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  1. Hi All, I am trying to move on to improve my rubbish skills. I only usually build 1/72nd scale ww2 aircraft and 1/72nd/1/35th scale tanks. I have two academy f-15's in the stash(the C kit 1685 and E kit 1687) which i think are quite old. I just wanted to ask peoples views on said kits as when i built academy's 1/72nd Bf109G14 i was told somewhere that academy's decals are not very good at all. If the decals aren't good i would try and order some from hannants to pick up at Telford. But views on the kis as well would be welcome, thanks, Rodders.
  2. Hi All, The boss has been good to me. After i had an unmitigated disaster trying to do invasion stripes with cut outs in the fuselage for the code letters which resulted in the kit going in the bin, she bought me another one. This one doesn't have invasion stripes being for april/may 1944. I'm not an expert but didn't typhoons have black and white stripes to save confusion with the fw190? or can i build it as is. I hope to return to the invasion stripes at a later date as i was kindly sent some decals by another member and want to do it, thanks for any help, cheers, rodders.
  3. Hi All, this may be a silly question but does anyone know when yellow propellor tips were introduced on spitfires. i'm making a BOB machine and i think the props are all black. Anyone help with any info, cheers, Rodders.
  4. Hi All, The next model is going to be the Italeri Ju87B/R in the STG3 RLM79 with RLM80 spots and i wanted to ask as i've never done one like this before, do i weather the RLM79. Looking at pictures i can't see any sun fading on the sand colour,etc as the green spots seem to cover them. Can anyone help with any thoughts on how to do the paintwork realistically, Thanks for any help, Cheers, Rodders.
  5. Hi All, This may be a simple question but i'm really struggling with interior colours for Stuka's. I hope to build the Italeri 1/72nd Ju87B/R with an airwaves etch set and want to do the RLM71/70/65 Stg.2 one from 1942. The question is did they change interior colours like on the 109 or we're all Stuka's RLM02 inside. i've seen some models built up in magazines and everything is RLM02 except the radios and instrument panels which look like RLM66. I've also seen pictures with interiors in RLM66? Can anyone help as i'm very confused Cheers, Rodders.
  6. Hi All, the boss very kindly got me some models for Christmas and my birthday from Asda and when Aldi had the Airfix kits on offer. She said i should try something different and bought me three cars. The Mini and Fiesta rally cars and the Ford GT which i knew was from 1968, all in 1/32nd scale. I have made a car before way back in the distant past for someone at work, a Ford escort Mk1 with a clear plastic body which i ruined and had to buy another one. So, i wanted to due them justice now i have an airbrush. so, i was going to start with the Ford GT and wanted to ask a couple of questions. 1. I realise the body shell has to be painted seperately but do you also sparay the inside of the shell. 2. With the clear plastic part to you have to mask it so you paint the inner roof and upper a post,bc post area i'm assuming in black leaving the rest of the inside in red. Hope this makes sense, Cheers, Rodders.
  7. hi, thanks for the advice. I was looking on Hannants website and found a scale resin/resin art replacement spinner for the Academy kit. So i don't know if that will work. It's only 3.99 so if it doesn't work not much is lost. Cheers, rodders.
  8. thanks Chris that's very kind. the boss aka the wife has just let me get another Typhoon. i've just to wait to get the metal gun barrels by master. i was also going to possibly get the quickboost seat with harness as you can't see much in the cockpit and can't see much point in getting any etch for said pit. The typhoon i've ruined had the brengun interior. also i've got the brengun intake cover but will use it on the new model. i'll try not to mess up the dday stripes. cheers, Rodders.
  9. thank you chris for the thorough reply as i'm not an expert i'm assuming the airfix kit is the later tailplane. i was kindly sent the decals and really want to make MN317 zy b at D Day so it looks like the 3 bladed prop but i don't know what to do about the tailplane. I didn't even know there were two different tailplanes, cheers, Rodders.
  10. Hi all, i've made a real mess of the airfix 72nd Hawker Typhoon and want to get another one. i've been sent some D-day markings quite a long time ago which i was going to use on the one i've ruined. I was going to get some metal gun barrels by master and a quickboost seat and a 3 bladed prop. The prop is for the Academy kit but wondered if it fit's the Airfix kit. This leads me to a question. does anyone know when 4 bladed props were introduced on Typhoons ie would there be any at D-day. i'm doing the 247 sqn on 6th june. Also, does anyone have any easy way to do D-day stripes as that contributed to me ruining the kit, Any help would be appreciated, thanks, rodders.
  11. Hi all, I've got an Iwata Neo which i've had a few years now but i have to confess i haven't used it much as i think it has rubber seals which i fear won't work with aggresive solvents like enamel thinners and laquer paints. I was going to use it for primers and decanted aerosol paint as i have an Evolution with a 0.15mm needle in i use for acrylics. I can't find info but does anyone know if you can get PTFE seals like what's fitted to the Evolution. Thanks for any help, Rodders.
  12. thank you that's great, Cheers, rodders.
  13. Hi could i ask if you could bring one along although i don't know which one for the Wildcat FM1, Cheers, Rodders.
  14. Rodders

    UK Phantoms

    Hi all, I was given this photo last sunday: The lady who's brother flew Phantoms i think took this from his aircraft. I'm trying to find what model Phantom it is so as i've said i can look which model company makes it. I don't know which carrier he flew from but if i can find his squadron i may get more info. i can't read the serial number. Can anyone help as i've said i am no Phantom expert. Cheers, Rodders.
  15. thanks Troy that's a great help, Cheers, Rodders.
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