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  1. Many thanks David Thank you and I can tell you that the BlackDog set is truly extraordinary and impressive. It also fits very well with the Kinetic kit.
  2. Hi to all I pulled out of my memory drawer an old kit of the Kinetic F-16c Block 40 'Barak' by Heyl Hà Avir with all its strengths and ... defects: This instead is the super detailed set produced by BlackDog (for the Tamya kit) and adapted to the Kinetic kit: This set is truly impressive, very accurate and finely detailed. As you can see, only the space dedicated to the wing surfaces or a little more will remain of the Kinetic kit. To solve compatibility problems between competing accessories (Aires, Eduard and Bl
  3. Hi to all Thank you all for the compliments received. I decided to give Gustav more detail by cutting the leading edge of the wing at the root of the fuselage, working on the landing gear hood. The severed part has been completely reconstructed and detailed. test to fit: ok! I built the hinge for the lower cowl of the engine: I replaced the hitch pins of the original plastic carriages with metal ones due to the greater weight loaded on the model by resins and photoet
  4. Hi everyone Meet the little "owl" from Great Wall Hobby ready to take flight: " owl poster": the kit is in 1/48 scale proposed several years ago and concerns the short range reconnaissance Fw 189 A/2 one of the best devices used in WWII in this role: the version: Fw 189 A/2 ( werk Nr.2317,5D +CH) Russia 1943 (winter cam) the aftermarkets: some shots stolen from the wip:
  5. Spad, thanks for the comment. The metal strip is treated absolutely prior to application. The treatment depends on what you want to achieve: a shimmering, oipac, aged or mixed texture. To understand this, here is a small example that could clarify the steps: final result: George
  6. Hi Farmerboy thanks for the comment I appreciated it very much. If you still have a little time, Erika my assistant (...........as the Strafer pilot ha,ha.. ! ) will take you for a tour inside the cosckpit. George directly from the wip: interior cockpit (Eduard BigEd + HGW seatbelt + scratchbuilding) Thanks for the attention George
  7. Hi to all I present the B-25J model MWP (Metal Work Panels) version full aluminum coated (metal tape), customized, detailed & corrected in the following version: North American B-25 J Mitchell "Lady Lil" (correct nose for this version ) Hong Kong Models kit 1/32 scale model - version: 498thBs "Falcons", 345bth Bomber Group " Air Apaches" 5th AF in Philippines, May 1945
  8. Hi to all, work on the model goes on! - replacement and scratch building of the propeller support plate: option A : option B: cockpit & ammo bay ( Verlinden Productions) : MG-17 machine gun ( scratch building) Verlinden resin set + Master (air) : detail and correction of the lower engine compart
  9. Hi to all I want to thank everyone for the appreciation reserved for this work. Contact Resine resin accessories have finally arrived for spinners, propellers, controls surface, wheels: Now I'll take care of correcting the compressor filter instead: here you can see how the filter was cut with a rounded shape: and here as proposed by the Trumpeter kit: with a sharp cut:
  10. Hi to all In today's session we will deal with the correction of the calenders: those of Gustav did not end with a straight cut but shaped at the shoulder on which they leaned. This means that I will have to fix: reconstruction of the support shoulder of the correct cowling: correction of DB 605 / A engine calenders: I make a thin strip from the sheet of met
  11. Hi Chris, I am happy of your intervention and I thank you. unfortunately the Trumpeter models are quite incorrect. In the next session I will show the correction I had to make to the calenders (which have been cut straight!). He's right about the MG 131, I like them very much but unfortunately I won\u0027t be able to use them (they will be fine for a K4 I have in the cellar). Luckily the Verlinden set has a pair of pretty good resin MG 17s ready. The MG 131 had the increased breech to the point that it was necessary to modify the grilles
  12. Hi thank you all for the interest reserved to this new work. Let's start work on the Gustav 2: In this session, having in mind to leave the covers of the DB 605 open, I will start by removing the extractors: everyone has their own method. I'm happy with the help of a small electric cutter with variable speed and with the right accessoires I can say that I get exellent results. complete the work by sanding finely with this tool: grouting with Mr.Surfac
  13. Hi to all and happy holidays to those who can do them. Today I want to share the 1/24 scale Me 109 G2 kit produced several years ago by Trumpeter. The kit (N. 02406), comes with a large series of sprues both normal and "clear" (ie offering the possibility to the model maker to be able to assemble the fuselage in "sight" in order to see the engine and the cockpit) adequately detailed (if compared to the time it was produced in 2001) The model is equipped with some interesting accessories such as the Verlinden detail set concerning the whol
  14. Thanks exdra for the comment. I think it is an optical or photographic effect as the nose seems perfectly in line to me: you can see a little trailer (vimeo) here: http://www.adventurephotomodels.com George
  15. Excellent start and respectable model. I made the first Typhoon Mk Ib Airfix kit in 1/24 and I still love it today. George for more info & pics:http://www.adventurephotomodels.com
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