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  1. Hi again, Sorry to bother but are the internal roll bars aluminium as well as the body interior and floor, Thanks, Rodders.
  2. Hi, i had an accident and the box of the above kit fell out of the stash and i'm missing some bits. Does anyone know where i could get replacements as i don't want to throw it away, Thanks, Rodders.
  3. Hi Gary, Thanks, yes i work at the pace of a snail pulling a sloth and had other things on. I was going to ask about inside the bodyshell as i thought it would be black like the exterior. That's helpful, Cheers, Rodders.
  4. Hi, Have been watching this topic and am in the same situation as everyone including the offer of them being sent first class but have had nothing since May. Have been really patient and have had replies until recently. Getting no replies to my texts now. I don't think i'll every get any mags, There doesn't seem to be any loyalty to subscribers. I only get MAM and got SAMI in my local Smith's so they are getting to shops. As a consequence I have now stopped SAMI going into my file in our local Smith's. I'm so disappointed as MAM is really a good mag. Rodders.
  5. Rodders

    Hellcat interiors

    Hi All, I'm making an F6F-3 Hellcat and can't find the colour the engine area and bulkhead plus inside front engine cowling is painted. Would it be Zinc chromate yellow, Any help appreciated, Thanks, Rodders.
  6. thanks both for the replies. will have a look, Cheers, Rodders.
  7. Hi All, I'm going to build the Academy P38J kit 11625 but i only have a book for the early versions(The excellent MMP book on early lightnings). Is there much difference between early and late marks of the Lightning, Thanks for any help, Cheers, Rodders.
  8. Hi, Contacted Mark and he said the May MAM should be with me this week, so hope everyone's will arrive too, Cheers, Rodders.
  9. Hi, Just wanted to say finally got my issues, Thanks to David and Mark for sorting. Sorry to hear people are still having problems, Cheers, Rodders.
  10. Yes thanks Bedders and all for the help, Cheers, Rodders.
  11. thanks for the clarification, Cheers, Rodders.
  12. Hi All, the boss has chosen me the Airfix 72nd scale Sabre kit no.a3082. I've also got the eduard detail set ss397 plus a Pavle resin ejector seat. As i know nothing about the Sabre and even less about the Italian air force i was after info on the cockpit. The airfix kit has a grey colour for the cockpit but the eduard set has a black painted cockpit to bend to shape. I've only got the Haynes manual which i think focuses on the A which has a black cockpit. Can anyone help with any info, Thanks, Rodders.
  13. Hi, Thanks for the reply. Kind of you to help, Cheers, Rodders.
  14. Hi, Just an update. Still haven't received 3 month subscription Jan/Feb/March SAMI and Jan onwards of MAM on 12 month subscription. Have tried ringing and emailing with no succes. Sorry to ask again. Appreciate everything you've done and doing for us, Thanks, Rodders.
  15. Hi, Thanks for getting involved in this situation. I've been waiting for jan/feb/march issues of SAMI which i did on a three month subscription and jan/feb,etc issues of MAM which i've got on a twelve month subscription. I'm in Cheshire and wondered when they may be posted. Also, i'be been told by MA that SAMI is going back into Smith's from the April issue as i have a file in my local branch. Is it possible to confirm that. Thank you for taking the time to help, Cheers, Rodders.
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