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  1. Typical, I was going to get a new airbrush and now my compressor has died. I've been using a clarkes comp from machine mart for 15 years with a 25 litre tank (i think - deffinatly a large tank anyway) but the motor has died. The other main problem was the noise level almost at the ear deffender point, but as i model in my shed/man cave it wasn't too much of a problem. So, i was wondering about what type of compressor to look. The main requirments are: 1/ a tank - larger the better 2/one that is a lot quieter! my hearings bad enough already with out any help. so any idea's any one.
  2. Thanks for that Paul, I pressume that you will be at the Nationals this year, if so do you bring brushes to try out and more importantly sell! If you are I'll introduce myself and have a chat
  3. thanks for the replies everyone I was thinking Iawata myself to keep it all the same but if anybody thinks other wise let me know
  4. i have been given a nearly new Neo which I am considering just using for base coats which I used to use Badger single action for. Having given up on Aztec's (had 2 of the 470 range both been back to the manafactures at least once) I'm now looking for an airbrush for detail work, but I'm getting lost on choices - far too many nice shiney things to look at! So I was wondering if I should stick to the Iawata range or look at other brands. Any surgestions?
  5. I've had one of the Clark compressors from machine mart for 15 years and has just developed a little fault but for the price I am going to get another if the fault cant be fixed. But be aware they are LOUD, I get away with it as I do my modelling in a shed but even so I,m going to try and sound proof it a bit. You need to allow for a moister trap as it doesn't come with one, allthough MM sell them as well. The 24L tank is great and lasts for a decent time before the motor cuts in again, though you can turn the motor switch to off so you can manually turn it on when you need.
  6. I think that the Tiger 2 at La Gleize has had a panther 75mm gun barrel fitted (if i remember the original one was damaged)
  7. I've been reduced to a quivering mess with link and length so i use fruilmodel now.
  8. As far as I can tell Bovingtons Panther G was 1 of 10 built by the R.E.M.E. after the war from part finished venicles found. The tanks were compleated by german workers from the original factories for testing and technological research. The Panther found at the scrap yard was brought by a german (a panther crew man I think) and restored. This is the 1 that was recently confiscated by the german police. Bet they needed new underware after bumping into that 1...
  9. same as pete, dear santa IM sure the back garden is big enough saves mowing the lawn too a win win situation
  10. out of the blue I've just been given a nearly new Iawatta neo! All i've got do now is sort out a compressor. thanks for the info paul, i might have to look at your web site
  11. I've got the chance of getting a Devilbiss 63 boxed and with spare seals needles and tips for £45 and I'm really tempted as you can imagine. But i know next to nothing about them so I wanted to ask if any of you have had expierence of this airbrush.
  12. Must drag mine from the stash, hope I can get close too yours!
  13. Great model there, looks just like them when I drove them (for my sin's!), I woner weathere the anti draft masking tape and old news papers stuffed in holes is in the cab.....
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