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  1. Very nice build, lovely paint job and I do like a good what-if. But I'm not sure the cross insignia works, unless its intended to be low-vis? I suspect in this history the US and CSA would go the other way trying to out-do each other with flying bill boards. Have you seen the profiles at Clavework Graphics? Lots of amazing what-ifs, including CSA F16, P38, P-40, P-47 and P-51: http://www.clavework-graphics.co.uk/aircraft/fantasy_7/fantasy_620.html There are state what-ifs as well including Texas: http://www.clavework-graphics.co.uk/aircraft/fantasy_8/fantasy_760.html
  2. Wow. Superbly done and beautifully weathered - not shaded to death! The Foxbat is one of the 10 ten most beautiful aircraft ever. Fact. And the two seater is one of the ugliest!
  3. Pole dancers and champagne? OK you've got me interested. Nice job so far!
  4. Practice on something cheap first, you'll soon get the hang of it. I always recommend the Airfix Roland CII if you can get one, its a neat little kit, easy to paint and a great start on the esoteric art of building biplanes. Only flaw is the flying surfaces are too tick, sand them down a bit.
  5. You've spotted that the rigging wires aren't round, they are flattened for streamlining. If the strip doesn't work, I did mine by supergluing two strands of fly tippet together on an improvised loom (an old square sprue) and then heat shrinking the result to get it taut. Finally paint filled in the shape - worked well.
  6. Couldn't agree more. There are so many fine builds on Britmodeller ruined by ridiculous shading. If you want an artistic effect, why not add pink spots all over? Tricky to do and just as realistic. There's even pre-shaded battleships . I can rant more if you like!
  7. Didn't see that one coming. Perhaps a royal request? Its happened before. Also makes it harder to cancel, just in case.
  8. I like the prominent display of the large hammer - "yes we fixed it with this"
  9. Its filthy - what have they done to the poor thing? Nice build though .
  10. Gorgeous photos and look how fine the panel lines are. Back to raised lines and rivets perhaps!
  11. Crikey she's a big girl! My 1/144 Clippers are the size of 1/72 Lancasters but your collection shows it so much better. Great to see it done JW and glad I could contribute in a small way. Nice detail of the blinds in the windows and great job on the trolley too given the lack of sources - maybe a little bulldozer one day to shift it across the case? I do suspect the 'experimental' part of the scheme was 'just how cool can we make this plane look using an unlimited paint budget?'
  12. The ball turret would have been a bit tricky... Fun what-if though. In reality too big, too expensive? The side sponson design would have restricted downward visibility a lot, a big deal in maritime patrol. The great range would have been very useful but still, you'd be better off building three Catalinas for every Clipper.
  13. Built this as a kid - I think it came in a packet of cornflakes? My parents still have it somewhere I think.
  14. Always loved the HE-115, got the old matchbox 1/72 in the stash. If you go for the winter camo check photos, it was field applied very roughly over the existing pattern.
  15. Oooh, here's another good one. Amazing how the same old searches suddenly throw up new pictures. Good look at the flaps and beaching trolley. I'm sure this is the prototype after the tail rebuild, no boots yet. Are those lights in the tail tips? Ain't she a beauty!
  16. Well... any lines are going to be hard to see against that grey. In #63 there seems to be a darker line in the right place, just touching the back of the nacelles... glad its not my call! Here's a nice photo showing the location of the bulb aerial - and those lovely lines! . Also the lines on the sponsons can be seen:
  17. Wow that scheme does look trippy! Are you going to apply the wing/fuselage don't walk markings (or whatever they are)? I've never seen the top of a US Navy Clipper but all the others had them. Also note that the bulb aerial behind the cockpit is offset to starboard. The extra nose aerial could be the same? That trolley looks really good now, I admit I wasn't sure about the tanks either.
  18. Sadly nobody seems to have followed up this ring wing idea - except perhaps for the 1:1 replica Moa is working on in secret - or maybe that's his flying saucer. This is the wikipedia article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee-Richards_annular_monoplane
  19. They even camoed the blades?? Looks lovely though
  20. Fine wee build. As you say 1/600 is the perfect scale - so much more easier to detail than 1/700 but not too big. Shame we will never see another kit released in 1/600 but wonders can be achieved with the old Airfixes if you put in the time. One tip - if you can get an older moulding they are much better than recent re-pops.
  21. Anybody know if all digital calipers have that back 'ledge' as part of their design or is it just the Mitutoyo? Thanks
  22. And there are some AMX builds on Paper Modelers, might be worth asking there? http://www.papermodelers.com/forum/pasa-paper-aeronautical-space-administration/
  23. No, but like you I've thought about it. I know of this site that also does free downloads: https://currell.net/models/mod_free.htm Very tempted by the N1 and the airships, paper suits these sorts of subjects very well.
  24. I've had exactly that happen more than once. Never found a good way to fix it either - best of luck!
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