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  1. Hi Julien, just happened to be here and saw your post. The squadron codes were replaced by "aircraft" codes (Q- in this case) as of the 1st of October 1959. Dutch Decal did a 1/72 sheet under number 72039 which although rare should still be obtainable. http://www.misterkit.com/catalog/images/DD72039.jpg Some Dutch F-86K were fitted with the F-40 wing so you might want to check what's in the kit vs. the aircraft you want to build. Some more info you might find interesting: http://1000aircraftphotos.com/HistoryBrief...F86KRNethAF.htm http://aircraftwalkaround.hobbyvista.com/f86d/f86d.htm http://www.willemsessink.nl/vlkluf86_000.html Not finished yet but quite promising: http://kw.jonker.co/index.php?option=com_c...l&showall=1
  2. Hi there, Not really. Had a look but they don't do a set for the "D" model as far as I can see. I also posted this question on ARCforums where I got some good info: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index....howtopic=229339
  3. Hello all, last weekend I picked up a Hasegawa RF-4E cheap. It's probably going to be a Greek one (have nice decals for it) and I would like do drop the slats. If I remember correctly the RF-4E uses a F-4D wing and the slats don't seem to extend but rather flip down. Does anybody have any clear illustration as to how this works ? I just can't work this out looking at the panel lines compared to photographs. If it's too much hassle I'll just leave it but would still like to have a stab at it. Many thanks in advance.
  4. Oh sorry Daz and Mike Reading is an artform as well I guess ....
  5. NO YOU CAN NOT HAVE MY BLOODY CARGOLUX DECALS !! I AM GOING TO USE MY OWN CARGOLUX DECALS ON MY OWN B744F !! YOU GET YOUR OWN BLOODY CARGOLUX DECALS !! They are still available where I got mine: http://www.aviationmegastore.com/boeing-74...0&art=56615 Erwin at the shop there is a very nice man, I'm sure he doesn't mind selling you a set. BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT GETTING MINE !! Take care man, keep up the good work.
  6. That is brilliant Daz ! Original and very well done.
  7. White Ensign Models do the colours Western Approaches white, blue and green. A good homebrew is Humbrol 34 for the white, Humbrol 34 + a touch of 89 OR 109 for the blue and Humbrol 34 + a touch of 101 AND 99 for the green. Hope this helps.
  8. Up to the Mi-8T (transport) and TB (assault) the tail rotor was facing to starboard in the direction of flight. No idea why really, can't think of any practical reason why they should do this. The engine compartment is totally different though between the T and MT. Among other differences it has proportionally longer intake tunnels at the front and lacks the IR suppressor at the rear. The colours seem to be another typical Eastern trait. Looks like after deep maintenance they take whatever colour is available or preferred. Same thing seems to apply for the cockpit and, for instance, wheelbay colours of jets. Mi-17 Is just the export classification for the Mi-8 by the way. Up to the very latest model the Mi-8 is still Mi-8 in Russian parlance, only the export versions (starting with Mi-8MT) are classified as Mi-17. Please don't think I was making comments about the accuracy of your model ! God knows I'm the opposite of a rivet counter (those who have seen my models can vouch for that). I just meant it might have been cheaper to cut the Revell (really Zvezda) to bits. The tanks are no issue, the Mi-8T was delivered standard with the smaller fuel tanks but they were very probably retro-fitted with the larger MT tanks later in their career. I very much like this conversion !
  9. If you're backdating a Mi-8MT (Mi-17) to a Mi-8T or TB remember that the tail rotor points the other way. The fuselage mounted fuel tanks might be different as well, depending on model. The Revell kit 04477 represents a fairly accurate Mi-8T, might have been cheaper to cannibalize that one rather than buy the Pavla set.
  10. Authentic Decals give the following colours on their decal sheet for the AN-12: Light Ghost Grey - FS36375 Humbrol 127 / MM 1728 Aircraft Grey - FS16473 Humbrol 145 / MM 1731 Haven't tried them yet but they look close enough. Hope this helps.
  11. Dndieje


  12. Here are the results of the Dutch jury: 1: Kev1n's MD - Stunning detail work in that scale, nice aircraft in an interesting colour scheme. 2: Andy Young, Guppy - Interesting subject, flawless finish. Peter's Guppy looks absolutely stunning but I prefer this scheme and look. 3: Tom's 777 - The 777 is not really a favorite of mine but I love the conversion work. All of them are winners in my opinion though
  13. Didn't spot this one earlier .... Revell 1/144 A340-300 in Austrian Airlines O/C (F-Decal). Used to test camera functionality so the pictures are "moody" let's say. Don't have time to take some proper ones. Sturdy little fellow, survived 2 moves without breaking so much as an aerial !
  14. Not a drawing but some good quality pictures of a DH-82: http://ipmsnl.netfirms.com/walkarounds/CH-...germoth-CH.html Hope this helps.
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