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  1. Centreline tank (600gal I think) was standard fit for Northern QRA (43 & 111 Sqns) based at Leuchars. They needed all the range / endurance they could get for those long intercepts up in the Iceland-Faeroes Gap.
  2. Alan, after all the hard work you've put in that's an absolute cracker! As others have said, it's a real shame the real thing never went any further than a proof of concept. That said, I'm not sure I'd have fancied the job.....
  3. Pretty sure you could have Manoeuver Slat at 45 Wing, but no Flaps.
  4. Yep, the fourth photo is a plastic mockup of the EFA at Farnborough - sorry for any confusion but I wasn't able to crop it off the bottom of the 2x EAP photos above it! Of note, it shows the EFA's original configuration with the square intake - not sure if the early ESCI kit had that or the later Typhoon "smiling" intake. It may also still have a cranked leading edge like the EAP rather than the straight delta of the Typhoon but it's difficult to tell from this angle!
  5. Except it's 1/48th scale & it doesn't have the bulged central section.....
  6. It does seem longer than a standard Tornado pitot.... but it's worth noting that the EAP has been fitted with at least two different types of pitot over the years & the one currently fitted (Loughborough Uni/ Cosford Museum) may not be representative of what it flew with. Many of the photos from the aircraft's life as a test vehicle show it fitted with a typical "flight test" pitot which has 4 small "vanes" at 90 degrees to each other approx halfway down the length of the pitot. They are difficult to see but if you get a close-up with the right background, you'll see what I mean. I'll try to look out some photos which show them off. In the meantime, I was thinking of using one of these on my Silver Cloud EAP (it's a lovely kit, isn't it?): http://www.master-model.pl/product/am-72-131.html available from the Big H at: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/MR72-131 although it might not be the correct length & seems to lack the bulge in the middle section. Maybe a combination of two different Master probes? Don't forget the smaller pitots on the tip of each canard!
  7. Looks great! Which Shar FA2 resin nose are you using?
  8. I've said it before Bill but that's just lovely! Would look really eyecatching in a line up of other grey, green & grey/ green Harriers.... if you're thinking of building the family
  9. That's a little beauty Bill! Especially the crisp masking over those compound curves
  10. Hi Ken, I think the OP was looking for photos of the DHC-3 Otter..... rather than the DHC-6 Twin Otters currently in use & a very different beastie! However, if it is Twin Otters you're looking for, PM me..... I have lots of photos of them!
  11. Not sure what's available on t'internet but have you tried writing to or emailing the BAS Air Unit at Cambridge? They should have some photos in the archives.
  12. Stunning work Alan, it's great to see the old girl take shape! And I think I recognise the bloke on the left!
  13. Are you sure it wasn't "Alarm Belle"? https://www.dstorm.eu/pages/en/gb/tornado.html
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