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  1. Does anybody know what the yellow/white diagonal bars on Phantom tails are for? These phantastic examples have them on the side and nose as well. I've googled and found nothing - they dont appear on USN F4s but they are on USAF F101s and F111s. The RAF had them on some late F4Js - are they some sort of warning marking? If so they seem to be optional. Thanks
  2. I've just spent five minutes wondering why a hangar/drop tank shed would have such nice windows...
  3. Xtreme Metal is very hot enamel though, I find its safer to treat it as if its lacquer just in case. Lacquer primer should be OK though
  4. Excellent job so far - always wanted to do something like this. Are you going to add photo-etch? The WEM 1/600 anchors are a lot better than Airfix ones. You can use resin 1/700 boats as well - just use the next size up if you see what I mean.
  5. I've always said 1/600 is the perfect ship scale - not too big, not too small, and just 'looks' right. Trouble is its a dead scale but the kits that are out there are fun and can be tarted up with after market and etch, or download some old Airfix magazines and try out the suggested conversions. Belfast is a good 1/600, the older ones are very basic. Airfix's Prinz Eugen is a delight too, my favourite model ever. It does help if you like scratchbuilding details though. And the older the issue the better - the recent ones are very soft.
  6. Just a thought - why not go with the printed photo? Fooled me at first glance. Nice 3D effect on the hub as well.
  7. That wash looks really good - OK, apart from the damaged bits. Learning experience as you say. Maybe try thinning the oil colour with lighter fluid - it should be gentler.
  8. The hulls too short IIRC, in addition to all the many other shortcomings. But all is forgiven for that lovely box - the Tirpitz's was even better. Nice build so far in God's own ship scale - 1/600 is so easy to work with, sadly it's history.
  9. It means 'Vault of Heaven' in Middle English, from the old English for 'cloud'. "Hark! The herald angels sing" was originally 'Hark, hear the welkin ring'.
  10. Somebody taking life too seriously once speculated that Biggles was a lifelong bachelor and was therefore probably gay. It was then pointed out that he never went to church or the toilet either, so by that logic he was a lifelong constipated gay atheist. Might explain the gritted teeth though...
  11. Well... I'm a big fan of Xtreme Metal paints, but I'm not 100% convinced they are enamels. They may say that on the label but its best to treat them as if they are lacquers (though only Chrome needs a primer). They certainly smell... real good... so ventilation is required. But they cover really well, are durable, mask well. The thinner is rocket fuel as far as I can make out, it'll strip anything.
  12. I have to say I don't remember any fit issues on mine and the decals were lovely - maybe it was a different boxing. The red walk lines were tricky but that was my fault. Nice build wee man!
  13. Very nice build, lovely paint job and I do like a good what-if. But I'm not sure the cross insignia works, unless its intended to be low-vis? I suspect in this history the US and CSA would go the other way trying to out-do each other with flying bill boards. Have you seen the profiles at Clavework Graphics? Lots of amazing what-ifs, including CSA F16, P38, P-40, P-47 and P-51: http://www.clavework-graphics.co.uk/aircraft/fantasy_7/fantasy_620.html There are state what-ifs as well including Texas: http://www.clavework-graphics.co.uk/aircraft/fantasy_8/fantasy_760.html
  14. Wow. Superbly done and beautifully weathered - not shaded to death! The Foxbat is one of the 10 ten most beautiful aircraft ever. Fact. And the two seater is one of the ugliest!
  15. Pole dancers and champagne? OK you've got me interested. Nice job so far!
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