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  1. Hi, Anyone can recommend a decent set of tweezers for dealing with tiny parts. I have a set of 6 but I tend to lose more parts with these tweezers, they seem to fly off the tweezers. I don't mind spending money to get good ones that wont keep getting me frustrated What about reverse action? Are they worth it or does anyone use them. Thanks
  2. Hi, I am starting to assemble a Tamiya Hetzer, the instruction booklet is calling for complex camo scheme which I not comfortable attempting at this point and time with my skill level. I intend to do a straight forward German Yellow scheme. As this is a mid-production tank, would this is an accurate colour? Can't seem to find information on google. it mostly comes up with the 3 colour camo. Any advice would be great full. Thanks
  3. Hi All, Busy building a Tamiya M4A3E8 Sherman. Finally got is airbrushed last night with Olive Drab, I went a lighter shade by mixing 50/50 (Olive Drab/Dark Yellow) Now I need to start adding some filters and bit lost as to which shades of filters to apply. This is my second attempt at Armoured Vehicles so any help will do. I have a full range of Windsor and Newton paints to make my own filters. Thanks
  4. Hi All, I purchased every colour of enamel wash from Humbrol. But when using their enamel thinner for cleanup it totally removes the acrylic base paint Anyone else have experience, what other thinner do you suggest to use with Humbrol Washes. Thanks
  5. Thanks, I have to try this one out.
  6. Hi All, I am attempting my first armoured kit. There are way more tiny parts and pieces that aircraft modelling. Seems like Tamiya extra thin cement is not the best option for parts such as headlight light protectors etc. Superglue bonds way too quickly, especially if you need to correct the positioning. What do use instead? Thanks
  7. I did the F18 from Hasegawa, was a challenge for my skill level I assume.
  8. Hi All, I have gotten in scale model around 7 months ago, I have worked a few aircraft kits but want try my hand at Armoured Tanks. I am thinking of getting the above kit as a start, seems a good kit and managed to download the instructions of their site. Anyone else built MiniArt kits and what are your thought? Thanks
  9. Hi All, Is there anyone that has advice on where I can buy Acrylic Display Box/Case to hold my 1/48 models. Supplier in the UK. I don't have space for a full cabinet but want to keep them stored safely. Thanks
  10. Due to Storm Brian, all plans cancelled but didnt seem to affect Surrey too much. Decided to get working on the engines. Mr Metal Color, Chrome Silver, Iron and Dark Iron. Need to do some wash on them and then decide if I want to show case it or not.
  11. Thanks,I have quickly realised after 4 messed up kits that you cannot rush anything in this hobby So I took a few steps back, did a lot of reading, you tubing and hopefully now started to get the hang of this. It also doesn't help as a beginner to try out challenging kits. I totally wrecked a Hasegawa F-18 Super Hornet but what I realised was that it was a bit too much for me at the time with my limited skills.
  12. Hi All, So this is about the 5th kit since I started into this wonderful hobby, learning as we go along. Several mistakes in the past 4 kits but hopefully it will improve with age. Got this kit about 2 months ago but was too afraid to mess it up given the costs. Well here goes with the first part been the amazing cockpit. Still a bit more work to complete and finish off the ejector seats. Building this out of the box with no upgrades. Vallejo Black Primer - Primed all parts. Mr Hobby Aqueous - Cockpit - Dark Sea Grey - H 317 Mr Hobby Aqueous - Buttons/Screen - Red Mr Hobby Aqueous - Buttons- Yellow MR Hobby Aqueous - Dials - White Humbrol - Black for the cockpit panel detailing Humbrol - Silver for dry-brushing Super glue the really small cockpit parts I thin the Mr Hobby paints with IPA, it works the best in my opinion for Tamiya as well. Humbrol/Vallejo thinned with Ultimate Hobby thinners. Managed to get sometime in between busy working days. Installed the cockpit Started working on the engines using Mr Metal Color Iron. Love how this gives a weathered look after buffing as some of the dust remains.
  13. Windsor and Newton UV Gloss Acrylic, 50/50 mix, sprays beautifully. I thin it with Ultimate Hobby thinners.
  14. Thanks, I read this on another site as well.I am a newbie to the modelling world so perhaps the Sparmax was much more forgiving and have to learn some better airbrushing habits like air before the paint
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