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  1. Oh the joys of Roden decals. Apparently they have greatly improved but I've only ever met the older ones that were... challenging. Like Stalingrad was challenging.
  2. Love the pilot's posture - Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast.
  3. Beautifully weathered, I love the fluid effects. How it should be done!
  4. Neither have I to be honest, but there's a big update coming up (Odyssey) with surface walking and combat. Horizons (surface vehicles) is now free.
  5. In Elite Dangerous you can do exactly that, and its easier to find with the new FSS scanner mechanic. You will need a Sol system pass though.
  6. Yup another beautiful build, really captures the spirit of the thing. Fine job with all the window masking, you have nothing to complain about. I'd have drilled the portholes as well but I'm insane. One small criticism - that workbench is appallingly tidy, you should remedy that at once Good luck with the Lusitania - I have the same kit and a tough act to follow - my great-grandfather did an impressive build of her in 1:1.
  7. Oh that is nice. The model is a bit basic but you make it capture the character of the real thing without going too far. I have this in the stash as a mule for a home-made wooden deck - maybe I'll move it up the build order and do it properly (as-in, copy yours!) What photo-etch did you use?
  8. Sorry never got an alert for this post and only just seen it. Here's a link to Harry Lime's comprehensive and excellent post: Note some people have also been removing the raised panel on the tail but as far as I know that should be there - Harry keeps it and it can be seen on the flightline photos above.
  9. Very nice. By chance I'll be posting the same Hunter soon - so I know just how much work you had to put in, well done
  10. By coincidence, Sub Brief (aka Jive Turkey) has just put up a vintage video of a Delta IV at work, worth cuppa time. Seems some did get seven bladed screws.
  11. I couldn't get the wing joint right either, which was irritating as the rest of the fit was good. But at least you've got rid of the pre-shade so that's progress
  12. When it was time to pack up, how did you know which ones were yours? I guess a parent just knows.
  13. 150?!? I would show my other half this as a warning, but she's a mental health nurse and may start making phone calls.
  14. Yes I built the Mark 1 as a kid and ruined it. It was terrible even without my efforts, but Airfix have made amends. I just wish they would scale down their Javelin.
  15. Unfortunately, I've just realised the real thing shows the 'ROYAL NAVY' on the tail is a bit too far forward! Airfix just repeat the Ark Royal positioning on the decal guide and I didn't check it. Ark ruining everything as usual! Oh well, they must have repainted it at some point. Anyway here is another photo of the real thing showing the tanks: These are the original RN tanks, I think they are a bit more pointy than the RAF ones? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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