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  1. twp1

    Earl's Colne B-17's

    Hi all. Hoping someone can give me some info on the following B-17's. I'd like to model a B-17 that flew out of Earl's Colne. I have been referenced for individual aircraft but could use a little confirmation on mark and colours. Can anyone confirm ot deny my understand of these aircraft; -B-17F's were the aircraft the units flew from Earl's Colne. -these were olive drab over medium grey -the 94th bomb group colours on tail, vertical stabilizers etc was yellow -the 94th had a white 'A' in a black square -was the tail band, Chevron and coloured engine cowels used on OD/MG schemes. If so, were all squadrons tail band and Chevron red with the cowel in individual squadron colours? If anyone has any comprehensive pictures of any aircraft relating to the above, that would be excellent. Thanks in advance
  2. twp1

    Vietnam A-4B Skyhawk

    Thanks Andre. I have the Xtradecal Skyhawk decal sheet X72151 which I think has schemes that predate Vietnam service anyway. Would you happen to know what weapons were cleared for use on the A-4B?
  3. Hoping to tap into someone's greater knowledge on Skyhawk's. I have a couple of Skyhawk kits but they are the new Airfix offering that comes with very little in the way of ordnance. Can any confirm whether or not Vietnam era A-4B Skyhawks carried TER racks and if so what type of bomb was usually chucked off them? Cheers
  4. Hi all. Bit of a long shot this but I'll ask anyway. I have a 1/48 Revell Rafale along with the Syhart markings sheet and while browsing 'tinterweb I found a picture of a Rafale armed to the teeth. It is stated as being F3-R standard and has an additional wing pylon (making 3 under each wing) and meteor missiles on the fuselage pylons. The Revell kit has all the bits I need to cobble this together and I have moteor's from the spares. My question is, would anyone have an knowledge of the dimensions of the pylons stated above. I think I need to cut the kit missile pylons down to fit under the wing and by the look of it, the pylons for the fuselage look different to when they carry MICA so would need to scratch build them. Also, any knowledge of the aircraft used to test this loadout. It looks like it's a Rafale C but there is no obvious aircraft codes or markings Thanks
  5. Hi, I'm hoping to start a build of 2 of Italeri's T-45 Goshawk. I purchased Caracal Models decal sheet which states that Fine Scale Modeler issue October 2009 contains a detailed article describing the necessary modifications to make the kit more accurate by addressing the incorrect wing tips and missing ventral fin. So far, an internet search has drawn a blank on this article. Would anyone have either a link or the ability to send me a pdf of this article so I can complete the changes without too much guess work and giving me half a chance of doing it right first time? Thanks!
  6. twp1

    Tornado GR.4 LRMTS

    Thanks Muzz. Not sure if I have any clear spruce big enough for this but would you have any more details on Shaun so I can ask him if he still has any availability of said cast?
  7. twp1

    Tornado GR.4 LRMTS

    In light of the fourthcoming retirement of the tornado, I purchased a Revell 1:48 Tornado GR.4. Sadly, it appears to have been an early moulding of the release that has the glazed nose of the LRMTS missing. Obviously, Revell spares dept have none available and any searches on the 'tinterweb have only shown up conversion sets in the expensive end of the money scale. So, my question...any suggestions on where I can get my hands on just the glazed part or whether it would be possible for me to make my own? Cheers
  8. twp1

    602 squadron spitfire

    Thanks Engelsted. Can I ask where you sourced that info from and if it would give details of colour scheme, wing and wing armament etc?
  9. twp1

    602 squadron spitfire

    I'm believe that 602 squadron carried the code LO on their spitfires. Could anyone tell me if any aircraft carried the individual letter U. I'm after making one with these codes but cannot find any reference to it. It doesnt matter what spitfire it is as long as it carries this code. Cheers
  10. twp1

    1:48 Rafale TER

    Hi, I have the Revell 1:48 Rafale M f from 1999. Been sat in the stash for a while now but would like to fit it with the TER weapons pylons and make it a little more up to date than the kit allows. Any ideas where I can get hold of a pair of these?
  11. Anyone have any idea where I can get hold of a pair of 1250l fuel tanks for a 1:72 Rafale? Ideally scaled for a Revell kit. Any knowledge out there on wether the wing pylons are the same for both size fuel tanks? Also, would be great if I could source an extra one for the center line station with pylon. Thanks
  12. I must be 1 of a very select few that displays their models 'in flight'. I see so many excellant completed builds on this site but I always wonder why the vast majority of completed builds are shown on the ground with as many access panels, control surfaces, ladders and assorted ground associated parts included. It's just a question, I'm curious to know the reasons as I much prefer to see the real thing in the air so try to model them likewise.
  13. Are there are direct Tamiya equivalent colours to the following humbrol for a Harrier GR.7/9; -156 Dark Camouflage Grey -164 Dark Sea Grey -165 Medium Sea Grey -167 Barley Grey
  14. https://flic.kr/p/22sfJ3S
  15. Hi, I'm pretty much at the painting stage with this beast. Just wondered if you could let me know which red you used for the tail. Regards
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