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  1. RZP

    Malta Spitfire Colour Scheme

    Seriously? F/O Ryan Gosling? I don't doubt you at all, but interesting considering the Canadian actor from London, Ontario. I wonder if there's a family connection. Richard
  2. RZP

    Airfix 1/24 P51D Mustang Wheel Wells.

    To those of you waiting for the templates, they're finally done. I just have to scan them and convert them to a pdf. I have all your emails, and I'll send them in the next day or so. Thanks for you patience.
  3. RZP

    Airfix 1/24 P51D Mustang Wheel Wells.

    Nope. Sorry, I haven't been able to finish them. I work full time and am also involved with theatre productions at night, so I go straight from the office to the theatre for the evening. Life has been too busy the last few months. My last show finishes this weekend, and I will get my life back on Sunday. Everything is drawn except the ribs themselves require tweaking. I can then scan them and send them. Sorry for the delay, but they are coming. Next week definitely. Richard
  4. Could I have a copy please?


    How come I've missed this before now?


  5. Found them! Send me a PM with your address and I'll get them on the way to you. Richard
  6. I may have this sheet and won't be using the 1/72 decals. I'll check my stash and let you know tomorrow. I helped the author of the article with research info and photos. Richard
  7. Me too please!


    1. RZP


      No problem. :-)

  8. RZP

    RCAF loco busting (Hurricanes, Mustangs)

    The nationality shoulder flashes were officially sanctioned and regulated by the RAF, I just don't have my references with me at the moment. Not sure when they were introduced but certainly early enough that you'll see all nationalities during the Battle of Britain period besides "Canada"..."Poland", "Czechoslovakia", "New Zealand", etc... Antoni Glowacki being debriefed during the BoB while with 501 Squadron (this particular patch was for NCOs): And no, we're very careful to make sure we are clearly labelled as Canadians, and not one of those others. :-)
  9. RZP

    RCAF loco busting (Hurricanes, Mustangs)

    The "Canada" flashes were worn during the Battle of Britain. Here is a photo of "#1 Squadron RCAF" at Northolt on September 13, 1940, Squadron Leader Ernie McNab in the centre. Pre-war, I'm not so sure, I'd have to do some more digging.
  10. RZP

    Airfix 1/24 P51D Mustang Wheel Wells.

    Yes, of course Tony...but only if you build an RCAF Mustang. :-) Nice spot to live! I would love to live in the GTA, but I'm afraid I would just have to turn my pay-cheque over to Wheels and Wings Hobbies. Seriously, send me a PM with your email and I'll send you copies when they're ready. What markings are you planning for your Mustang? Richard
  11. RZP

    Airfix 1/24 P51D Mustang Wheel Wells.

    Yes Mark, please just send me a PM. I'm hoping the scanning idea works without distortion, but I'll put a scale on each page for a reference. I can also always send out hard copies by snail-mail. Richard
  12. RZP

    Airfix 1/24 P51D Mustang Wheel Wells.

    Hello there, reviving this old thread for those who expressed an interest in the templates. Three months later and I'm still working on this kit! I'm nearly ready to close up the wings, so I am going to clean up my drawings and make some measurements to finalize the templates and drawings. If anyone is still interested I'll have them ready by next week, and can mail them out to you. I was thinking of scanning them and saving them digitally, but not sure whether they would scale out properly. Anyway, they include templates for: -the wing spar -roof panel for the wheel wells with map of stringers, ribs and cut-outs. -rib templates (they will require some sanding and dry fitting) -landing gear covers -inner clamshell doors -tail wheel enclosure -map of piping and wiring (based on photos, but not 100% complete. My thought was to make it representative rather than reproduce every pipe and wire) I agree with others that the 1/24 Airfix Mustang is still more accurate in shape and "the look" than the Trumpeter effort, and well worth the extra work. Richard
  13. RZP

    Airfix 1/24 P51D Mustang Wheel Wells.

    That surprises me too. There have been so many reboxings, and recently with new bits. There must be thousands out there waiting to be built, but the detail work involved can look daunting. I think Flightpath was listing a huge etched set on their future releases for years, but have deleted it now. A new Mustang at the level of the 1/24 Typhoon would make me happy. In the meantime I measure and cut new parts, and curse... Richard
  14. RZP

    Airfix 1/24 P51D Mustang Wheel Wells.

    I don't know what the future holds for Airfix, but I would just love to see that too! It may not be "Anglo" enough though for the company's new direction, despite the Mustang's strong connection to the UK. I still think it would be a huge seller. It is by far my favourite aircraft, but perhaps for Airfix a new Spitfire of any mark might be a better choice. They will probably announce a new 1/24 Mustang once I've finally finished this one... Richard
  15. RZP

    Airfix 1/24 P51D Mustang Wheel Wells.

    Yes, he was in the Polish Air Force in the UK and served with 316 and 303 Squadrons, all his time was on Mustangs. He was an engine fitter (mechanic for you American types ) and joined 316 in May 1944, not long before they were sent south from Coltishall to combat the V-1s. He's still alive, healthy and feisty, and very proud of his service, especially being part of 303. He jokes about the fact that he grew up in a part of Poland where he didn't often see a car or lorry, but five years later was servicing one of the best fighters in the world. My favourite photo of him: