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  1. TBP1538

    F/A-18E VFA-143 1:72

    Great finish! The weathered paint and very subtle panel lines looks very realistic to me.
  2. TBP1538

    1/72 Hasegawa Grumman X-29

    Beautiful! I lived near Edward's AFB when I was a youngster and saw these flying from time to time. Your model brings back great memories!
  3. I used the Freightdog set with the Revell kit to build my GR.4. I also used the Flightpath update set to correct the nose profile of the revell kit. The FP set is meant for the Hasegawa kit, but the resin nose and many of the other bits fit the Revell kit quite nicely.
  4. TBP1538

    1/48 Scale Display Stand for GWH F15-C MSIP

    Hi Lish, I like what you're trying to do... I too think an in-flight Eagle makes an impressive display! I completely agree with Blue_Centurion and think you'll be much happier with a stand you build vs. a store bought plastic stand. Here is a stand I build for my Hasegawa Eagle using a scrap of oak and an aluminum bar I bent to shape (and polished). To attach the model, I used 2 threaded bolts (and washers for spacing), which slide into aluminum tubing inside the model. Good Luck! Todd
  5. TBP1538

    Su-25K ArtModel 1:72

    That's a good looking Rook you've got there... nicely done! I agree with you that the Frogfoot is a very purposeful-looking machine, and i think you have captured the look very well. I have that kit in my stash and plan to start it soon. Any pitfalls I need to watch out for?
  6. TBP1538

    Tornado Canopy Detonator Cord?

    This fellow has executed this technique very well... Beyond my skill level, but really impressive results! http://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=159&t=1362582&i=320
  7. TBP1538

    1/72 Tornado GR4

    Hi Julien, I converted the 1/72 Revell kit to a GR.4 using the Freight Dog set (here's the link if you're interested). I modified the kit cockpit, but this Combat Decals has cockpit decals for a pre-TARDIS (did I say that right?) GR.4 if you'd rather go that route (https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/COM72003). Hope this helps! Todd
  8. TBP1538

    Italeri T-45 Goshawk modifications

    Hi Tony, I tackled this little kit not too long ago. I think you have all of the info you need here, but if you'd like to compare notes I'm happy to help! Todd http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/289680-172-t-45c-goshawk/
  9. TBP1538

    Akan paints

    Hello all! I've just purchased my first AKAN acrylic paints and I'm having a little trouble getting them to behave, so I thought I would see if anyone out there could offer some advice. I've been trying to airbrush them and I'm thinning them with the manufacturer's thinner, however I cannot seem to get them to spray evenly (it tends to splatter). It also seems to scratch very easily and Tamiya masking tape often takes some of the paint with it. I've tried varying the pressure through the airbrush, adjusting the ratio of paint to thinner, spraying over a lacquer primer and bare plastic without much luck. Has anyone cracked the code for using these paints? Todd
  10. Modern Hobbies makes an A-10C update Italeri kit, which includes a replacement cockpit. Check it out here http://www.modern-hobbies.com/cockpit-sets/a-10c-update-set-for-italeri-kits
  11. TBP1538

    F-35 colours

    I used Mr. Color lacquers for mine... roughly equal parts 301, 317, and SM03. Not enamels, but maybe this helps? Todd
  12. I could, but I was hoping not to... those intakes are just so cavernous, even in 1/72. Rick, That's a great suggestion! I have a feeling that he made it look easier than it was, but who isn't up for a challenge? Todd
  13. Very nice! Great paint, weathering, and display... I'm very impressed!
  14. TBP1538

    Red 26 Mig-23 ML Flogger-G

    Very nice! You have captured the look of a well-used Flogger very well.