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  1. I had picked up the supermarket specials before Christmas of the Airfix P-51 Mustang and the FW-190. I had the decals left over from the Mustang IV starter kit so completed it in the 112sqn firewall scheme. When I got round to the FW-190, I didn't like the scheme it came with and after a little 'tinterweb and old school book research discovered that some FW-190's were operational from '43 onwards in Italy. I figured it was be good to make an adversary for the Mustang IV. having raided the spares box I cobbled together a scheme and although it is historically inaccurate. I'm pleased with the outcome. Research showed that the planes were over sprayed with RLM 79 and 80 with little concern for the national insignia or markings.
  2. This is a Hasegawa 1:72 EA-18G Growler of VAQ-135 Black Ravens NAS Whidbey Island 2011 Kit is made OOB apart from the decals which are from Authentic Decals
  3. A long while ago I made the 1:72 Airfix Mustang IV of 112sqn. I completed it as the kit said and subsequently found out the the Mustang's flown by 112sqn had different roundels on the upper wing and were painted in the 'fireswall' camouflage scheme which instantly made me dislike the kit. I was then given a Tamyia 1:72 Mustang that I completed as Petie 2nd and as the kit also had decals for E2*S i stripped back the 112sqn kit and completed it in this scheme instead. I had got bogged down with a Hasegawa 1:72 EA-18G Growler so decided to get a couple of supermarket specials. I picked up the Airfix 1:72 Tomahawk llB and the Airfix P-51 Mustang. As I had the decals in the spares box for the RAF Mustang IV I decided to complete them both in 112sqn colours, this time with the correct rounds and camouflage on the Mustang. They were completed OOB using the paint supplied and were a nice quick distraction from the Growler. Anyway, onto the kits Tomahawk IIB, P.O Neville Duke. Libya 1941 Mustang IV, Lt Blanchford. Italy 1945 Thanks for looking
  4. A few years back my Dad had a flight experience to fly alongside a Spitfire at Duxford. The aircraft he flew alongside was Spitfire HF Mk.lXe TA805 'Spirit of Kent'. During the briefing I had the opportunity to take a load of up close pictures of the aircraft with the intention of building him a kit of it as a gift. I ended up using the Revell 1:48 Spitfire lXc/XVl (4554) kit. This was in the days before I realised that Eduards kits were far superior and included PE but it's a decent enough kit. The only changes I had to make were to swop the gun covers around to convert the kit to an e wing. I purchased aftermarket sets of stencils, codes, letters and rounds to give me the correct scheme and brought decal paper to make my own 'Spitit of Kent' decals and squadron badge carried under the canopy. The thing I couldn't get right was the legend in white lettering so the only thing that isn't as accurate as it could be is these are black. Once completed, it was given to him in a presentation box. The kit was brush painted and finished in a gloss varnish
  5. Thanks Paul. To be honest, I never put crew in any of my kits. Even though I model all mine in flight, it's just never appealed to me regardless of if one is supplied in the box or not Tony
  6. Just decided to display these 2 a little differently, not that it is an entirely original idea. This is Revell's 1:72 Swordfish Mk.1 810 Squadron FAA, HMS Ark Royal. This is Airfix's 1:72 Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless
  7. These are a few recent builds of 1/72 scale Typhoons. All carrying Centenary celebration schemes. 29(R) Squadron Centenary Typhoon FRG.4 ZK353. ZK353 was marked with Typhoon Display Team corporate logos as well as commemorating 100 years of 29(R) Squadron. The aircraft was flown throughout the 2015 display season 6 Squadron Centenary Typhoon FGR.4 ZK342. In 2015 ZK342 recieved a scheme to commemorate the centenary anniversary of 6 Squadron. The tail and spine were covered in a desert camo scheme representative of that worn by the unit when operating Hurricanes during WWll Xl(F) Squadron Centenary Typhoon FGR.4 ZJ925 In 2015 ZJ925 was painted in a scheme to commemorate the Centenary of XI(F) Squadron. The tail and spine was black with gold squadron Crest and carried the code DXI. The aircraft was used on normal operations and also deployed on exercise to Kenya and Turkey
  8. BAe Hawk T.1a XX318 234sqn 1TWU RAF Brawdy 75th Anniversary scheme 1992.
  9. I purchased the 2014 rebox of the '72 scale Italeri F-5N Tiger ll as I think the aircraft looks great in aggressor colours. The box schemes also give an option for a Swiss F-5 which are also use for dissimilar air combat training. Buried away I had an old Airfix F-5E kit that I'd made years ago. I cleaned this up and repainted it in the Swiss scheme. F-5N Tiger ll US Nvy VFC-13 "Saints" NAS Fallon Nevada 2012 F-5N Tiger ll Swiss Air Force Fliegerstaffel 19 2008
  10. Thanks buddy. Is this the jhutchi I think it is? Tony
  11. This kit is the Airfix 1:72 Beaufighter Mk.X. I noticed that on the sprues where a few extra pieces that weren't part of the 2 box schemes and as there are so many Beaufigters built (especially on here) in either the EDSG or SEAC green/brown schemes I fancied trying something different. A little searching showed the additional parts to be of a Mk.X used by Coastal Command in an interesting scheme which I have completed the kit in. Decals are from the kit so aren't 100% accurate and it's a rare kit for me as I included crew.
  12. There isn't much that hasn't been said to sing the F-15's praises and I certainly can't add anymore superlatives to what is a fantastic aircraft. Having built the old Airfix F-15C kit I decided that I needed to add an E model to my collection. I settled on the 1996 Academy boxed F-15E. With all the best intentions, I was going to build a stock F-15E but lost interest in the kit as, let's be honest, Strike Eagles don't wear the most exciting of camouflage. Having benched the kit half complete, I was inspired to complete it while trawling the internet and came across F-15's in aggressor schemes. Although the kit is of an F-15E, parts were included to blank out the rear seat to make it a C model. The finished article is far from accurate. The canopy is that of and E model but I have finished it as a C and the decals are not correct for an aggressor sqn bird. The aircraft represents a 65th Aggressor Squadron F-15C MSIP II carrying splinter or digital flanker camouflage. Can't say the colours are accurate. Weapons are from the spares box with the An/apx-qs TACTS pod being scratch built. The decals are oob from the kit and are from a 461st TFTS Eagle.
  13. Thanks Orion. I based my model on the picture below. The kit I had included a laser pod but as it was the original boxing it looked wrong to me so decided against it. It is a cracking looking plane though Regards
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