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  1. Quick update! Being a simple kit, things have moved along quickly. I added the bar that runs from the back of the headrest to the main fuselage from plastic rod, and did the same for the aerial - I understand that K9998 had the earlier pole type aerial from comments online, and it would figure since she was built in the intial batch ordered. I also added a piece of clear plastic for the reflector gunsight. The plan is to do this wheels-up, in flight; and on that note, I also had a go at making my own stand. I got a fence post cap for 50p from the local hardware store, sanded it and buffed it u
  2. I did too. Although it's a bit of a cliche to do a Spitfire, it and the Battle of Britain is always going to be the critical moment in the RAF's history. I think Geoffrey Wellum must be one of the very last pilots still alive from the BoB; I think the BoBMF has P7350 painted up with his codes on the right hand side of the plane at the moment, funnily enough K for King. I think this plane got badly damaged in early September, being replaced by G for George, but not before he did some damage to the 'other side' with K. Cheers, P
  3. Evening all, Haven't entered a GB for ages, but could not miss the RAF's 100th Anniversary. By coincidence, I have just finished reading Geoffrey Wellum's book First Light, and having seen him on the BBC's recent programme about the RAF thought it would be a perfect project. This was helped by finding a thread somewhere that gave a serial to go with his first assigned spitfire on 92 sqn, K for King in the pre-1947 phonetic alphabet (I think!). Am going to use the last of my old tool Airfix Spitfire MK1s (still a very good kit) out of the box, with codes and serials from the spares box. Th
  4. Hi there, I mooted this a good while back, but am glad this seems to be getting some traction this time around. Count me in! Cheers, P
  5. Hi, thanks for the reply, but there are plenty of tranche 3s in service, and the RAF ones at least have visible lumps on the rear of their fuselages - it's these I am trying to get close-up pics of. Cheers, P
  6. Evening all, In the absence of an aftermarket company doing some resin CFT attachment points for the Tranche 3 typhoons, does any one have access to some close-up shots of these elusive items? I can find plenty of shots of tranche3 typhoons, but oddly not of the CFT attachment points. Cheers, P
  7. I am similarly obsessed with the Battle of Britain, and am very interested in this project, having started something very similar last year. I have the Nissen hut vacform from Amera mouldings, and have completed the two 602 sqn spitfires standing ready to go; I have a Bofors gun awaiting painting, and a CMK BoB resin pilot figures to bring it to life. Am currently installing plastic 'windows' in the Nissen hut before adding fake grass and other bits and pieces; your project is therefore right up my line of interest. Am looking forward to seeing more done in due course!
  8. Dear all, Am aiming to build Hurricane SD*A (L2039) of 501 sqn from the Xtradecal sheet for early hurricanes. The sheet shows it as having the two blade Watts prop, but the only picture I can find online shows it post crash, and with what is clearly a three blader propellor hub lying next to it. I understand from other threads that early hurricanes were retrofitted with both spitfire and hurricane type De Havilland props (the former being slighly blunter and bigger in diameter than the latter), but I haven't been able to find out when these were issued to squadrons. When did three blade p
  9. Evening all, Am intending to build Airfix fabric wing Hurricane as Sammy Allard's plane from the battle of France using the Xtradecal sheet. I've only found one picture, which doesn't show the prop very clearly at all; was just wondering if it had the Spitfire type DeHavilland prop, or the Hurricane type DeHavilland type. Equally, different sources have the prop boss as being black or yellow - anything definitive at all? Finally, am I right in thinking it had the early type armoured windscreen as supplied in the kit? Grateful for any comments! P
  10. Not posted anything for a while, and given that Photobucket seems to be having some issues, I tested it out - and seems to work just fine? I've seen a lot of threads where the pictures have gone - but my historic pictures are all still here, and I am not using a paid for account or anything. I just did what I normally do; clicked the share button on picture, copied the direct link, pasted it using the insert media function - and voila. Am I missing something here?
  11. Hi all, A bit of an obscure questions, but I am looking for close up pictures of the threat warning antenna just ahead of the front wheel well (but behind the UHF antenna just behind the intake lip) for a F-16A block 10. Any pics/links appreciated! Cheers, Paul
  12. Dear all, Am just cracking open the 1/72 Airfix Stuka Ju87 B1 for my annual Battle of Britain project, and was looking at the very effective box-art. It appears to be over England, and there's a 43 sqn Hurricane lurking in the distance; does anyone know if this artwork tied to a specific raid or action/date? I did think it might be the 18th August raids over the Solent, Ford etc bearing in mind the backdrop and the location of 43 sqn etc but I don't think the supplied markings are for the right unit. My books say it was St.G77, where as the the airfix box says St.G 55, which I don't thi
  13. Evening all, I am starting to work my way through my Xtradecal Battle of Britain spitfire decal sheets, and have been thrown slightly by the need for the two sky blues (the lighter AM Sky Blue and the darker bs381 version) and Eau de Nil. I use acrylics, and to the best of my knowledge no one does acrylic versions of these colours, although WEM does enamel versions. My question is this. Does anyone have any suggestions to decent equivalents in acrylics, like Tamiya or Lifecolour for instance, or 'equivalent' colour references such as FS references. Before anyone says it, I know FS ar
  14. Hallo, Bit of an obscure question, but does anyone know what colour F-22 drop tanks, and the new HAVE GLASS V F-16 drop tanks are? The F-22 appears to be a dark grey (similar to but apparently lighter than FS36118), and HAVE GLASS V F-16s sometimes carry drop tanks that are a lot darker then normal. Once again, these HAVE GLASS V drop tanks appear to be a dark grey, but lighter than the sniper targeting pods (which I am assuming are FS36118). However, neither seem to have that metallic sheen associated with the F-22 or HAVE GLASS V F-16s - I guess this makes sense, since they are going t
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