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  1. Masterful result; so much to be impressed with, but I'll just ask one question. How did you do all the teeny-tiny autumn leaves?
  2. Wow! What a brilliant project! I'm surprised I've missed it all this time, but will be checking in from time to time. Love the nostalgia, obviously, and the nicely defined aesthetic you bring to the whole enterprise. Those bagged Wildcats take me straight back to HE Figgures on Lymington High Street.
  3. Gorgeous models. Makes me almost wish I'd been an air cadet. Also makes me want to go and see what plans are available for balsa and tissue versions
  4. chrisbob12

    MWP Project: Mirage IIIC "Ça va sans dire!"

    That all looks astonishing! I love the extent to which the inner structure of the aircraft is modelled and shown. Question: is that a special aluminium tape, or can you use the regular industrial tape? Does it need to be specially thin?
  5. That's a sweet result! Thank you for sharing.
  6. chrisbob12

    1/72 Airfix Sea King HC.4

    Superb result. Something about the way you've treated the skin of it is jaw-droppingly convincing: seems to have side-stepped scale effect.
  7. chrisbob12

    DWI Wellington Airfix 1/72

    Awesome conversion, and very nicely realised.
  8. Nice finish! I can't tell what scale it is.
  9. I had to look twice at the photo to work out if it was a cartoon or model, so from my point of view you have achieved your objective. I like the way you've used the linework and flat colours; makes a nice change from models being pushed to look like an oil painting.
  10. chrisbob12

    Airfix Village Church

    Well that's a very nice build and nicely shot. I must say that Airfix's toolmakers exercised some artistic licence with the stone walls - no way was that layed in courses!
  11. Many thanks! Top presentation of some childhood favourites.
  12. chrisbob12

    1/72 F8F Bearcat

    Very sleek! Great result.
  13. chrisbob12

    Seafire Mk47 Airfix 1/48th

    Gorgeous <sheds a tear>
  14. chrisbob12

    ***Finished***A mojo sparker, ETiffie

    mmm... archetypal hairy stick
  15. Great build! A nice finish and a brilliant and classy colour scheme.
  16. chrisbob12

    Another Denial of Service Attack

    Drones; we drone them these days.
  17. chrisbob12

    Another Denial of Service Attack

    Thanks for keeping the show on the road, and a positive attitude in your posts. Best wishes.
  18. Great result! I'm a little confused about the colouring. The photo looks monochrome apart from the fin marking - are the Ashoka Chakra roundels monochrome, or are you having some photoshop fun?
  19. Lovely result on a kit which has memories for me. I think the clarity of work round the transparencies really overcomes 'scale effect' adding the real-life icing to a rather excellent cake.
  20. chrisbob12

    Frog F3 HORNET

    That is super-smart! Lovely result. I remember obsessing over this kit back in the late 70s, but could never quite get to buying one.
  21. Uh-oh I'll be attending to this one! I picked up one of these for Christmas 'reading' in TK Maxx of all places. Some resonances with days gone by as well
  22. chrisbob12

    SU-27SM 'Flanker-B'

    Lovely result: great work on a charismatic jet.
  23. That's lovely! I seem to remember getting that one with a set of four or five other WW1 Revell aircraft from Green Shield stamps, sometime before the dawn of time.