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  1. Thanks for the replies guys, it has me baffled. Il be honest, I’ve never seen that remark in the ‘duty’ column, but then again I’ve only see a handful up of logbooks.
  2. A friend has obtained his great uncles log-book, very interesting read. He usually flew as a Radio Op, but one flight is noted as a ‘Screen Op’ the flight would have been late or post war 45-46 out of Changi, any ideas what a ‘Screen Op’ is? Aircraft was a Dakota. He is looking to build aircraft his uncle flew in operationally.
  3. Recycling will save the planet! (Oh, and anything that will save cash for more kits of course ).
  4. I have tried using the supplied pots (usually if I’m out of the particular colour) and found the paint to be either ‘useable’ or complete dross. I’ve had mixed results even with the same colour from different kits before. I tend to bin the paint and reuse the pots to store excess paint I have mixed.
  5. Interestingly, I have seen hundreds of Beaufort photos and also not seen those two ‘slots’. I have seen them in the artwork for the upcoming 1/48 ICM Beaufort. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/icm-48310-bristol-beaufort-mki--1330560# Makes you wonder, it’s not Airfix’s ‘deliberate mistake’ similar to mapmakers inventing roads as a form of copyright infringement proof? Pondering of Bristol
  6. I have the venerable Airfix kit as a long term build project an so will be following this build with great interest, A great start, and i cant remember the last time i saw paper transfers!
  7. Looking great. It is an ungainly looking bird, but is beautiful in its own way! The Gannet needs a huge amount of weight to stop it being a tail sitter. Regards the DU, i know of some Iraqi 'Buisnessmen' that may be able to help. The story of their last client mysteriously disappearing along with his DeLorean and a suspiciously old looking teenager is entirely ficticious. Honest
  8. That’s looking fantastic. Looks very rickety, and ready to collapse any second! Must admit I just had a tinge of nostalgia and dug out a couple of old White Dwarf’s, found one with the ‘original’ inn.
  9. There is a subtle difference between ‘interesting’ (see Belphegor above) and ‘flying garden shed made from random windows from the tip’ (see Amiot 143). I don’t think the French built ugly aircraft, just the case that some were really coming off the drawing board at least 10-20 years after everyone else. Look at the Bristol Braemar (1918) or its civil version the Bristol Pullman. Chop of two sets of wings and...... the similarities are there. Flying train carriage..
  10. I signed up for this GB with the idea of something Vichy, maybe a carrier. I looked through my stash, looked at Hannants for decals and found the fantastic Xtradecal set X72161 - Battle of Malta RAF. So, i start thinking and come up with the idea of building Malta based aircraft! Now, my stash consists of (WARNING! EXTREME UNDERSTATEMENT!) one or two Bristol aircraft, and with the Airfix Beaufort on the way i thought i may build a Beaufort, Blenheim and Beaufighter. So three Bristol's (No sniggering!) with a pair of Bristol's (Stop it!) each. A
  11. Sorry if I seem down. You see, tomorrow is the Mother-in-laws funeral. She’s cancelled it.
  12. My personal favourite: I saw six men kicking and punching the mother-in-law. My neighbour said 'Are you going to help?' I said 'No, Six should be enough."
  13. History teaches us not to ignore the past. Just because we haven’t deployed an MBT in 10 years doesn’t mean we won’t need one tomorrow... No existing AEW available during the Falklands conflict immediately springs to mind.
  14. That is fantastic! Not found that one. Looking for photos of her on the IWM site is the proverbial needle in a haystack. I found the Haifa photos with a search and a further two of her whilst trawling through over a thousand photos taken by the same photographer, both labelled as Hero in the description but not found in the original search.
  15. I picked up the Mistercraft HMS Hero recently Scalemates as a spur of the moment purchase, whilst im researching and prepping another project. Im a life long aircraft modeller apart from a few Airfix ships in my youth (so hastily put together in an afternoon!). Now, as usual with any kit i start trawlling the internet for references, images etc. I have obtained images from several sites including the IWM collections, a copy of the Warships Profile for HMS Hesperus etc.. Im looking to build the ship in its May 1942 guise (as per the IWM pictures), the model depicts the s
  16. Depending on period you are aiming for, some of the OO/HO gauge paraphernalia may work. For example: Luggage and sack trucks (if 1940-1960 period) https://peco-uk.com/products/luggage-trolleys-and-sack-trucks
  17. Those images are fantastic! And some people get all the luck .
  18. Chopper, I have never seen those before. They will be very useful. I will have to look at that site. Thanks
  19. Saw a ‘Carlsson’ that, frankly, confused me. I’m assuming it was a coach build conversion job. No pic, as I was driving. Best described as the lovechild of a 6th Gen Honda Civic hatchback (front) and a generic estate (rear).
  20. Whilst I agree to a degree, it is only to a degree. It also has to hold some relevance to people. Let’s take the Bristol Type 138 ( https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bristol_Type_138 ) as an example. Frog produced the kit originally in 1964, less than 30 years after the record breaking flights in 1936. It still held some significance to people. Today, closing in on 90 years after the Type 138 flew, would there be knowledge of this aircraft and it achievements that would warrant a large manufacturer to devote time and money into development of a mould etc that
  21. Muddyf

    Model Shops UK

    I can vouch for Frome Model Centre, Frome, Somerset. I drive down from Bristol (45+ minutes), or pop in if I’m in the area. They have a good selection of various plastic kits, an online shop and visit a lot of the local shows. They also stock model railway, wargaming and general hobby stuff including paints etc.
  22. When the heroic defence of Gzhel ( https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gzhel ) was required, this tank was VERY useful and the camo blended in perfectly! I would be surprised if there are a few British versions of these around Stoke!
  23. Good moaning. I was possing by the dear and noticed through an open window this sot of laddie figures: https://hobbylandbg.com/mb35148-master-1-35-women-of-wwii-era-4-figures.html *apologies for my terrible Fronch accent. **Oh, I only had these book marked as a friend was looking for civilians for a diorama. I have not used this set nor the supplier and nor do I have any connection (usual disclaimer etc!)
  24. Thanks for the replies again guys, in response: Chopper - I have seen those manuals etc pop up on ebay, amazon etc. The book is one i have in my (now VERY extensive wishlist) but as pointed out, does sell for silly money. I have some cutaways but they arent to scale and also, as with a lot of older cutaways, not always accurate. Busnproplinerfan - I have (very limited) access to a Mk21, although i would love to crawl over the one you have at WCAM! The little details amaze me, i.e. the 'Bristol' logo on the pedals etc. That said, the differences in the bits im most inter
  25. This is something I have often wondered! The number of Hercules engines still in existence is high, it’s just finding enough that are airworthy (6 I’m guessing?) that are ALL of the same mark and spares. Perhaps if the museums and collections of the world were scoured, there would be more than enough to get several aircraft flying again (including Lancaster, Halifax, wellington etc). Now, getting them to give up or swap those engines is the hard part. With regards to Merlins, whilst I would love to see a Beau airborne, for me it would have to be Hercules powered.
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