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  1. What magic trickery did you use to make these?!?! AMAZING work!!! Well done! R
  2. Rizon


    Here a painting I recently completed. Simply titled: "Mirage" Acrylic on Canvas 760 mm x 380 mm 50661548112_074002231c_o R
  3. I would also caution against using plasticine in conjunction with plastic. The plasticene contains oils and plasticiser, that will leach into the styrene plastic over time and, well, plasticise (soften) the plastic. R
  4. ....doesn't the Academy kit have its origins in the Hasegawa kit....?
  5. This is my Academy F-104G in 1/72. Yes, that Academy kit. I got the kit long ago – late 80’s round about. I built it, thought it was funny looking but left it at that. Lately I started to restore the models I built long ago. And as this model has a number of fond memories attached, I decided to restore it. Now I knew about the canopy, but when comparing the model parts to scale drawings some more things popped up. - The next obvious thing is the banana shape of the fuselage, along with being too wide and too deep. - Air intakes are too
  6. Jet Box..... now there is one I haven't heard of.... R
  7. I have noticed that detail seems to have changed over time. Old Jet Rangers seem to have a smooth transition, same for the nose floor windows. At some point the manufacturing process seems to have changed to a free blown perspex from some sort of molded process.
  8. Adding an Addendum here: I made the decals for the formation lights with “glow-in-the-dark” acrylic paint. First I painted Valejo white base as background and then a few layers of the glow-in the-dark paint. Works reasonably well, except it is hideously difficult to take photos of without a decent camera. Anyway, here my attempt with a phone camera: R
  9. Here a few photos of my home-conversion of the proposed Naval variant of Lockheed’s F-117. The kit is based on the old and not so correct 1/72 kit from Revell. The build progress is shared here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235073231-f-117n/ I finished the model in a hypothetical colour scheme based on the current F-35. The concept drawings show the aircraft in the US Naval typical Ghost Grey schemes, but I felt a darker tone is more appropriate for the Nighthawk. The squadron I chose for the aircraft was the now defunct Intruder squadron, VA-185 “Nighthawks”…
  10. Calling this one complete. Some better and more detailed pictures to follow in RFI R
  11. UNBELIEVABLE! That is a seriously esoteric collection second to none! Very awesome set of aeronautical history, well done! R
  12. Depends a bit on the software also I guess. I cut my teeth on ProE doing Helicopter Air Intakes. That was a lot of fun. Recently had to do some work in Solid Edge using surfaces - an experience I can not recommend!
  13. I do not own a printer as yet, currently relying on friends to print for me. I tend to start my modelling as far as possible using Excell and / or Matlab to define and scale the sections. I then port the info to CAD. I normally use Rhino, as I prefer to work with surface modelling, instead of the Solid Model usually used. Comes from being an aerodynamicist where I work with surface geometries, rather than manufacturable components.
  14. I love these projects. Currently I am in the process of making a Cessna 210 and Barron for 3d printing. Was about to start with a Cessna 310 also, but fortunately a nice resin kit came out recently.
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