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  1. Hi All, first a happy new year to everyone. The boss has been very good and cleaned out re-organised the stash in the cupboard in the back bedroom and put some boxes on the outside for easy access for me. One of them which i have completely forgotten about is a T-34/85 with a mine roller kit 3561 by Maquette in 35th scale which i thought had got lost as i'd dropped it and thought i'd lost a load of bits. it looks complete although i don't know if i've got all the track links but everything else looks to be there. i wanted to ask if anyone has ever built any of Maquette's kits or this one in particular as it reminds me of a 70's tamiya kit especially the look and feel of the plastic. Although, i've read some good on line reviews about their kits. I've lost the decals but i'm assuming i can make it without any but i'm no t-34 expert. Anyone any thoughts, Cheers, Rodders.
  2. Hi, Thanks for the help. I don't think i can get this as i've never ordered from hobby easy as i have had problems getting things from abroad which have put me off. But thanks for looking, Cheers, Rodders.
  3. Hi, Could you tell me where from, Thanks, rodders.
  4. Hi, Very very nice job. You very kindly replied to my post on the same car. Yes, the decals do look daunting and i may try your route. For the paintwork i got some tamiya lacquer paints at Telford to see if i can get a smooth finish as i usually paint military aircraft and armour. Although i'll try and remember what the lads in the bodyshop used to tell me when i was a rover partsman, Cheers, Rodders.
  5. Hi All, The boss bought me two Airfix 1/32nd rally cars last christmas(Fiesta and Mini). The last time i built a car model was about 20+years ago, i think an escort rally car for someone at work. I don't want to overthink things but does anyone know of any accessories for them. Particularly decals for the instrument panels. Thanks for any help, Cheers, Rodders.
  6. Hi, Yes it's that one but it has a different number(48652 not 48583) although it may be my ex rover/vw partsman's head not thinking that part numbers were changed. Although it's for kit 12215 and i have 1687. It doesn't have the interior sidewalls in it. Cheers, Rodders.
  7. Hi all, I've checked a bit further and the sets are different. sorry for any trouble, Cheers, Rodders.
  8. Hi All, Please forgive my ignorance but i'm having a lot of trouble getting the Eduard F15E exterior detail set for the academy kit in 1/48th scale. i'm not a modern expert but the F15C exterior set 48486 is readily available. Would it be possible to use this set or am i talking rubbish, Thanks for any help, Cheers, Rodders
  9. thanks Tomas i may try and take the plunge, cheers, rodders.
  10. Hi All, i'm hoping to start the airfix Fw190A8 in 72nd scale but i think the size of the undercarriage looks wrong. it looks extended so wanted to ask how to reduce the size as there is also a brace and i don't know if it will fit when the strut is cut down. Has anyone ever done it. are there any problems in doing it, cheers, rodders.
  11. Hi All, I've searched but can't find out an answer. I'm doing an airfix P51d in RAF markings but i can't find the size of the prop tips and sky fuselage band in 72nd scale. Can anyone help. Cheers, rodders.
  12. Hi, i see your point it's just i'm not able to buy anymore kits as the flat is full with boxes(albeit tidy in a cupboard) so i was just trying to do something with the kits i already had. I just wondered if anyone had ever done it. thanks, rodders.
  13. hi all, we hope to be at telford in November and was looking at the traders and SBS models look like they will be there. They have a resin cockpit for the Hasegawa 109F and wondered if anyone has ever tried fitting it in the airfix 1/48th scale 109F. i've built the airfix kit and really liked it but the cockpit is not as detailed as modern toolings as it's quite old. Does anyone have any thoughts, Thanks, rodders.
  14. Rodders

    F15C Ejector seat

    Hi All, Could i just ask about the F15C ejector seat. Is the C seat black like the E or grey. I've seen pictures of both colours but don't know if they apply to different marks. Can anyone help, thanks, Rodders.
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