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  1. Wolfpack


    Mine was finished back in 2012 and appeared if memory serves at Huddersfield show in Feb 2013. It hasn't been out much since. W
  2. Wolfpack


    Production has come to a halt. I took a look at the kit one morning and decided I couldn't be bothered. Maybe I'll go back to it, I don't know. Moved onto............ W
  3. I always think German tanks look odd without the rear turret basket. W
  4. Being that it's a PAK 36, I'd go for the Panther. Bigger diorama too.! W
  5. Just be thankful they're not Hobby Boss' three part nowhere to glue links. W
  6. Wolfpack

    Charlotte Hazelrink

    Tends to decry the 'pervy model' descriptor doesn't it. W
  7. Is that a German stick grenade on the left hull side? W
  8. Wolfpack

    Charlotte Hazelrink

    Thanks. Makes all that pain worth it. W
  9. Charlotte's finished. I found a way round the dress strap problem and although there are obvious gaps in her clothing, I can live with that due to the added versatility of displaying her in various states. I also found that by mixing a drop or two of brass into the gold, a deeper 'old gold' finish resulted. I also painted the sash a deeper, more royal red. More pickies in the RFI section. Here's a taster. Now, who's next.? w
  10. From the E2046 stable, comes Charlotte. I wanted to adapt this figure for two different display modes, it just seemed a shame to hide all that underwear detail. It took some doing, but finally she's finished. I'm happy with the way she turned out, especially as I can now display her in different ways. So, what's next.? W
  11. Wolfpack

    Bronco SU-152 -Finished

    'Bout time too.! W
  12. Wow, pervy 1/1 scale models...............go for it.! W
  13. It beats me why Dragon always have to complicate matters and miss the basic things off, like zimmerit untill recently. Even then, you get charged extra.! W
  14. Some did, some didn't. Unless you're modelling a specific vehicle, I wouldn't worry about it. W