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  1. Great looking result. I'm hoping to do a few models of aircraft that flew from airfields my granddad served at during the war. Earls Colne was one but its hard to find kits of the aircraft that flew out of there
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    Deleted - not the correct area for a wanted post and 100 post rule
  3. Hi all. I have a set of decals to make a USMC Harrier that flew as part of Operation Enduring Freedom and was wondering if anyone could give ne details of loadouts carried during these deployments. The decals state the aircraft were operational during '09 and '12 if that would make a difference to what was used. The 'tinterweb isn't throwing up many suggestions so any help would be greatly appreciated Cheers and happy sticking and painting!
  4. Thanks. Rumour is Italeri are bringing out a new kit but i believe it's a rebox so might not be any different to the kit I used. Would be nice to have a new tool though
  5. This is Revell's F/A-18C with Academy decals representing a Hornet of VFA-192 Golden Dragons
  6. I just used a modelling drill bit with a little less finesse than usual to leave a less than perfect hole than added a little bit of silver around them to highlight and give the impression of paint being removed
  7. Think it's current weight is similar to the real things to be fair. Thought it was a nice kit. Simple build and no real fit issues although the canopy was a bit of a faff
  8. Thanks. Yeah, there's enough lead in it to re-tile a church roof. From my understanding it is the Academy reboot
  9. Thanks. Not sure what's going on with the pictures. Seem to be working and can't add more
  10. This is Revell's 1/72 OV-10A Bronco, VAL-4 US Navy South Vietnam 1969.
  11. From what I understand the undercarriage isn't quite accurate for a C production variant as that kit is a pre production model. I solved that by making them wheels up (obviously). The only things I corrected was trimming off the wing ends and replacing them with plasticard as they are 'squared off on the T-45C and i scratch built the fairing behind the arrester hook. Had to cut part of it off and create a gap in the plastic to fit in. Send me a private message if you'd like and I'll show you the what I did in a little more detail if you'd like with pictures that should make it a bit clearer
  12. These are the 1989 boxing Italeri 1/72 T-45 Goshawk's. Not an accurate kit to use to represent a T-45C. Had to cut and shut the ends of the wings to square them off and scratch built the fairing behind the arrester hook Decals are from Caracal. T-45C BuNo. 167099 VT-21 Redhawks T-45C BuNo. 165629 VT-7 Eagles
  13. Thanks, thought I'd put something on here that wouldn't frighten you again mate
  14. Figured a little bit of realistic battle damage might go down well. Might have overdone the hits but its for my son so he wanted it shot to pieces. Think I've gone somewhere in the middle. It'll eventually go on a windowsill so the only critter who might play with it would be my son
  15. Decided to do something a little different with a diorama. These are Airfix's 1:72 Spitfire Mk.1a from 92sqn and Messerschmitt Bf109E-4 of jagdgeschwader 54.
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