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  1. finished decaling there are only 14 decals plus 4 for the octopussy the Octopussy decals.... the most difficult ones are the 2 around the turret, probably been better to cut them in each in half ? the other 2, one each side were Nerve Wracking but thankfully did not break even after a lot of moving around. I now need to touch up at 3 places (arrows), one leg of the Octopussy I needed to move from left decal to right to get them to align (arrow with cirkel )
  2. An update on my Ventura, bombs, wheel covers, gun turrets, drop tanks and engine covers now on. Had some problems getting the wheel covers in place and under nose guns keep breaking off. Forgot to paint the blue on the drop tanks before fitting them, thinking of leaving them white ? what do you think ?
  3. thanks, yes i have had a lot of time for this build lately therefore I am at this stage now, not sure if that makes it quick work ? one hour a day would make reaching this stage more than a months work
  4. sea blue is tamiya xf17 intermediate blue XTRACRYLIX white MM insignia white and tamiya white xf2 gauzy gloss
  5. I only noticed this when I started painting primed with tamiya spray can primer Using mission models paint for first time, tried different mixes but can not get the paint to flow right or too transparent, switching to my favorite, tamiya for now will continue testing insignia white FS 17875.... too grey ? (tail wheel broken but not lost)
  6. ready for mask and primer
  7. Quickboost v. Revell now with wings
  8. Revell v. Squadron Products Revell v. Eduard
  9. thanks Jasonb13 fuselages now together
  10. sure was gingerbob day one..... lay down the sprues for a photo, cut the first 13 pieces off, assembled them, painted, PE on.... cockpit finished.... all in half a DAY I was wondering why Eduard want the detail sanded off the center console, on the more expensive PE they have a piece to put on but not on mine better not sanded them off ?
  11. and the cockpit finished...
  12. thanks Patrice ! I’ve probably gone overboard with the aftermarket stuff 12 sprues The octopus decals cockpit in 13 pieces
  13. Hi all, my entry the PV-1 Ventura, patrol bombing squadron vp-133, Iwo Jima 1945.
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