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  1. This is Revell's F/A-18C with Academy decals representing a Hornet of VFA-192 Golden Dragons
  2. I just used a modelling drill bit with a little less finesse than usual to leave a less than perfect hole than added a little bit of silver around them to highlight and give the impression of paint being removed
  3. Think it's current weight is similar to the real things to be fair. Thought it was a nice kit. Simple build and no real fit issues although the canopy was a bit of a faff
  4. Thanks. Yeah, there's enough lead in it to re-tile a church roof. From my understanding it is the Academy reboot
  5. Thanks. Not sure what's going on with the pictures. Seem to be working and can't add more
  6. This is Revell's 1/72 OV-10A Bronco, VAL-4 US Navy South Vietnam 1969.
  7. From what I understand the undercarriage isn't quite accurate for a C production variant as that kit is a pre production model. I solved that by making them wheels up (obviously). The only things I corrected was trimming off the wing ends and replacing them with plasticard as they are 'squared off on the T-45C and i scratch built the fairing behind the arrester hook. Had to cut part of it off and create a gap in the plastic to fit in. Send me a private message if you'd like and I'll show you the what I did in a little more detail if you'd like with pictures that should make it a bit clearer
  8. These are the 1989 boxing Italeri 1/72 T-45 Goshawk's. Not an accurate kit to use to represent a T-45C. Had to cut and shut the ends of the wings to square them off and scratch built the fairing behind the arrester hook Decals are from Caracal. T-45C BuNo. 167099 VT-21 Redhawks T-45C BuNo. 165629 VT-7 Eagles
  9. Thanks, thought I'd put something on here that wouldn't frighten you again mate
  10. Figured a little bit of realistic battle damage might go down well. Might have overdone the hits but its for my son so he wanted it shot to pieces. Think I've gone somewhere in the middle. It'll eventually go on a windowsill so the only critter who might play with it would be my son
  11. Decided to do something a little different with a diorama. These are Airfix's 1:72 Spitfire Mk.1a from 92sqn and Messerschmitt Bf109E-4 of jagdgeschwader 54.
  12. This is Revell's boxing of Zvezda's excellent SU-27SM Flanker depicting #06 RF-92210
  13. This is Revell's excellent 1/72 Tornado ECR 46+33 Tigermeet 2011/12
  14. Once the tonka was announced to be retiring I decided to make a few seeing as the only one I had previously made was Airfix's god awful attempt at a GR.4 in 617 squadron 75 year anniversary Dambuster scheme. I got hold of the 1989 boxing of Hasegawa's Tornado as it had stickers for an RSAF version and I wanted to do one in the 3 tone camo scheme they wore. The only weapons the kit provides (for obvious reasons due to it's age) were either iron bombs or JP233's so I went 'tinterweb searching for alternative loadouts. In doing so I stumbled onto the Tornado Sustainment Programme. Basically, RSAF Tornado's flown by the RAF for test and evaluation purposes. The kit is a hodgepodge of a scheme worn and loadout carried by ZK113 in the TSP. Excuse the poor pictures, only working on a phone and the lighting hasn't helped but there you go. Enjoy and feel free to pick it apart as I know there are a lot of inaccuracies
  15. twp1

    F-14 varients

    I have x2 F-14D kits to build. Both with the same decal option. I'd like to make them as bombcat variants and have found a set of aftermarket decals that would allow me to do this. However, the decal sheet is for F-14B variants. Would anyone have any knowledge of the major visual differences between a B and D variant and would I be able to use B variant decals on a D kit without any need to modify the kits in any way. From what I can see, they look the same and the only differences are internal Regards
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