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  1. Great model! However, Monogram forgot the right dihedral of the wing. The correct dihedral is important for the right look of a C-47.
  2. A nice kit and an interesting model. However Tarangus forgot the dihedral of the wing, and that is too bad.
  3. The Danish SAAB 17 is not a C version, it is an A. However, it is painted as a C aircraft from the Danish Brigade in Sweden, May 5 1945. The 15 aircraft of the Brigade never entered Danish skies, because the Danish government did not want this to happen. The very disappointed pilots, who had been training intensively to participate in the liberation of Denmark, had to go home by train! The museum plane was one of the last of the B 17 civil target tugs operated by AVIA at Visby, Gotland, and it was registered as SE-BWC. After being phased out, the overall yellow target tug was rebuild as the or
  4. A pity that Tarangus forgot the dihedral of the wing. Otherwise a perfect model!
  5. I just want to point out that in the least a single German Bestman survives. The Swedes bought a single plane in connection with the negotiations for license production in Sweden, and this plane can be seen in the Flygvapnet Museum at Linköping to day. At an airshow at Malmen in 1962, celebrating 50 years of Swedish military aviation, this aircraft 25001 was on static display, with some other notable rarities: Junkers Ju 86 K, Gloster Gladiator, Hawker Hart, Fiat CR 42 Falco and Fokker C V. The latter aircraft was even flown, very carefully!
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