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  1. Welcome Eric Your skills are plain to see Those Federal 605 trucks are a marvellous addition, can you post a link to the site please ?? Well done my friend Ian
  2. I also scratched a 48th scale Ford WOT crew-bus Converted a Albion refueller into a RAF Tender
  3. For the large scale 32nd Lancaster you need some large scale vehicles but unfortunately you can only get 35th scale . . . . Converted from the 4 x 4 tractor unit with extended chassis , additional wheels etc and a new tank and pump unit . . . And a scratch built OIL bowser Pulled by a 32nd scale David Brown tractor (IconicAir kit) Bedford QL for taking crews out to dispersal points A converted Austin 'Tilly' kit into a Hillman 'Tilly' Along with a 32nd scale Nissen hut and some ground equipment pieces . . . and I have the Flight Commanders runabout waiting under the wing
  4. There is also an issue with the size of the flight engineers panel. I have a scale internal plan of such and the first photo may help . . . The white square is the kit size of the Tamiya kit and it is almost up to the f/eng seat . . . Resized panel, the black square is more in keeping with the actual panel (it was measured at the time, some years ago, but I havent got those details to hand) In position with the red line outlining the kit size Hopefully the HK Lancaster kit engineers panel will be nearer the revised size Ian
  5. Side windows in 48th scale should be, based on your measurement of 22", 11.6mm I'll just go measure the Tamiya one . . . I make it almost 12mm I measured the window frame at the front, just behind the front windscreen, of which would have been the pilots window.
  6. Peter From what I have read about the ABC operators, they were not assigned to any particular crew. They kept to themselves, had separate briefings and transported out to a crew they were to fly with from their own hut. I have (had) a book describing their role but loaned it out to a lady whose father flew with the squadron; think its was written by Sean Feast (?) They were not allowed to discuss their role with other aircrew types so I find it strange when you say they needed inputs from two other crew members. Remember the role of the ABC man was to listen on German frequencies and then to jam their broadcast. Three aerials gave them plenty of options to listen out and jam certainly nothing to do with the navigator and I suspect the W/op would have been busy doing his thing particularly if he had the use of 'Fishpond' I do think the hours you mention to mod the Lancaster is somewhat over the top . . . best rgds Ian
  7. Peter I was lead to believe that that ABC operator sat at the back end of the bomb-bay roof within the fuselage as that was the only space available with his three transmitters etc. You are correct in that they carried less bombs but as they were there to jam German transmission within the bomber stream, they, 101 Squadron, flew on virtually ever operation even if No1 Group were not flying and consequently suffered a high proportion of losses . . . PS there were two aerials on the top spine of the aircraft between the mid-upper turret to the back of the canopy, the third aerial was under the nose of the aircraft Ian
  8. Is it vehicles you are after ? Perhaps you could convert some 1:50th Corgi models ? It might be that you want a bench or steps/ladders ?? Perhaps I have missed a build of your that would be a true indicators of your wants/needs ??
  9. Just the briefest clip from a chap who flew with 'my' squadron (100 ) from RAF Grimsby, just listen to the very first thing he says . . . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAeIv35Qlxs Ian
  10. The scratch built, correct type, flight-engineers drop down seat . . . It wont be secured until the fuselage halves are together Thanks for looking in Ian
  11. Planes 123 I brush paint and I used Humbrol paints . . . Ian
  12. Thanks for that Jon I'm almost certain that that particular aircraft did serve during the war and obviously its been restored but I like the fact that there is a bench and not the usual nav seat that swiveled off the upright post . . . Thanks for sharing the link Ian
  13. I cant be 100% sure but it would make sense to have it fixed so one could walk along it without it moving (if you were in a rush to get to the front escape hatch . . .) There was no room under the nav table to push it aside so thats what makes me think it was fixed. I'm sure somebody will come back and say it couldnt be fixed because you wouldnt be able to get to the winch positions for the bomb-bay ?? Lets hear from them. . . As Yet, nobody else seems to think that some Lancs had a bench seat so there will probably be a lot of discussion/disagreement about such but I am hoping that the Alarmy photo and the wartime painting plus the Footage farm short film may convince others . . . Ian
  14. Nav sat on a bench, no seat with a back piece or frame . . . Well known lady artist 1944 showing the forward section of the aircraft and the two chaps by the nav table . . . I was also told by a Nav who was shot down in March 1945 that he shared the bench with the bomb-aimer who helped him by monitoring the electronic equipment I know this arrangement wasnt in every Lancaster but it was in certain aircraft . . .. Ian
  15. This is the only footage I can find, starts around 11.00 mins . . .
  16. I managed to get some small bits done concerning the flight-engineers seat, the kit has the post-war install so it needed to be provided with the wartime version. My apologies for the photos, the camera is not flattening at close pics . . . The bar from which the seat hung, The seat sat on the said bar, its in the stowed position and was lifted and held it place with a strap. I will paint it when I have completed the support frame How it will look from the outside, it will be in the stowed position as I intend to have the flight engineer stood along side his position I also scratched the navigators bench seat that he shared with the bomb-aimer I am getting quite close to closing the fuselage, I just need to complete the back end, ammo tracks and the Elsan etc . .. more to come as I am back with some mojo Ian
  17. Hi Pete A nice set of photos that are adding to every bodies understanding of the three crew positions. Could you give a measurement of the Nav table from the partition bulkhead towards the pilots seat please ? This will finally give me(us) a proper size with which to correctly modify the Nav's table in all Lancaster models. Thanks in anticipation Ian
  18. You could always add offices to the sides like the real J type . . .
  19. Neil Out of interest, would the Bedford J crew bus be the long nose of flat fronted type ?? Ian
  20. I look forward to seeing your updates Rich as well as the paint finish . . . Ian
  21. Hope you dont mind Richard but here is my converted 35th scale 4x4 Matador to the 6x6 matador refuelling vehicle . . . (Photo's of the not quite finished model) Its not got the intricate detail yours has Rich but as a basic modeller, I'm happy with it. I look forward to seeing the photos re-appearing and reading through the build again . . . Ian
  22. Rumour from my youth has it that the Australian beer that carried the letter four XXXX had to replace what was on the tin because they werent allow to put the word SHXT . . . .
  23. Kari Wartime rads had three sections, two for water and a third for the oil. Those commonly seen on such as NX611 and PA474 are post-war types. If you check out the video called 'Night Bombers' you will see the wartime rad early on as the ground crew are doing an engine change. I am pleased to see the HK 48th Lancaster rads have been change to the wartime config whereas the 32nd has the post-war types . . . . Ian
  24. Excellent item, thanks for the link Peter
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