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  1. SAC have a terrible reputation - they are soft metal crap and i cannot understand how they are still in business after all these years G-Factor are brass and a different kettle of fish altogether having said that, whilst fairly complicated, the kit gear will be fine and may be quite a bit easier than trying to glue small kit parts to brass
  2. i have never heard of any fit issues with the cockpit from all the builds I have seen, so I cannot help you I am afraid hopefully my suggestions re aftermarket will be of use to others who see the thread best of luck Nick
  3. additionally... the definitive list of reference photos can be found on Large Scale Planes forum here ; Guttorm Felstadt (I have spelled his name wrong probably) worked on the Ju88 A-1 in the Norwegian museum, so these will be the best shots you will find anywhere there were quite a few great Ju88 builds on LSP some years back but the photoshop monster has robbed us of their content (not much fun with just text) but here's a link to the thread which I hope will be of help to you LSP build thread PS I would maybe look to use resin gun breach / body replacements; the guns were undersize in the He111 kit, but can't remember about this kit - just check Jeroen's build
  4. Ok so I am fairly familiar with this kit, the aircraft and 1/32 is my scale so here goes... first things first, find some pictures of your aircraft; quite a few A-1s had additional MGs in the side windows of the canopy; it will also help with camouflage and weathering If you think you need aftermarket landing gear, i would ditch the SAC gear and go for G-Factor; it's brass as opposed to soft(ish) white metal, and will give you the security you are looking for, plus good detail; I would use aftermarket wheels (Aires from memory?) I would use Master Model gun barrels for sure - the kit barrels are just not good enough if you are serious about this kit SImilarly, I would forget decals for anything apart from the geschwader markings and maybe the odd stencil; use masks instead (and no, you don't always need to spray light colors first, the dark; use proper paints and you can spray what you want when you want - see below) if your airframe had external bombs - check your references - then I would look to MDC resin bomb racks i would use Eduard (or similar) instrument panels, and also some replacement seatbelts as these will all be very visible; I would not go for a replacement resin cockpit though because i) Revell did an excellent job with the kit version and ii) there is nothing out there that is an instant 100% upgrade; the CMK stuff looks cool but once you start going through it piece by piece, you realise that it actually offers very little over and above the kit parts I would definitely use a canopy mask (Eduard I guess) Uschi rigging line for the antenna wires unless you are a skilled or adventurous modeller - and particularly inlight of what you said about an earlier attempt - I would steer clear of the Profimodeller upgrades; there are a lot of them but some are crazy complex for something you just won't see; they are useful however once you branch out into MG-FF armed versions etc etc finally, what paint are you using? I would highly recommend MRP Paints; they are what most people would term lacquer but noticeably superior to anything else that i have tried, and generally have an excellent reputation. hope this helps Nick
  5. re desert scheme from the factory, I quote the late Edgar Brooks... "According to Ted Hooton, VIIIs, up to MD serials, were delivered in desert scheme (if the aircraft went to Malta, in 1943, their undersides were Light Mediterranean Blue,) with (mostly) grey/green Day Fighter Scheme thereafter." hth
  6. Exactly!! I am not sure why you are even considering this?
  7. more importantly, i think the picture shows just how much detail you need to add to Airfix's already great looking 1/24 kit if you are going for full detail!
  8. Think you should get it v soon - mine arrived Sunday, with cracked canopy Emailed Airfix Sunday, replacement arrived yesterday Very good kit indeed; not quite up to Tamiya's Spit/ P-51 / Corsair in terms of detail and finesse IMHO, but still very good And great value at £74.28!!
  9. I would be surprised if there was anything in the book that you would not find on here or LSP These books are all churned out either before the kit's release or just as it comes out Great commercial sense, but not great for modellers if you want information on aftermarket stuff and how to use it in your kit, as this stuff usually takes a while to come out
  10. Ordered waay back and paid £74.28 Arrived today (yes Sunday!) Current Amazon price is £87ish I think
  11. I'm sorry but the arrogance of Eduard over all this is incredible: First ridiculous hype over the best 109 ever... Then dismissing guys out of hand who have forgotten more about 109s than Eduard could ever hope to learn. Then denying it's not only incorrectly proportioned, but just too big. And then saying 'oh but we don't do measuring real aircraft...' Yes it is wonderfully engineered, yes it 'looks like a 109' (and I have nothing against modellers who are happy with that - for a number of subjects I am in exactly that camp), but for all the hoop-lah, it still has errors AND it's not the advertised scale I am disappointed - and yet not surprised - at some of the reviews it has received (I speak as an ex-reviewer)
  12. But I looked there and couldn't find any reference to the size issues, only about bumps at the wing / fuselage join (which although small, Eduard did get wrong, despite much protestation to the contrary).Going back to the post from Thepureness - did you ever get a response from Eduard? I do not build 1/48 anymore, but it is interesting that none of the big reviewers picked this up ie actually measured what they were reviewing For those happy to build it then fair enough - to each his own; but I do feel sorry for someone buying it who actually believed all the 'most accurate 109 ever' bs who is then told by someone at a show / club etc that he has basically been conned
  13. all this dewy-eyed nostalgia about model shops makes me laugh a bit - my guess is you all shop at Tesco or similar? as regards shopping locally, I do that for things that matter like butcher, fishmonger, local fruit and veg from various farm shops (I am keenly aware I am lucky here) and please think before saying things like price regulation and 'shouldn't be allowed to sell things at so and so price...' - before you know it we'll all find ourselves in the 1970s or worse, in a pseudo communist / socialist state I have ordered one from Amazon, and I too am "guilt free" back to the kit itself, I am slightly more interested in whether the kit has options for different tail planes? the beautiful example built here on BritMod had the Tempest tail planes, but I see Xtradecal are already producing decals for earlier versions which had the 'original' smaller / Typhoon ones http://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X24003 does anyone know the answer here?
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