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  1. Everyone in Hollywood gets a nose job, now its the Falcons turn.
  2. Come on, a little bit of encouragement, I'll read some stuff, spread it all out on the table, Then I'll get scared, give and look for an escape route...
  3. Hi I've just found this kit and I'm a bit daunted by it to be honest. I've never made a kit quite so complicated or with so much metal work. It has been started, some of the superstructure has been assembled but I think I need to read up on this before making a start (or bailing out..) Where do I start?
  4. Mind if I join this one? I have been looking around for an Anson that crashed locally in 1940, L9709 I think. It came down a couple of miles from my grandads home, and I remember my Dad mentioning it every time we drove past the site. I was clearing out some rubbish from the blacksmiths shop and found a Sutton harness ... Looks like grandad went up there for more than a look round. This was a training flight from FTS at Rissington, would the Special hobby kit be the right kit to start with? Think I should make one while I work out what to do with the harness..
  5. I went to a school like that...
  6. If they did a new Vulcan, they could simplify the design as there would be no need for a wheels up option any more...
  7. I've been googling trainers for ages and thats as close as I've found. Thanks for that. Trouble is now I know the colours, I think I should skin it before hanging it up...
  8. This is probably destined for hanging up in the roof of the forge, but out of idle curiosity I'm wondering what it is. Anyone recognise it?
  9. Thee's only one thing left to do. Scratch a bigger base and a lander...
  10. You could strip all th workings off your 25 litre tank and use it with the new compressor. Incidentally, I have a couple of bigger Bambi compressors here, running but not in great shape. If anyone wants a project....
  11. When I get round to mine, I'll do 'Corston' as its nearest.. I'm near Fairford. If the others give you enough letter....
  12. I got a Dragon Sherman III at a boot sale this morning! £17 ! I may just watch this for hints though...
  13. Whats the story with the Morris Minor in the pic?
  14. I will admit to being slightly facetious but If you could squeeze it in there could the wire be disguised as kelp?
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