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  1. I'd love to see your Enterprise, the paper deck would work well on a carrier. Sort of hoping you didn't really build this in 3 1/2 hours... Did you scan the parts to get the deck plan, or measure it all out?
  2. Oh god, prepare to feel inadequate... (as a GF said to me once)
  3. Paper - that's brilliant and much better than wood in this scale. What glue are you using?
  4. Much better photo, doesn't she look good. Only thought - a CIWS on each bridge wing sponson would have enhanced the balanced look. Still very very pretty - unusual for the time period
  5. Very nice. What kit and how did you do the paneling? Thanks John (currently nervously awaiting a covid test result)
  6. The small rangefinders are probably air defence sights, or maybe searchlight sights (probably both). Beautiful work.
  7. Please do if you can - not least as I have this to do at some point. The Revell kit is not a good place to start but I think its all we have in 1/72. When I do mine I expect to replace most of it using a 1/48 Eduard DH2 kit as a guide.
  8. Very nice. I remember this one fondly from my childhood, lots of weapons and easy to paint. Wrong stand of course but let's just move on shall we
  9. She does look good. The weapons fit still gives my historicity OCD heebie-jeebies but who cares? Did Tiger have any searchlights? Apart from signalling lamps I'm not sure modern ships use them.
  10. Me too, could well have flown that and not nearly crashed it - unlike one of my cadet-mates who had a small panic attack. Funny story.
  11. The Dukes do, aft of the VLS. But your platform idea sounds good, should look cool (which is what matters)
  12. Looking very good. Perhaps the Exocets would be set to launch sideways like Harpoon to clear B turret? If your carpet monster is big enough to eat a 6" turret that's quite worrying - but then again its Western Australia so anything is possible I suppose.
  13. Interesting drop tanks... or maybe long range cruise missiles?
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