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  1. Technically quite brilliant, beautifully shot and far better than most war movies these days - 10/10. But the style of making the entire film appear to be one continuous shot means some trade-offs that are nearly flaws - the pacing is slightly off and some scenes go on too long because there can be no editing for time. So like Private Ryan its technical artifice (the famous washed out look of SPR) ultimately detracts from the overall effect, IMO. Highly recommended anyway, and its one of those movies that demands the biggest screen you can find. Some scenes are simply remarkable in every way (for me, the flares in the town).
  2. I echo all the above. Lovely kits (in superb boxes), but not for beginners. I have encountered fit issues, usually with interiors. For instance their 1/72 Camel comes with a lovely little cockpit assembly complete with framing - that doesnt even remotely fit in the fuselage. Its like its meant to be displayed separately. But all part of the fun. I've never had a Roden where the decals werent difficult, but my large unbuilt stash of them is least ten years old so I live in hope that's been fixed.
  3. Always liked the Wimpy since building the old Matchbox one. And splendid job on the paintwork with the correct sharp edges - none of that airy-fairey soft stuff in the RAF thank you! Maybe its the light but just the right amount of fade as well.
  4. I read a story of a V-Force crew who visited a SAC base on exercise. A USAF ground crewman asked them if their aircraft was a Valiant or a Victor - they told him it was a Vulcan. Their host said 'Gee, I wish we could afford three strategic bombers'. The RAF guys nodded, thinking yes, we wish Britain could afford them too...
  5. Lovely camo job - I was going to 'humoursly' suggest it should be various shades of grey, but looks like it would work very well anywhere in the central belt. Clavework graphics has a few Scottish what-if profiles, funny how they are all for a republic as well.
  6. I wouldnt worry about the two deck colours, it makes sense that the fresh planking added at the rebuild would look different from the old stuff. Given the period I'd have installed a spotter plane and hangar, very useful for convoy duty. Are you planning to update the funnels? They would make her look much more modern - and if the boilers have been replaced (very likely due due to the huge performance improvement) then new funnels would be required. Looking more like a QE or Revenge would also frighten off raiders.
  7. Its even got a bit of a sharkmouth... Thinks - how about adding a Vulcan to the team...?
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-50670743 Some good pictures too. Sounds like they are looking for other members of the German squadron (with the usual TV deal of course)
  9. For those lines - techincally wires I guess - I use fishing line and get the built in curve to provide the sag. Having those lines tight never looks quite right to me
  10. I confess I havent played in quite a while - practise is the main thing. Its not a simple arcade game for sure
  11. It is possible to make a silk purse out of this but yeah just have fun. The cockpit is worth doing (OK bit late now) and there's not that much scribing to do. IIRC I widened the fuselage rather than sanding down the canopy, and my engine nacelles where short shot and had to be rebuilt with filler. It's worth adding the nose landing light, it just looks wrong without one.
  12. They are odd, ugly ships - yet somehow look right. Can't put my finger on it - maybe its the proportions. Or its nobody does slanted funnels like the RN.
  13. I see the pictures. Wow the erks must have been at the mushrooms that morning!
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