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  1. ...go on a European tour with Ragnar ! Ragnar who ? I’m in, but not sure what I will build cheers, Ragnar
  2. F-RSIN 1/144 Canadair CL-44J Rolls Royce 400Jet Prop Leifur Eiríksson TF-LLF Loftleidir Icelandic Airline, 28.05.1964 until 08.02.1972, Canadair CL-44D4-8 (converted into J model 1965)
  3. could not wait until tomorrow had to see her with the decals the logo in front is light blue not the right color, but happy to be almost finished
  4. Thanks for the support guys ! Airfix stands are attached by cutting a hole, they are basic but ok all the pieces now in place except the propeller which are ready to be glued on sanding and priming next.....
  5. worst quality kit I ever tried to assemble bought a stand for it so I can do gear up to make the build easier. I will finish this kit one way or another but not expecting much
  6. Canadair CL44, advertised by Loftleidir as Rolls Royce 400 and known by that name. Also called Monsi (from monster). Loftleidir CL-44´s history
  7. I’m in, Canadair CL-44J Loftleiðir Icelandic Airlines
  8. Focke-Wulf VTOL Triebflügel Peenemünde Germany 1946 Amazing Hobby 1/48
  9. thanks for the comments guys antennas and wheel covers now on, so all the pieces assembled. Only light weathering and panel line wash left. compering size with a 1/48 figure
  10. painted a blue band on the fuselage and decals now on
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