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  1. First place I looked TBH, but nothing on Norfolk - I'm pretty sure she wasn't just Home Fleet grey. Due to her involvement in the hunt for the Bismark I thought there would be more research on her than there seems to be - but I guess if the sources aren't there it is what it is. A shelf of 1941 ships will be rather dull though, especially compared to 1943. At least my 1941 Suffolk is resplendent in her Airfix specified 1930s China station scheme!
  2. Vague plans to partner my widely inaccurate Airfix Suffolk with a correct Norfolk for the Denmark Straits- but what were the colours? The only decent Admiralty pattern photos are 1943 and just the starboard. But I don't think she was just Home Fleet Grey - an image on WW2 cruisers seems to show a splinter pattern on the superstructure and funnels (maybe to make her look like a C, D or E class). Are there any sources? Thanks John
  3. They are superb decals. I've applied their naval hex over matt very light grey (Humbrol 147), they come out slightly darker but no silvering and a nice fabric 'look'. My plan is to finally apply a Future varnish with a drop or two of light grey to mute down the contrast and create scale effect. I haven't tried anything more complex than that though, and I might ruin it. I have found such decals very difficult to trim around the edges of wings, especially complex curves. For me, a scalpel blade run along the edge slips too easily - any tips appreciated.
  4. Yeah, its a shame Airfix never did some sort of 1/600 convoy set with a Liberty ship, a Flower and a U-Boat. I'd have bought it! But yours is much better.
  5. Well done, that's a wee beauty and scratch building your own is so satisfying. If anything it looks a little too 'crisp' as all the parts are freshly cut and not rounded slightly by the molding process. So probably more accurate, but not so traditional for 1/600!
  6. Great project, one that I've contemplated in 1:72 but don't fancy that much resin. These racers deserve decent kits!
  7. Thanks for the warning (glances nervously at stash which about half a dozen of the damn things)
  8. 2015? Huh - I have builds from the last century still on the go!
  9. I've to a half-finished JSC Viribus Unitis that I might one day get back to, I wish I had your skill set as I found it all fiendishly hard work to look right. Is a kit like a 1/400 Heller Hood any use for complex parts?
  10. Probably a bit late know but I've done very fine weld lines with carefully masked paint or Mr Surfacer. I found very thin plastic strip tends to fall apart when sanding.
  11. I agree, working with them on an Albatros W4 right now and very impressed. Follow the instructions carefully - note there are clear decals (the surface must be painted white, dont try to get clever! - or sheets with a white base. They are looking superb so far, with a varnished fabric appearance rather than the usual decal sheen. Of course I will find a way of ruining it all.
  12. Glorious. Just thought - why did/does/will Discovery have three pod bay doors? Seems like more weight and weakness. One or two doors and a rail system to move the three pods internally would be better. But not the same.
  13. Gunboat 658 is a classic - IIRC correctly Reynolds was only 19 when he joined her, he was CO in two years.
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