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  1. Best Vulcan I've seen on BM. Guess we don't need the new tool then?
  2. This could get interesting. The last person to offend the Shaolin Modelling Monks got turned into an obscure French biplane ekranoplan. But at least he didn't upset our Martian...
  3. But I was so close!!! Oh well. Already made a mess of one of the flare dispensers, sprue gloop to fix.
  4. Sorry me again - do you mean the entire raised area, or just the rectangle within the slightly raised area? Thanks
  5. Oh god - I've just declared my Buccaneer fuselage painted and complete, ready for decaling. Oh well... Thanks for the full explanation anyway, even if it has ruined my weekend
  6. Beautiful. And nod to the original film for recording this rare plane and giving it such a good paint job
  7. This is what happens when air forces have too much money. Wonderful music though!
  8. Can you point out the other reinforcing plates that should be removed? Thanks
  9. The issue for me would be the big contrast between the white of the roundel and serial and the white of the 6. Would they have been painted at the same time though on the real thing? If the 6 was a local job than we can blame the Erk (always blame the erks)
  10. Oh no not the worst. The Matchbox plastic came in something frightful like yellow and purple IRRC. Unpainted it was a sight, and when 12 year old me had finished with the silver it was beyond help.
  11. I can almost hear those shelves creaking - hope its not that heavy! Great build for a great show
  12. Oddly enough I got my TSR2 together OK (with some bullying), it was at the paint stage that I lost the mojo. The various whites I tried and failed with mean it needs re-scribing and I couldn't face it. The fit of those airbrakes still gives me nightmares though. Maybe I could finish it as a range target?
  13. Lovely build. You have to build 1/72 biplanes to realise what a challenge it is. The best thing about building Fokkers - if they fall apart, that's just extra realism.
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