds (including the ANG) carried tanks more often than USN birds off Vietnam. The tanks really bug me (almost as much as the outline problems do for Mike) and I have a ton of tanks left from Skyhawk builds. You may want to try the 'pour' method for the intake. Tape off the back end (or tack glue the engine face) and pour in some thick white paint, let it set for a few minutes and pour it back into the bottle. Easier than trying to sand, prime and paint if the seams bother you. The avionics bays and the area of the fuselage around the engine (on the inside) are Chromate Yellow - not interior green. The avionics bay doors are not too bad to fit, but decide early if you want them open of closed - it's easier to fix them closed before doing anything with the fuselage (like closing it up) Just for me the wrap around gray is probably the easiest scheme the SLUF wore for me as a brusher, just ues a broad brush with a pointed one to 'cut in' and 'smooth out' the demarcations
  9. Ok I am calling it on myself for starting the whole accuracy debacle, oops, debate again
  10. The canopy does have a wee bit of Intruder in its DNA
  11. Step 7 it's not there....step 10 it is and it is not done in steps 8 or 9..... Spontanious generation? okay....
  12. The instructions are posted over on 1999.co.jp this morning http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10133008
  13. One thing to remember in my rather 'bleh' feeling about The kit probably arises from my...well....hatred of Gull Gray and White paint schemes. I had The build together quickly (a week more or less) and then it came time to paint it and that took over a month, because I am a brusher and white sucks as a color when brushing even with half inch camel hair brushes. Also it didn't help that nearly every pic I looked at seemed to have a differant demarcation line between The two colors...straight...wavy....higher...lower on The fuselage etc. Another gripe I have had is The lack of appropriate Vietnam era schemes for the birds, most decals that were printed for The A/B were bicentenial (1976) schemes and I would have wanted an Argonaught airframe from 67-68 on it's first combat cruise. Some A-7E decals may be darned close but finding them today is a PITA, and somewhere in my thread is a discussion of my looking at VA-37 pics and the discrepancies between them regarding size of The squadron marking on the tail, the tail code styles and even the trim locations and styles. Working on an A-7K is probably easier in that they were asigned to most if not all Air Guard squadrons and will only need to make sure The airframe number is correct - if you are into it that far, as the markings should match any ANG A-7D other than those in The 'Vietnam' or Vietnam wrap around' schemes, they were prior to The delivery of The A-7K IIRC which was mid-80's when the green/gray and then The two tone gray wrap around was the main scheme.
  14. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=58304 It is not a bad build, and especially if you want something OTHER than a D/E it is still the easiest path to it. There are some accuracy niggles with them, the intake is squashed so that it looks more like an oval than The 'D' shape (a curved outline on the bottom) the other gripe is that the cockpit area is about a millimetre on each side too wide, it makes it look 'wrong' head on - especially if you have a Hasegawa kit built up near it. I still have a 'B' in the stash and one of these days will probably grab The two seaters, especially when someone does the ECM pods and markings for The EA-7L 'electronic aggressor'. The line is not the unbuildable pile of %$!* that others have made it out to be and as I mentioned if you want a version other than the USAF 'D' and USN 'E' it is either kitbashing/scratchbuilding the changes for The A/B SLUFs or find a conversion for the two seaters Here is a thread that is active on Zone Five right now concerning A-7Ks and specifically the ejector seats found on The A-7K. They are another rather weak spot on the kit for me - however looking at pics of The A-7A seat they were not too far off, just rather bland. http://zone-five.net/showthread.php?t=12188
  15. If that's The case the parts numbers are wrong, I want to say the Monogram tooling had maybe 80 parts Here is a pic of The Monogram F-104C contents from Modeling Madness. The G was not much differant, tail parts and a recon pod IIRC so the total of parts is pretty much the same http://modelingmadness.com/scotts/viet/f104cpreview.htm
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